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29 May 2022

Saudi aid agency continues health projects in Yemen

29 May 2022

Yemeni parties conclude initial round of discussions to reopen key roads

28 May 2022

US, Netherlands back UN aim to raise $144 million for Yemen’s Safer tanker emergency operation

27 May 2022

Blast in Yemen fish market kills at least 4 people, wounds over 30

26 May 2022

Yemen government, Houthis begin Amman talks on ending Taiz siege

26 May 2022

Talks begin between Yemeni government and Houthis over reopening of Taiz road

24 May 2022

Yemeni army reports 4,276 Houthi truce violations

23 May 2022

Chief of Yemen’s Presidential Council backs extending UN-brokered truce

21 May 2022

Saudi aid agency reviews project to protect women in Yemen

20 May 2022

UN envoy concludes meeting with Yemeni public figures

19 May 2022

Yemeni FM meets with Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, urges to put pressure on Houthis

19 May 2022

Second flight lands at Sanaa airport as Yemen parties pressured to extend truce

18 May 2022

Houthi mines have killed 372 people since mid-2019: Report

18 May 2022

UN envoy says talks to extend Yemen truce are ongoing

17 May 2022

First commercial flight in six years leaves Sanaa for Amman

16 May 2022

First commercial flight in 6 years leaves Yemen’s Sanaa

13 May 2022

Houthis using summer camps to train child soldiers, parents warned

13 May 2022

UN envoy for Yemen concludes visit to Aden

11 May 2022

UN says $144 million needed to avert Yemen tanker disaster

11 May 2022

UN food agency director hails Saudi Arabia’s ‘most important’ aid efforts in Yemen

11 May 2022

UN Yemen envoy in Aden to sustain truce, revive peace talks

10 May 2022

Japan grants emergency food aid to Yemen

10 May 2022

Yemeni government vows to uphold UN-brokered truce despite Houthi violations

09 May 2022

Nearly 1,000 mines cleared by Masam project across Yemen so far in May

08 May 2022

Two officers, 7 Al-Qaeda militants killed in clashes in Yemen’s Dhale

07 May 2022

Released by coalition, dozens of Houthi war prisoners return to Yemen

06 May 2022

Coalition: First plane carrying Houthi prisoners arrives in Aden

06 May 2022

Houthis commit 341 violations of truce, 10 injured

06 May 2022

Yemeni government calls for global action to end Houthi violations of truce in Yemen

05 May 2022

UNESCO, UN Human Rights Office call on Houthis to ‘immediately’ release staff members

05 May 2022

KSrelief continues medical work, water projects in Yemen

04 May 2022

Houthis committed 2,158 violations against mosques in Yemen in 4 months

02 May 2022

Yemen truce could help reverse humanitarian crisis: UN

02 May 2022

Yemeni leader: We are adhering to the truce despite Houthi violations

01 May 2022

Abu Dhabi crown prince vows to support Yemen during talks with new leader

30 Apr 2022

Head of Yemeni presidential leadership council arrives in Abu Dhabi

29 Apr 2022

UN Yemen envoy seeks to rescue truce, resume flights from Sanaa airport

28 Apr 2022

Yemeni council head meets King Salman, crown prince in Jeddah

26 Apr 2022

Yemen’s Houthi militia announces release of crew of Emirati ship Rwabee

26 Apr 2022

Houthis gather more forces outside Yemen’s Marib city

25 Apr 2022

Houthi-issued passports disrupt departure of first commercial flight from Sanaa

22 Apr 2022

UN welcomes announcement of first commercial flight from Sanaa in six years

22 Apr 2022

Blinken discusses positive momentum in Yemen with head of new leadership council

21 Apr 2022

Ill-timed congressional letter misses the point on Saudi Arabia and Yemen

21 Apr 2022

Fighting rages outside Marib as Houthis mount new attacks

20 Apr 2022

In a rare session in Aden, Yemen’s parliament approves new leadership council, government

18 Apr 2022

Yemen’s new leader Abdullah Al-Alimi warns Houthis

17 Apr 2022

KSrelief provides more than 3 million liters of water to Yemeni camps for displaced people

16 Apr 2022

Economic stability, alleviating citizens’ suffering key priorities: Yemen’s presidential council

16 Apr 2022

Chinese president lauds Saudi efforts to bring peace in Yemen during call with crown prince


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