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Dubai airport remains world’s busiest in 2021

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13 Apr 2022 06:04:58 GMT9
13 Apr 2022 06:04:58 GMT9

Arab News

RIYADH: Dubai International Airport remained the world’s busiest hub in terms of the number of global travelers during the year 2021. 

The city saw 29.1 million passengers in 2021, up by 12.7 percent compared to the year earlier, according to figures issued by the Airports Council International annual report. 

Showing encouraging signs of traffic recovery, total global passengers in 2021 are estimated to be around 4.5 billion, amounting to an increase of 25 percent from 2020. 

The report presented the top 10 busiest airports worldwide, which accounted for around 10 percent of global traffic. 

It noted that eight of the top 10 airports for passenger traffic are in the US with the two remaining in China. 

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