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14 Oct 2023

As Israel bombards Gaza, bakeries run out of bread, water runs low

05 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia establishes new global organization to address water challenges

25 Mar 2023

Saudi Arabia highlights clean water efforts at UN conference

10 Oct 2022

Saudi Arabia spends $503m on water projects in Northern Borders region

25 Aug 2022

Boiling heat and no water: Taps run dry in southern Iraq

19 Jul 2022

Palestinian residents in West Bank facing severe water crisis

30 Apr 2022

IAEA sees limited impact of TEPCO water release

23 Apr 2022

Japan offers ¥500 billion yen to solve water issues in Asia-Pacific

07 Dec 2021

Egypt to avoid future water crises through investment, minister says

28 Nov 2021

Iranian riot police deployed after 67 arrested in Isfahan

20 Nov 2021

UAE receives award for global medical initiative

24 Aug 2021

Aid groups: Millions in Syria, Iraq losing access to water

21 Aug 2021

UNICEF warns millions of Lebanese face water shortages

17 Jul 2021

Saudi water company signs $800m of contracts to expand services to 6 million people

16 Apr 2021

Can tech advances solve arid Middle East’s water scarcity problem?

19 Mar 2021

Saudi water desalination corporation sets Guinness World Record

01 Mar 2021

Japan provides Sudan with grant aid for water purification plant

02 Feb 2021

mymizu app: Helping build a sustainable community, one water bottle at a time

25 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia meeting water scarcity challenge with innovation

16 Oct 2020

Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea: reports

20 Aug 2020

Water already dwindling, Egypt’s farmers fear impact of dam

10 Dec 2019

Japan grants humanitarian aid to North-eastern Syria


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