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Demand for colorful masks in Tokyo on the rise

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10 Sep 2020 12:09:32 GMT9
10 Sep 2020 12:09:32 GMT9

Clareto Monsorate, Dubai

With wearing of masks now becoming a fashion in most parts of the world because of the Covid-19 crisis, marketers in Tokyo have started getting innovative by adding a touch of color to it.

A new store near Tokyo Station is selling over 200 kinds of masks for as low as $5. But if one fancies wearing sophisticated masks with tiny pieces of glass, which are cut like gems, one will have to shell out nearly a thousand dollars (¥1,00,000).

Store attendants help customers decide on the designs of the masks, or even help them in selecting ones that go with their skin tone.

Mask producers are also going in for new designs with accessories that help consumers face the summer months. Some like Descente, the sports brand, have created masks with cooling packs.

The brand, known for its ski apparel, is churning out these masks not just for sportsmen and women, but even for others.

Clothing major Uniqlo launched its washable Airism masks recently and received an overwhelming response from consumers.

Mint products major Kitami Hakka Tsusho has launched a mint spray that can help cool face masks. Consumers have been buying it in large numbers.

Another major brand, Big Bio is selling sprays for face masks, which have a cooling effect for about 15 minutes. The product was grabbed by consumers within hours of its launch. The company sold over 35,000 bottles of the spray.

Interestingly, retail outlets are also experimenting with face masks.

Takeya discount store equips its staff with ‘smiley masks,’ with a smiling mouth printed on each mask. About 400 employees are wearing the smiling masks, which have made many customers laugh when they enter the store.

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