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19 Sep 2021

UAE daily COVID-19 cases at lowest in over a year

14 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia to produce AstraZeneca, Pfizer COVID vaccines locally

12 Sep 2021

Japan passes 50% vaccination rate, may ease limits in Nov.

12 Sep 2021

Coronavirus cases in the UAE at lowest this year

08 Sep 2021

Mixing COVID-19 vaccines ‘safe and effective,’ says Saudi health ministry

07 Sep 2021

3rd man dies in Japan after receiving Moderna vaccine

05 Sep 2021

Japan to issue digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates in December

02 Sep 2021

Egypt plans to make 1 billion Sinovac vaccines a year

30 Aug 2021

Mix-and-match approach approved and safe to use, says Saudi Health Ministry

29 Aug 2021

Foreign substances found in Moderna vaccine not suspended

28 Aug 2021

Two die in Japan after shots from suspended Moderna vaccines - Japan govt

27 Aug 2021

KSrelief sends vaccines to Tunisia to fight pandemic

27 Aug 2021

Contaminant in Moderna vaccines suspected to be metallic particles -NHK

25 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia approves Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines

21 Aug 2021

Japan to provide Maldives with COVID-19 vaccines

15 Aug 2021

Double vaccine doses speed up COVID-19 elimination, say Saudi experts

10 Aug 2021

Osaka startup develops tech to powder COVID-19 vaccines

10 Aug 2021

Fever, pain reliever sales spike in Japan amid spread of vaccines

05 Aug 2021

Kuwait returns to pre-pandemic working hours, eases flight restrictions

02 Aug 2021

Egypt COVID-19 vaccine to begin distribution in mid-August

01 Aug 2021

Booster vaccination in Japan seen starting in 2022: Minister

01 Aug 2021

Unvaccinated people rush to receive COVID-19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia

01 Aug 2021

From Morocco to Sudan, North Africa grapples with crippling new wave of COVID-19

01 Aug 2021

Japan starts vaccinating citizens from abroad against coronavirus

31 Jul 2021

Saudi study documents safety of AstraZeneca

30 Jul 2021

Israel’s president gets third COVID-19 shot, urges boosters for over-60s

28 Jul 2021

Tokyo governor urges youth to get vaccinated to slow surge

27 Jul 2021

Oman vaccinates almost 2 million people against COVID-19

27 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia bans unvaccinated people from events, gov’t buildings, public transport

22 Jul 2021

Suga to ask Pfizer to move up vaccine supply schedule

19 Jul 2021

Saudi citizens must have two COVID-19 vaccine doses for travel abroad

19 Jul 2021

Yemen to get more COVID-19 vaccines by end of month — health ministry

18 Jul 2021

UAE study finds COVID-19 medicine Sotrovimab prevents death among high-risk patients

14 Jul 2021

Over 400k vaccine jabs given daily in Saudi Arabia

13 Jul 2021

Iraqis remain skeptical of vaccines as COVID-19 cases rise

12 Jul 2021

Second dose of vaccines open to all eligible people in Saudi Arabia

11 Jul 2021

Lebanon’s power blackouts halt COVID-19 vaccine drive

05 Jul 2021

11% of Japanese shy away from COVID-19 vaccines: Poll

05 Jul 2021

Saudi health ministry: Vaccines safe for children, will protect against delta variant

30 Jun 2021

Parents register their children for COVID-19 jabs across Saudi Arabia

25 Jun 2021

Residents in Saudi Arabia above 50 set for second vaccine dose

21 Jun 2021

Kono revises remark on child vaccinations during summer break

21 Jun 2021

Companies give vaccines to workers, boosting Japan's rollout

21 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia could consider mix-match second doses of coronavirus vaccine

21 Jun 2021

Japan to vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds during summer break

19 Jun 2021

Oman, slowest vaccinator in the Gulf, pushes campaign amid COVID-19 surge

18 Jun 2021

COVID-19 figures don’t tell the whole story: Japanese medical expert

14 Jun 2021

Japan ends COVID-19 pre-emergency for 3 prefectures

14 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia studies vaccinating 12-18 aged group

13 Jun 2021

Japan universities rushing to provide COVID-19 vaccinations


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