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13 Mar 2023

Japan revises COVID-19 mask guidance

06 Feb 2023

Only 10% of Japanese plan to ditch masks when risk factor is lowered

21 Jun 2022

Japan govt steps up call for removing masks outdoors

03 Jun 2022

Japan relaxes mask mandates as COVID-19 cases decline

20 May 2022

Masks no longer necessary outdoors with few conversations: Experts

11 May 2022

'Remove masks outdoors': Head of Tokyo Medical Association advises

04 Feb 2022

Japan to consider recommending mask wearing for kids

27 Oct 2021

Millions of unused cloth masks remain in storage in Japan

11 Jul 2021

Anti-mask, Covid-19 protesters raise their voices in Tokyo

27 May 2021

Collectivist countries more likely to wear masks

10 Jan 2021

Lebanese health official weeps as he tells of growing coronavirus toll

11 Nov 2020

Japanese company busy making Joe Biden rubber masks

10 Sep 2020

Demand for colorful masks in Tokyo on the rise

30 Jul 2020

Japan considering postponing additional mask distribution

17 Jun 2020

Dubai taxis to use AI to detect potential coronavirus cases

25 Apr 2020

Japan to inspect deliveries for defective masks

22 Apr 2020

Japan's coronavirus mask handout tainted by gripes over mould, stains, insects

18 Apr 2020

Keidanren secures 260,000 masks for donations to hospitals

04 Mar 2020

Japan to provide Hokkaido with 4 million masks

28 Feb 2020

Japan govt to demand halt to face mask auctioning

06 Feb 2020

Schools ramp up measures against coronavirus during entrance exams

28 Jan 2020

Moves to support coronavirus-hit Wuhan spread in Japan


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