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07 Nov 2022

Dispute over Libyan territory and energy undermining Turkiye, Egypt reconciliation, say experts

29 Oct 2022

UN urges Libya rivals to agree in road map to elections soon

10 Oct 2022

UN condemns ‘heinous killing’ of migrants in Libya

26 Sep 2022

Renewed militia clashes rock western Libya; 5 killed

04 Sep 2022

Clashes between armed factions rock outskirts of Libyan capital

03 Sep 2022

New UN Libya envoy is Senegal’s Bathily

31 Aug 2022

UN: Failure to end Libya political crisis is growing threat

29 Aug 2022

Militias patrol deserted streets in Libyan capital after violent clashes

28 Aug 2022

Libya clashes death toll rises to 32, and 159 wounded: ministry

27 Aug 2022

Shootouts and blasts erupt in Libyan capital amid political standoff

24 Aug 2022

UN warns over Libya threats

06 Aug 2022

Libyan armed groups clash in Tripoli: reports

23 Jul 2022

Clashes erupt on outskirts of Libya’s Misrata

04 Jul 2022

UN rights mission finds ‘probable’ mass graves in Libya

02 Jul 2022

Protesters storm into parliament building in eastern Libya

02 Jul 2022

Libya’s Dbeibah says ‘election’ the only solution for crisis

28 Jun 2022

Libyan rival officials meet for UN-led talks on elections

23 Jun 2022

Tripoli factions on edge as Libya stalemate festers

29 May 2022

Libya’s security threatened by foreign fighters, say UN experts

17 May 2022

Rival Libya government enters capital prompting clashes

04 May 2022

Transit and ‘torture’: Rescued migrants recount Libya horrors

28 Apr 2022

Landmines in Libya capital kill 130 over two years: HRW

16 Apr 2022

UN says boat capsizes off Libya, 35 dead or presumed dead

03 Apr 2022

The prospects for elections in Libya remain slim to none

24 Mar 2022

Turkey urges Libya to avoid steps that could renew clashes

04 Mar 2022

UN Libya adviser seeks joint committee on constitution

20 Feb 2022

Libya interim PM, fighting ouster, promises populist spending plan

14 Feb 2022

UN adviser tells Libya it must preserve calm, stability

12 Feb 2022

Libyan PM promises new election law to solve political crisis

10 Feb 2022

Libyan prime minister unharmed after assassination attempt: Al-Hadath TV

09 Feb 2022

With elections delayed again, Libya’s endless transition angers its people

01 Feb 2022

Libya parliament sets date to replace PM

25 Jan 2022

Help build solid basis for Libyan elections and don’t fixate on dates, Security Council told

26 Dec 2021

28 migrants found dead on Libyan coast

25 Dec 2021

Libyans protest against poll cancellation

25 Dec 2021

Libya urged to reschedule presidential vote ‘swiftly’

24 Dec 2021

UN calls on Libyan authorities to honor millions who registered to vote

23 Dec 2021

New chaos in Libya as Dec. 24 election is postponed

17 Dec 2021

Libyans in the dark over election with seven days to go

12 Dec 2021

Libya delays list of presidential election candidates

04 Dec 2021

Libya’s foreign minister slams European migration policy

03 Dec 2021

Libya court reinstates Qaddafi presidential bid amid election chaos

25 Nov 2021

UN Security Council has moral responsibility to correct its mistakes against Libyan people, says envoy

22 Nov 2021

Libyan interim PM submits bid for presidential elections

18 Nov 2021

Ten bodies found in migrant boat off Libya

18 Nov 2021

Former Libyan PM Ali Zeidan runs for president, number of candidates reaches 10

17 Nov 2021

Egypt reiterates need for foreign forces to leave Libya

15 Nov 2021

Son of former Libyan ruler Gaddafi runs for president

13 Nov 2021

El-Sisi reiterates call for foreign forces to leave Libya

12 Nov 2021

Libyan political impasse threatens election as global powers meet on crisis


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