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UAE media network brings new cartoons to children across region

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27 Mar 2024 03:03:55 GMT9
27 Mar 2024 03:03:55 GMT9

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DUBAI: Majid TV, a family entertainment channel and part of Abu Dhabi Media Network, has signed an agreement with TwelveP Animation, an Abu Dhabi-based distribution and production company, to bring a variety of animated series and films to the audience.

The agreement encompasses a lineup of animated kids’ series, including the non-dialogue comedy ‘The Bananas’, the thrilling space adventures of ‘Space Cadets’, and the animated feature film ‘Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive’, the broadcasting were launched in December on Majid TV.

This collaboration between Majid TV and TwelveP Animation underscores a shared commitment to providing entertaining content that caters to young audiences across the region.

The head of Majid platforms Nesreen Fakher said the new programs aim to “promote a sense of connection and pride among our young audiences, offering them an opportunity to enjoy productions that spark imagination, foster creativity and align with the UAE’s values.”

TwelveP Animation’s Managing Partner Katerina Pshenitsyna said: “Having our office based in Abu Dhabi, it is especially important for us to announce this collaboration with Majid TV. We work hard to select the content for our catalog that reflects the traditional values of the UAE and celebrates safe entertainment for kids in the region.”

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