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30 Sep 2023

Ksrelief continues medical aid projects in Yemen

28 Sep 2023

Saudi development program restores sports facilities in Yemen

25 Sep 2023

Iraq says foreign policy objective is to bolster humanitarian response rates in Syria, Yemen

24 Sep 2023

‘This is the best opportunity for peace in Yemen since the war broke out,’ US special envoy tells Arab News

23 Sep 2023

KSrelief distributes food aid in Lebanon and Yemen

20 Sep 2023

Saudi defense minister meets delegation from Sanaa

20 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia welcomes positive results in discussion with Sanaa delegation

19 Sep 2023

Japan grants 141m yen to Yemen under the Grand Aid Project

18 Sep 2023

Japan grants $3m aid to Yemen to help repair Aden’s roads 

17 Sep 2023

Flooding, lightning strikes kill 8 in war-hit Yemen

07 Sep 2023

UN’s envoy remains confident of peaceful solution to civil war in Yemen

28 Aug 2023

KSrelief continues humanitarian work in Yemen and Lebanon

28 Aug 2023

23 killed in Houthi attack in southern Yemen

26 Aug 2023

KSrelief continues humanitarian work in Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon

25 Aug 2023

At least 90 Yemenis die in lightning strikes in 2 months

22 Aug 2023

Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia probe into border shooting claims

22 Aug 2023

Authorities warn of famine among displaced Yemenis as UN limits supplies

18 Aug 2023

Yemeni government pledges economic reforms in light of Saudi aid

17 Aug 2023

Yemen’s envoy to UN thanks Saudi Arabia for its political, economic and development support

15 Aug 2023

US envoy visits Gulf in effort to expand Yemen truce

10 Aug 2023

Rescue mission for Yemen’s deteriorating SFO Safer tanker nears completion

09 Aug 2023

Houthis confirm death of 2nd military leader in a week

08 Aug 2023

Hundreds of African migrants freed from smugglers in southern Yemen

05 Aug 2023

KSrelief repairs 3 Yemen schools for transfer to Education Ministry

04 Aug 2023

Houthis fire Sanaa University professor for opposing college gender segregation

03 Aug 2023

Saudi land-mine clearing project Masam raises alarm over persistent Houthi threat

02 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia grants Yemen $1.2bn in economic aid

01 Aug 2023

Saudi project dismantles 625 mines in one week across Yemen

27 Jul 2023

Yemen specialty coffee ‘wave’ sweeps war-hit capital

27 Jul 2023

Houthis impose gender segregation at Sanaa university college

25 Jul 2023

KSRelief and UN Population Fund sign $2m deal to support vulnerable Yemeni women

23 Jul 2023

KSrelief project pumps over three million liters of water in Yemen’s Hodeidah

23 Jul 2023

Yemeni police say they’ve arrested 2 suspects in the killing of a senior WFP official

22 Jul 2023

UN food agency worker killed in south Yemen

21 Jul 2023

Yemen airport reopens after Saudi-funded renovation

15 Jul 2023

Ship enroute to Yemen to transfer oil from decaying Safer tanker

12 Jul 2023

Yemen concerned as Houthis fire missiles at Marib city

11 Jul 2023

‘Yemen poised for change’ but serious breakthrough is needed for war to end, UN says

10 Jul 2023

2 Yemeni demining workers killed in Saada explosion

28 Jun 2023

Yemen grants ‘Medal of Bravery’ to Saudi Masam Project

20 Jun 2023

KSrelief extends mine clearance project in Yemen

18 Jun 2023

Yemen prisoner swap talks begin in Amman

17 Jun 2023

Children in war-scarred Yemen line up for water, not school

15 Jun 2023

Yemeni government calls for international action against Houthi ‘economic war’

14 Jun 2023

UN says insurance coverage secured to salvage rusting oil tanker off Yemen

13 Jun 2023

UN says insurance coverage secured to salvage rusting oil tanker off Yemen

12 Jun 2023

Two Yemeni soldiers killed in Al-Qaeda attack in Shabwa

08 Jun 2023

Lawyer and diplomat Abda Sharif named as UK’s new ambassador to Yemen

07 Jun 2023

Yemeni government boycotts talks with Houthis over denial of access to detained politician

02 Jun 2023

Houthis halt Marib gas supply to squeeze Yemen govt funds


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