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Japan FM says ‘criticism of Israel’ not applicable in its war on Gaza

Japan Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
Japan Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
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27 Feb 2024 04:02:53 GMT9
27 Feb 2024 04:02:53 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: Japan Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko said on Tuesday “criticism of Israel” and defining its actions as “genocide” is not applicable to its war on Gaza. 

Kamikawa was replying to an Arab News Japan question at her press conference: “Why can’t Japan condemn Israel’s ‘genocide’ in Gaza?” 

“Regarding Israel, we have been urging compliance with international law in good faith,” she answered. “I believe your criticism does not apply in this case. It is crucial to create an environment where humanitarian assistance is ensured, leading to a humanitarian ceasefire and contemplating a sustainable ceasefire. Tonight, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs TSUJI will visit Israel and Palestine.”

“We have been continuing diplomatic efforts towards de-escalating the violence from Hamas attacks since last October, considering humanitarian perspectives. As a member of the United Nations Security Council, we have been following through with diplomatic efforts in accordance with UN resolutions 2715 and 2705 to ensure that the Security Council fulfills its responsibilities.”

The Council of Arab Ambassadors in Japan issued a statement calling on the Asian country to condemn Israel’s “genocide” against Palestinians, the destroying of hospitals and schools, and demolishing many residential buildings in Gaza. 

Kamikawa has often called for humanitarian help for the people of Gaza and support with financial assistance, but Japan has not yet called for a permanent ceasefire nor condemned Israel’s actions. 

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