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Kishida to talk with LDP political reform team members soon

Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio. (Reuters)
Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio. (Reuters)
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05 May 2024 03:05:27 GMT9
05 May 2024 03:05:27 GMT9

SAO PAULO: Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio said Saturday that he will talk with other members of the Liberal Democratic Party’s political reform headquarters as early as Monday, when he returns from his overseas trip.

At a press conference in Sao Paulo, Kishida said, “I want to make sure which direction the reform should take and what more should be done.” The ruling party, headed by Kishida, set up the headquarters in response to a massive slush fund scandal at the party.

He also promised to do all he can to realize the proposed revision of the political funds control law during the current parliamentary session ending in June.

Kishida added that the LDP will discuss with other parties so that they can reach a conclusion as soon as possible on whether to introduce the mandatory disclosure of the use of 1 million yen in allowances the government pays all lawmakers per month to help cover their research, public relations and accommodation expenses.

He said he is not thinking about dissolving the House of Representatives, the all-important lower chamber of parliament, for a snap election anytime soon.

“We will do our best to tackle issues that cannot wait, such as political reform and economic measures. I’m not thinking about anything else right now,” he stressed.

Regarding the proposed constitutional revision, he stated that “there is no change in my wish to realize it during my term” as the LDP’s president through September.

“We will make every effort to advance the discussion as much as possible although there are constraints of time,” he added.

Kishida also said that his tour of France, Brazil and Paraguay from Wednesday was “very meaningful” as Japan tries to enhance its cooperation with Global South emerging and developing countries.

Referring to a trilateral summit among Japan, China and South Korea expected to be held in Seoul in late May, he said that the three countries will continue work to arrange such a session.

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