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19 May 2024

Kishida inspects hospital in northeastern Japan

19 May 2024

G-7 goal of nuclear-free world increasingly challenged

17 May 2024

Meta seeking public Views on threads post rapping Japan PM

16 May 2024

Kishida cabinet's support rate edges up: JIJI poll

15 May 2024

Kishida defends planned rule to revoke foreigners' residency

12 May 2024

North Korean group predicts collapse of US, rise of new world order

11 May 2024

Kishida again vows to strive for summit with North Korea

10 May 2024

Former Qatari Ambassador Al Emadi presented with Japan's Order of the Rising Sun

07 May 2024

United Arab Emirates joins Japan's global AI regulation framework

07 May 2024

Kamikawa supporting struggling Kishida govt on diplomatic front

06 May 2024

Kishida urges LDP to expedite political funds law revision talks

05 May 2024

Kishida to talk with LDP political reform team members soon

05 May 2024

Kishida interacts with Japanese Brazilians

05 May 2024

Japan's Kishida stresses ties based on trust, not coercion

04 May 2024

Japan, Paraguay oppose changing status quo in East Asia

04 May 2024

Kishida, Lula vow cooperation in fighting Global Warming

02 May 2024

Japan, France agree to start talks on access agreement

02 May 2024

Kishida announces 8 million euros program for ASEAN growth

01 May 2024

Japan's Kishida will stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting

30 Apr 2024

Kishida takes LDP loss in all 3 by-elections "seriously"

29 Apr 2024

Setback for Japan PM Kishida after election losses

29 Apr 2024

Kamei and opposition candidates defeat PM Kishida's LDP

27 Apr 2024

Kishida vows to maintain inflation-beating wage growth

26 Apr 2024

Kishida to visit France, two South American nations

25 Apr 2024

Kishida, Yoon deserve Nobel Peace Prize: US official

25 Apr 2024

Kishida offers condolences to Oman, UAE after heavy rains and floods

21 Apr 2024

Parliamentary by-elections to affect Kishida's fortunes

13 Apr 2024

Japan PM Kishida inspects Toyota, Honda plants in U.S.

12 Apr 2024

China summons Japan diplomat over Kishida's summits in US

12 Apr 2024

Japan to work with US to maintain international order: Kishida

11 Apr 2024

Kishida cabinet's support hits fresh low of 16.6%: Jiji Poll

07 Apr 2024

Kishida eyes stricter political funds control law

06 Apr 2024

Space might remain Japan’s final frontier for some time yet

05 Apr 2024

Kishida to visit Toyota, Honda plants in US next week

05 Apr 2024

Kishida denies ex-PM Mori's involvement in LDP money scandal

04 Apr 2024

Kishida unlikely to express remorse over WWII at US Congress

03 Apr 2024

Kishida extends condolences to quake-hit Taiwan

26 Mar 2024

Kim's sister says N. Korea will reject any contact with Japan: KCNA

25 Mar 2024

Kishida says summit with N. Korea is crucial

25 Mar 2024

North Korea says Japan's prime minister proposed summit with leader Kim Jong Un

18 Mar 2024

Japan's Kishida avoids comment on Putin's re-election

17 Mar 2024

Kishida seeks to punish LDP lawmakers over funds scandal

16 Mar 2024

Kishida vows to revive LDP after funds scandal

07 Mar 2024

Kishida ties as 9th-longest serving leader in postwar Japan

06 Mar 2024

Japan signals interest in AUKUS defence tech partnership

03 Mar 2024

Kishida sticks to budget passage schedule to save his face

02 Mar 2024

Public support rising for Foreign Minister Kamikawa to succeed Kishida

29 Feb 2024

Kishida backs guilt-by-association for fund law breaches

25 Feb 2024

Kishida unveils expansion of subsidies for Noto quake victims

24 Feb 2024

Kishida vows to expand aid to Noto quake areas

19 Feb 2024

Kishida Cabinet approval rating plunges to just 14 percent

16 Feb 2024

Japanese, Jordanian Prime Ministers discuss situation in Gaza

15 Feb 2024

Kishida cabinet's support rate hits new low of 16.9%

09 Feb 2024

Japan, Kenya agree to boost defense cooperation

01 Feb 2024

Accountability to remain after factions dissolve: Kishida

26 Jan 2024

Japan's Kishida to visit US on April 10: White House

24 Jan 2024

Japan to use 150bn yen from reserves in quake response

22 Jan 2024

Kishida calls for larger pay increases this spring

19 Jan 2024

Japan LDP's Kishida faction to be dissolved

18 Jan 2024

Kishida eyeing talks with Biden on April 10

14 Jan 2024

Kishida makes 1st visit to areas hit by Noto Peninsula quake

13 Jan 2024

Kishida to visit quake-hit Ishikawa on Sun.

03 Jan 2024

Kishida urges intensified rescue efforts after earthquake

01 Jan 2024

Kishida resolved to wipe out deflationary mindset in Japan

01 Jan 2024

Japan PM Kishida unable to draw up re-election strategy

27 Dec 2023

Japan's Kishida vows to improve political funds transparency

26 Dec 2023

Kishida eyeing U.S. visit in early March

25 Dec 2023

Kishida targets 19 percent in share of female corporate execs by 2025

24 Dec 2023

Kishida celebrates Emperor Emeritus Akihito's 90th birthday

13 Dec 2023

Kishida likely to replace Matsuno with Hayashi as Chief Cabinet Secretary

12 Dec 2023

Kishida mulls replacing 4 ministers over funds scandal

08 Dec 2023

Matsuno suspected of receiving over 10m yen in slush funds, Kishida vows to regain trust

19 Nov 2023

Kishida focuses on diplomacy amid poor public support rates

17 Nov 2023

Leaders confirm achievements in IPEF talks

17 Nov 2023

Japan PM says the US has invited him for a state visit

16 Nov 2023

Kishida leaves for US to attend APEC Summit

14 Nov 2023

Kishida to visit U.S. from Wed. for APEC summit

09 Nov 2023

Japan's Kishida unlikely to dissolve lower house this year

04 Nov 2023

Kishida mentions danger to Rule of Law in Philippine speech

27 Oct 2023

Kishida talks with auto industry at Japan Mobility Show

26 Oct 2023

Japan's Kishida announces 40,000-yen tax cut in June 2024

26 Oct 2023

Kishida eager to amend constitution as LDP chief

23 Oct 2023

Japan's Kishida plans an income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks

22 Oct 2023

LDP loses in Upper House by-election in blow to PM Kishida

16 Oct 2023

Kishida's policy speech at Diet set for Oct. 23

14 Oct 2023

Japan to send SDF aircraft to Djibouti for possible evacuation

09 Oct 2023

G-7 to draw up AI code of conduct this autumn: Kishida

08 Oct 2023

Japan's Kishida condemns Hamas attack on Israel

28 Sep 2023

Japan Kishida vows tax cuts for wage hikes, more investment

27 Sep 2023

PM Kishida to attend Rengo's Convention in Oct.

27 Sep 2023

Kishida plans to visit Philippines in early November

25 Sep 2023

Japan is committed to supporting COP28, Kishida tells UAE Special Envoy

25 Sep 2023

Japan PM Kishida to outline economic package Monday

24 Sep 2023

Kishida to focus on economy after New York trip

21 Sep 2023

Japan to outline economic package early next week: Kishida

20 Sep 2023

Japan's Kishida, at UN, tries to get the global nuclear disarmament effort back on track

19 Sep 2023

October by-elections to be 1st test for Kishida's new govt

15 Sep 2023

Kishida to visit NY from Tuesday for UN meetings

12 Sep 2023

Japan's Kishida sends message of sympathy over Libya flood

12 Sep 2023

Japan PM to replace foreign and defence ministers in cabinet reshuffle -media


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