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08 May 2021

Houthis to force virginity test on abducted Yemeni model, says Amnesty International

06 May 2021

Yemen PM visits Marib in show of strength as Houthi assault falters

03 May 2021

Arab Parliament denounces Houthis’ banning of Tarawih prayers in areas under their control

03 May 2021

Yemen government troops advance in Marib province amid fierce fighting

01 May 2021

Yemen officials: Heavy flooding from seasonal rains kills 13

30 Apr 2021

US envoy meets Saudi crown prince in fresh Yemen peace push

29 Apr 2021

Yemeni government calls on Iran to prove its efforts to bring peace

29 Apr 2021

Marib governor rallies troops for decisive battle in north Yemen

28 Apr 2021

UN’s envoy for Yemen calls on Houthis to halt assault on Marib

26 Apr 2021

Yemeni government denies AFP report of Houthi takeover of area northwest of Marib

25 Apr 2021

Houthis slammed for recruiting primary school students for war

24 Apr 2021

45 Houthis dead in raging fighting in Marib province

23 Apr 2021

Houthis abduct three civilians from Yemeni village

23 Apr 2021

Houthis throw abducted model Al-Hammadi into solitary confinement

22 Apr 2021

Black Lives Matter leader to take Houthi violence against Ethiopians to UN

20 Apr 2021

Saudi-led Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone launched towards Khamis Mushait

20 Apr 2021

Saudi aid agency signs agreements to help people of Yemen and Lebanon

19 Apr 2021

Abducted Yemeni model in Houthi prison threatens hunger strike

18 Apr 2021

UN Security Council welcomes Saudi initiative to end Yemeni crisis

17 Apr 2021

Dozens of fighters killed in battles near Yemeni city of Marib

16 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia must ‘confront power with power’ in Yemen, says expert

16 Apr 2021

Yemen facing ‘worst humanitarian crisis in 100 years’ as Ramadan appeal launched

15 Apr 2021

Exposed: Houthi plan to prosecute kidnapped Yemeni model Entisar Hammadi

12 Apr 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi ballistic missiles, drones targeting Saudi Arabia

10 Apr 2021

Condemnation of Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia as Arab coalition destroys another drone

08 Apr 2021

Houthi landmines have killed 8,000 Yemenis since start of war

06 Apr 2021

Yemeni information minister condemns Houthi killing of General People’s Congress leader

06 Apr 2021

Death of Houthi security chief accused of rape, torture, reportedly due to COVID-19

05 Apr 2021

Senior Yemeni official demands UN condemn Houthi mistreatment of African refugees

04 Apr 2021

More than 220 African migrants kidnapped by Houthis in Sanaa: Al Arabiya

04 Apr 2021

Black Lives Matter’s Hawk Newsome appalled by lack of coverage of Houthi massacre of Ethiopians

04 Apr 2021

From Ethiopia to Yemen, a perilous migrant route to endless misery

02 Apr 2021

Unearthed Arabian treasures reveal fate of one of history’s most brutal pirates

01 Apr 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi ballistic missile targeting Yemen’s Marib

01 Apr 2021

US envoy to Yemen returns to Washington following talks on war-torn country

01 Apr 2021

Saudi fuel grant to Yemen will address power cuts, save millions of dollars, officials say

01 Apr 2021

Interview: Yemeni info minister says world must push Houthis to break with Iran, accept peace

31 Mar 2021

Saudi peace initiative a real chance to end Yemen war, experts say

30 Mar 2021

First Saudi licensed coffee evaluator optimistic about industry’s future in the Kingdom

29 Mar 2021

Independent panel expert withdraws Yemeni government’s corruption accusations: Al Arabiya

29 Mar 2021

Houthis urged to de-escalate, accept Saudi initiative

29 Mar 2021

Yemen’s president meets UN and US envoys to discuss Saudi peace initiative

28 Mar 2021

“A ticking time bomb”: how FSO Safer became a ‘bargaining tool’ for Houthis

25 Mar 2021

PM Johnson doesn’t rule out sending British troops to Yemen if ‘conditions were right’

24 Mar 2021

Yemen coronavirus committee calls for ‘state of emergency’

24 Mar 2021

Ball in Houthis court, says Saudi Arabia’s UN envoy Al-Mouallimi

24 Mar 2021

UN chief thanks Saudi Arabia for Yemen peace initiative, urges cooperation

24 Mar 2021

Saudi initiative in the interest of Yemen’s security and stability: Cabinet

24 Mar 2021

Ball is in the Houthis’ court, says envoy as world welcomes Saudi peace plan for Yemen

24 Mar 2021

UN chief thanks Saudi Arabia for Yemen peace initiative, urges cooperation


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