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Japan Foreign Minister says conflicts are impacting world economy

Kamikawa expressed deep concern about Israel's military action in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. (MOFA)
Kamikawa expressed deep concern about Israel's military action in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. (MOFA)
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23 Feb 2024 04:02:18 GMT9
23 Feb 2024 04:02:18 GMT9

TOKYO: In a speech at the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Japan Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko highlighted global problems stemming from the conflict in the Middle East, which, she said are “having a direct negative impact on the world economy.”

Kamikawa pointed out that the international situation today is having a serious impact on people’s livelihoods, including food and energy security, and that the various issues need to be sorted out before they reach a stage where they cannot be repaired.

Kamikawa expressed deep concern about Israel’s military action in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, which could have a serious impact on the safety of civilians. 

In her speech, Foreign Minister Kamikawa condemned what she called “the terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas and other Palestinian groups”,  but she failed to condemn Israel’s invasion of Gaza and what is considered its  “genocide” against the Palestinians that destroyed about 70% of Gaza infrastructure and buildings and murdered and injured nearly one hundred thousand civilians including the missing people under rubble.

Kamikawa stated that she is taking a serious stance on the critical humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, and that Japan attaches importance to securing an environment in which humanitarian aid operations can take place. She called on all parties concerned to comply with international law, including international humanitarian law, and to act immediately from a humanitarian perspective.

Japan has been providing humanitarian assistance to Palestine and is considering additional emergency grant aid in the amount of $32 million, she said.

Kamikawa also stated that Japan, in cooperation with relevant countries, will actively contribute toward the realization of the “two-state solution” that has been supported by the international community.

Kamikawa strongly condemned the Houthis’ attacks on ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and stated that Japan will work closely with other countries to take necessary measures to ensure freedom of navigation. In this regard, Japan has expressed its full support to the American and British military attacks on targets in Yemen. 

The G20 consists of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, the African Union, and the European Union. Invited countries for this session included Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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