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Japan, Libya to revitalize relations

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25 Jan 2024 04:01:58 GMT9
25 Jan 2024 04:01:58 GMT9

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TOKYO: Japan and Libya agreed to activate cooperation in various fields, including economy and energy.

The agreement was reached during a meeting in Tokyo on January 24 between Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko and Abdullah al-Lafi, Vice President of the Presidential Council of Libya, who is visiting Japan as a guest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Libyan side included Ayman Saifnasr, a member of Parliament, Mohamed Aoun, Minister of Oil and Gas, and Taher Baroul, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Minister Kamikawa welcomed Vice-Chairman Rafi’s timely visit to Japan to revitalize relations. In response, al-Lafi expressed his condolences and sympathies for the damage caused by the Noto earthquake.

Regarding the situation in Libya, Minister Kamikawa expressed her appreciation for al-Lafi’s efforts for national reconciliation and said Japan hopes Libya maintains political stability through elections and establishes a united government. Furthermore, Kamikawa stated that Japan would like to support Libya’s stability.

In response, al-Lafi explained the role and efforts of the Presidential Council to stabilize Libya through national reconciliation further.

Both sides agreed to work to revitalize their relationship, considering the reopening of the Japanese Embassy in Libya and focusing on revitalizing people-to-people exchanges through VIP visits and other means. They agreed to resume regular policy consultations based on the 2012 Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Policy Consultations.

Since 2010, Japan has provided $72 million in stabilization and nation-building assistance to Libya, including support in areas of governance such as holding elections and support for women and children in conflict.

Minister Kamikawa touched on the cooperation between the public and private sectors, including JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), in human resource development and further cooperation there. In response, al-Lafi expressed his gratitude for Japan’s support and hope for expanded cooperation.

Vice President of the Presidential Council al-Lafi explained the stabilization process of the security situation in Libya and expressed his hope for revitalizing economic relations with Japan, including expanding Japanese companies.

The two sides exchanged views on cooperation in the international arena, the situation in East Asia and the Middle East and climate change issues.

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