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God of War Ragnarök video game launches in the UAE

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18 Nov 2022 04:11:22 GMT9
18 Nov 2022 04:11:22 GMT9

Amin Abbas

A launch event for God of War Ragnarök, the latest release for God of War franchise was held on Nov. 8 at Geekay Games, in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates.

The event featured various activities such as: face painting, photoshoots, giveaways and unlocking the treasure box, which has the limited Jotnar edition of the game.

The event started at 9 PM, and people were standing in a long line to try their luck opening the treasure box. After few minutes, one lucky person, named Saif, managed to get the lucky key and opened the treasure box where everyone screamed out of excitement to check the contents of the treasure box.

Saif told Arab News Japan he was “very happy” about winning the grand prize.

“I’m very happy to choose the right key among many keys and open the treasure box to win the prize, I want to thanks the organizers for the wonderful,” he said.

“I’m giving the prize to my friend who invited me to come with him to the event since I’m not into gaming,” he added.

A representative of Geekay Games said exclusively to Arab News Japan about the event: “The attendance was great from people who came to the event today and we did a competition for opening a treasure box where each person will get a key to open the box and within 10 minutes, one lucky person got the right key and opened the treasure.”

“We also have other activities such as: face painting, Photoshoots, giveaways and we have another line before midnight for those who made the preorders of the game,” he added.

God of War Ragnarök is available now on PS4 and PS5 with full Arabic support (Arabic voice acting, menus and texts) for the Middle East region.

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