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17 May 2024

How a Saudi healthcare startup is using AI to transform the diagnosis of chronic diseases

10 Mar 2024

Riyadh event discusses inspiring women’s stories

26 Feb 2024

Ukrainian envoy praises Saudi Arabia’s ongoing aid efforts

25 Feb 2024

US and local glory as Senor Buscador wins $20m Saudi Cup main race

22 Feb 2024

‘Let us celebrate what’s uniquely Saudi. We own this culture,’ Diriyah chief tells Arab News on Founding Day

04 Feb 2024

Defense ministers from Saudi-led counterterrorism coalition meet in Riyadh

28 Dec 2023

Saudi crown prince addresses Shoura Council on behalf of King Salman

06 Dec 2023

‘Saudi Arabia not just talking but doing, investing’ in climate change mitigation, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir tells Arab News

12 Nov 2023

Saudi Arabia slams ‘double standards’ in world’s response to Israel-Hamas war

22 Sep 2023

How World Expo in Riyadh could be the perfect capstone for Saudi Vision 2030 achievements

09 Sep 2023

Why India’s G20 leaders’ summit has an unprecedented Middle Eastern presence

24 Aug 2023

BRICS heads of state express support for expansion of group

23 Aug 2023

Dollar’s domination of world trade will end, Putin tells BRICS summit

23 Aug 2023

Emerging economies eye a multipolar world order at BRICS Summit in Johannesburg

22 Aug 2023

BRICS Summit set for Johannesburg

26 Jul 2023

Saudi Cabinet renews condemnation of Qur’an burnings in Sweden, Denmark

12 Jul 2023

Saudi FM says extremist burning of the Holy Qur’an incites ‘hatred, exclusion, and racism’

21 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli aggression in Jenin raid that led to the death of 6 Palestinians

13 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia hosts ministerial meeting of Arab League and the Pacific Island states

31 May 2023

Sudan crisis sparks EU fears of ‘spillover’ to other nations

20 May 2023

‘Step by step’ we are going to resolve issues in the region, says Saudi FM

12 May 2023

Arab News joins KSrelief aid flight to Sudan

04 May 2023

Saudi Foreign Ministry condemns storming of cultural attache building in Khartoum

28 Apr 2023

Security is the major blockade in rendering humanitarian aid to civilians in Sudan: Red Cross regional director

19 Apr 2023

Saudi foreign minister in Syria for talks with President Assad

13 Apr 2023

Saudi, Syrian foreign ministers explore political solution to Syria’s crisis

12 Apr 2023

Saudi Cabinet reviews developments on agreement to resume relations with Iran

10 Apr 2023

GCC condemns Israeli escalations and violation of Al-Aqsa Mosque sanctity

08 Apr 2023

China emerging as global ‘peace maker’, benefiting from US lack of pragmatism in MidEast: Saudi analyst

06 Apr 2023

Saudi Arabia, Iran to resume flights between both countries

02 Apr 2023

Saudi Women’s U-17 national team captain aims to inspire Saudi girls

23 Feb 2023

Founding Day celebrations sweep Saudi Arabia

22 Feb 2023

The significance of Imam Mohammed bin Saud’s move from Ghasibah to At-Tarafiyyah in Diriyah


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