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22 Apr 2022

Japan agrees $21 bln extra budget to tackle rising living costs

16 Apr 2022

LDP mulls boost in Japan's defense spending to 2 percent of GDP

03 Jan 2022

Kishida eager to retain "friendly relations" with Abe

28 Nov 2021

Kishida remaining in LDP Faction against custom

25 Nov 2021

LDP faction led by Motegi launched

21 Nov 2021

Japan Innovation Party calls on LDP to send Cabinet members to Dubai Expo

10 Nov 2021

Abe to head LDP's largest faction

09 Nov 2021

Japan LDP, Komeito agree to offer vouchers, cash to youth

04 Nov 2021

Motegi takes office as LDP Secretary-General

29 Oct 2021

Japan ruling party set for likely battering in weekend election

25 Oct 2021

LDP loses Upper House by-election

24 Oct 2021

LDP close to winning majority in Japanese election

20 Oct 2021

Opposition parties’ leaders hit the streets wooing voters

19 Oct 2021

Japan Lower House election campaign kicks off

14 Oct 2021

Japan PM dissolves lower house for Oct. 31 national election

02 Oct 2021

Kishida makes reward-oriented appointments for LDP leadership team

01 Oct 2021

Kishida likely to pick Suzuki as Finance Minister

29 Sep 2021

LDP winner Kishida calls for unity among Japan

28 Sep 2021

LDP candidates turn to social media in hope of winning votes

26 Sep 2021

Japan's Coronavirus situation getting better: Suga

25 Sep 2021

3 LDP leader candidates call for stronger Senkaku security

22 Sep 2021

LDP candidates hold different views on lockdowns

20 Sep 2021

3 LDP candidates eager to meet with North Korea's leader

20 Sep 2021

Kono, Kishida lead LDP's leadership race

18 Sep 2021

Japan PM candidates differ on same-sex, women rights issues

18 Sep 2021

Japan's Kishida: Aim distribute COVID-19 drugs by year-end if elected PM

17 Sep 2021

Japan should look at maternal-line Emperors as option: Noda

17 Sep 2021

Can maverick Kono break the mold of Japanese prime ministers?

17 Sep 2021

Race for Japan's new prime minister kicks off

16 Sep 2021

Japan PM contender Kono wants stimulus to focus on energy, 5G

16 Sep 2021

Former women's empowerment minister to run for Japan PM

13 Sep 2021

Japan's investors raise bets on Kono in leadership race

12 Sep 2021

3 potential candidates make case ahead of LDP election

12 Sep 2021

Tokyo Governor compares Japan’s political leaders to the Taliban

12 Sep 2021

Japan's vaccines minister Kono leads opinion poll on succeeding Suga

10 Sep 2021

Japan vaccine minister informs PM Suga he intends to run in LDP leadership race -reports

09 Sep 2021

Suga reflects on his one year as prime minister

08 Sep 2021

Japan eyes extraordinary diet session from Oct. 4

05 Sep 2021

Japan PM candidate Kishida wants to delay economic stimulus debate

04 Sep 2021

Japan PM Suga to back vaccine minister Kono to succeed him

04 Sep 2021

Kono plans to run in LDP race; Ishiba signals eagerness

03 Sep 2021

Suga surprises Japan by declaring the intention to resign

01 Sep 2021

Japan in no situation to call snap election: Suga

28 Aug 2021

Ishiba suggests possibility of running in LDP leadership race

26 Aug 2021

Japan PM Suga, two contenders in ruling party leadership race

26 Aug 2021

LDP to hold leadership election Sept. 29

25 Aug 2021

Japan PM, ruling party executive hold talks on party leadership race

15 Apr 2021

Officials say Olympic cancellation, no fans still an option

22 Jan 2021

LDP's Ishihara tests positive for coronavirus

03 Nov 2020

Japan to defer conclusion on enemy base strike capability


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