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Japan eyes sanctions against groups in UAE for aiding Russia

Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
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14 Jun 2024 09:06:04 GMT9
14 Jun 2024 09:06:04 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: Japanese Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko on Friday said Japan is considering imposing sanctions against organizations in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Following a decision by the United States to reimpose sanctions on over 300 firms and individuals in countries such as China, South Africa, and Turkey for aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine, Kamikawa said Japan would follow suit.

“I think it is important to rigorously respond to attempts to circumvent sanctions against Russia,” Kamikawa stated. “Japan conveyed to the (G7) leaders that we are considering new sanctions packages, including against organizations in third countries, namely the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.”

“We are considering sanctions against targeted organizations in these countries that are engaged in contravening sanctions. We are not specifically targeting any specific state in this way.”

Kamikawa said the new sanctions package against Russia is being drawn up and Japan will make an announcement soon.

When asked about imposing sanctions against Israel for its mass killings in Gaza, its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights, Kamikawa was evasive in her answer.

“Regarding the critical humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, we are deeply concerned about it,” she responded. “I have been urging Israeli Foreign Minister Katz repeatedly to abide by international law, including international humanitarian law, and to bring about a sustainable ceasefire, as well as improving the humanitarian situation.”

“To reduce tensions, improve the humanitarian situation and realize a two-state solution, we are going to continue to make tenacious and active diplomatic efforts going forward.”

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