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30 Sep 2022

Yemen truce deadline approaches as wait for peace drags on

30 Sep 2022

Houthi attacks in Taiz kill 15 civilians, wound 69 during truce

29 Sep 2022

Yemeni parties under pressure for 6-month truce extension

28 Sep 2022

Yemeni forces drive Al-Qaeda from stronghold after bitter fighting

27 Sep 2022

Oman calls during UN address for peace and progress in Yemen and Palestine

25 Sep 2022

Quad condemns Houthi military reinforcement, attacks that threaten to derail Yemen truce

24 Sep 2022

Saudi FM: Yemen truce ‘must be extended,’ but signs are not positive

23 Sep 2022

Diplomacy wasted on Houthis, Yemeni leader tells UN general assembly

22 Sep 2022

UN says enough money pledged to begin salvage work on decaying oil tanker in Yemen

21 Sep 2022

Yemeni troops take control of Abyan’s Omaran valley from Al-Qaeda

20 Sep 2022

Yemenis benefit from KSRelief’s humanitarian efforts

20 Sep 2022

Houthis kidnapped, jailed 1,700 women over 7 years, UN hears

20 Sep 2022

Yemen troops seize control of ‘major’ Al-Qaeda position in Abyan

19 Sep 2022

Japan, UN affirm commitment to improvement of Yemen’s Port of Aden

18 Sep 2022

In Yemen, Queen’s death recalls memories of colonial past

17 Sep 2022

KSRelief ramps up assistance in Jordan, Yemen and Tajikistan

16 Sep 2022

Yemen troops drive Al-Qaeda from Abyan stronghold

13 Sep 2022

UN Security Council highlights benefits of Yemen truce, urges all parties to uphold ceasefire

13 Sep 2022

Three soldiers killed in Al-Qaeda counterattacks in Yemen’s Abyan

12 Sep 2022

Special interview: There is ‘a very strong consensus’ in favor of Yemen truce extension, says US envoy Tim Lenderking

11 Sep 2022

Yemen minister calls for curbing of Iran’s ‘subversive’ activities

10 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia welcomes Yemeni government’s decision to facilitate entry of oil ships to Hodeidah

08 Sep 2022

Yemeni army: 42 killed in Houthi attacks in Taiz during truce

05 Sep 2022

Yemeni government denies Houthi claims over new fuel ship restrictions

02 Sep 2022

Yemen defense chief praises Red Cross efforts in strife-hit country

01 Sep 2022

UN observers warn of Houthi step-up in Hodeidah

31 Aug 2022

Taiz attacks force Yemeni military to quit talks with Houthis

30 Aug 2022

Houthi attack on besieged Yemeni city of Taiz kills 10 soldiers

29 Aug 2022

Houthis slammed for torturing abducted journalists

22 Aug 2022

Houthi restrictions on child vaccination campaigns threaten spread of epidemic diseases

21 Aug 2022

Yemen leader in Riyadh for talks on economic and political support

19 Aug 2022

UAE’s foreign aid over past year totalled $3.5 billion

18 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia relief efforts in Yemen continue with sanitation, medical outreach

15 Aug 2022

Houthi weapon-smuggling ring reveals information about routes, techniques

12 Aug 2022

US envoy to Yemen visiting Saudi Arabia, other Gulf nations amid Houthi escalation in Shabwa

11 Aug 2022

Japan provides $3m aid for makeshift clinics in Yemen

05 Aug 2022

UN Security Council welcomes Yemen truce renewal

04 Aug 2022

16 killed in flash floods across Yemen

03 Aug 2022

Japan welcomes the extension of Yemen truce, hails Saudi role

03 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia welcomes news of Yemen truce extension

29 Jul 2022

Yemeni journalist in ‘critical condition’ as Houthi captors deny him medication

26 Jul 2022

US special envoy for Yemen travels to Saudi Arabia, Jordan

25 Jul 2022

UN Yemen envoy condemns Houthi attack on children in Taiz

25 Jul 2022

Child killed, 11 wounded in Houthi artillery attack in Taiz

21 Jul 2022

Saudi nutrition project helps 147,000 in Yemen

21 Jul 2022

Houthis besiege, attack small village in Yemen’s Al-Bayda

20 Jul 2022

Coalition denies Houthi claims of airstrikes on Yemen’s Al-Dhale governorate

19 Jul 2022

Rights groups urge donations to UN campaign to rescue Yemen oil tanker

18 Jul 2022

700 Houthi mines dismantled in Yemen under Masam project

18 Jul 2022

Yemen’s Houthis ‘will not extend UN-brokered truce’


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