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26 Oct 2021

Houthis abduct dozens of civilians in wake of deadly Marib siege

25 Oct 2021

Houthi’s boat attacks pose threat to global trade lines at Red Sea

25 Oct 2021

Dozens of Yemenis feared dead in botched Houthi missile launch

25 Oct 2021

Arab coalition: Over 200 Houthis killed in strikes on Juba and Al-Kasarah

24 Oct 2021

Arab coalition destroys four explosive-laden boats in Yemeni province

22 Oct 2021

Arab coalition strikes military sites in Houthi-held Sanaa

21 Oct 2021

Arab coalition says more than 80 Houthis killed near Yemen’s Marib

20 Oct 2021

Saudi border patrols arrest 150 suspected drug smugglers along Yemen border

19 Oct 2021

More than 150 Houthis killed, injured in Yemen’s Abedia: Arab coalition

16 Oct 2021

UN urges ceasefire in Marib for ‘safe passage’

15 Oct 2021

UN envoy: Yemen solution can only be achieved through negotiated political settlement

15 Oct 2021

Japan strongly condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia: Motegi

14 Oct 2021

Yemen pressuring Houthis to keep Safer tanker ‘away from political conflict’

13 Oct 2021

Coalition airstrikes on Houthis in bid to end siege of Abedia

12 Oct 2021

Arab coalition hits Houthi targets in Abdiya

12 Oct 2021

Yemeni authorities issue fresh plea for rescue of civilians in Houthi-besieged district

11 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia calls on UN Security Council to impose deterrent measure on Yemen’s Houthis after Jazan airport attack

11 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia condemns attack on Aden governor in Yemen

11 Oct 2021

6 killed in Yemen as suicide bomb targets Aden governor

10 Oct 2021

100 Houthis killed in heavy fighting outside central Yemeni city of Marib

08 Oct 2021

Houthi drone attack on Abha widely condemned

07 Oct 2021

UN envoy calls for ‘inclusive settlement’ to end Yemen crisis

07 Oct 2021

Debris from intercepted Houthi drone injure 4 workers at Abha airport

07 Oct 2021

Thousands of Yemenis in Houthi-besieged district at risk of starvation, say officials

06 Oct 2021

Yemen’s prime minister blasts Houthis for ‘sabotaging peace, blackmailing the world’

05 Oct 2021

Saudi foreign minister receives UN envoy to Yemen

04 Oct 2021

Yemen government troops make new advances in Jouf province

04 Oct 2021

EU applying pressure for Yemen ceasefire, halting attacks on Saudi Arabia, says official

03 Oct 2021

Four dead in Aden gun battle as Yemen’s separatists go to war

01 Oct 2021

Saudi, Swedish envoys discuss peace efforts in Yemen

01 Oct 2021

KSrelief signs deals to support physical rehabilitation centers in Yemen

26 Sep 2021

Yemen’s civilians paying the price for delisting of Houthis from US terror list

24 Sep 2021

International community condemns latest Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

24 Sep 2021

Coalition forces thwart Houthi attempts to disrupt Saudi National Day celebrations with drone attacks

23 Sep 2021

Coalition forces destroy bomb-laden Houthi drones and boats

23 Sep 2021

Houthis must be re-designated a terrorist organization: senior Yemeni official

23 Sep 2021

Yemeni woman turns home into school

23 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia, US, EU, others announce $600m in additional aid for Yemen

19 Sep 2021

Houthis execute 9 civilians over 2018 coalition killing of leader Al-Samad

17 Sep 2021

Japan Foreign Minister condemns attacks by Yemen Houthis

17 Sep 2021

US Yemen envoy affirms support for Hadi government’s peace efforts

17 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and US express concerns about Yemen economy

17 Sep 2021

Yemen president renews support to UN-led effort to end war in Yemen

16 Sep 2021

UN Yemen envoy arrives in Saudi Arabia on first visit

14 Sep 2021

Yemenis protest Houthi shelling of Mocha port

12 Sep 2021

Yemen vice president denounces Houthi attack on Mocha port

11 Sep 2021

New UN Yemen envoy: We all have shared responsibility to end conflict

10 Sep 2021

Houthis torturing four abducted journalists, say families

10 Sep 2021

Saudi ambassador, UN Yemen envoy discuss peace efforts

09 Sep 2021

New UN Yemen envoy: ‘I will do everything in my power to end the war’


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