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26 May 2023

Russia will not achieve military victory in Ukraine: General Mark Milley

26 May 2023

Japan ramps up Russia sanctions with G7, condemns nuke deployment in Belarus

26 May 2023

Russia’s Wagner army starts handing Bakhmut over to regular troops

25 May 2023

Japan says scrambled jets after Russian planes seen off coasts

24 May 2023

Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine

24 May 2023

Russia claims it repelled one of war’s most serious cross-border attacks

22 May 2023

Ukraine says troops still engaging Russian forces in Bakhmut after Moscow announces victory in city

22 May 2023

Zelensky expresses gratitude to Japan after G7 summit

19 May 2023

Ukraine’s Zelensky arrives in Saudi Arabia for Arab League summit

18 May 2023

A deal with Russia on Syria could shorten the war in Ukraine

12 May 2023

China special envoy to visit Ukraine, Russia

11 May 2023

Turkiye-Syria rapprochement dialogue hosted by Moscow

08 May 2023

Russia launches mass strikes on Ukraine ahead of May 9 Victory Day holiday

05 May 2023

Russia’s Lavrov says Kremlin drone incident was ‘hostile act’

05 May 2023

Zelensky wants Putin trial, Russia accuses US on drones

04 May 2023

Russia’s ex-leader Medvedev calls for ‘elimination’ of Zelensky

25 Apr 2023

Russia to host new round of talks to normalize ties between Syria and Turkiye

17 Apr 2023

Ukraine rejects Iraqi offer to mediate talks with Russia

07 Apr 2023

"Onigiri" rice balls catching on among Russians

06 Apr 2023

A Russian military vessel docks in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever

04 Apr 2023

Nuclear abolition meeting kicks off in Tokyo

01 Apr 2023

Russia protests about ‘provocative actions’ by US forces in Syria

28 Mar 2023

Russia says it has test-fired missiles in the Sea of Japan

27 Mar 2023

Japan slams Russia for nukes deployment plan

25 Mar 2023

Japan keeps fishing quota for salmon from Russia

25 Mar 2023

UN accuses Russia, Ukraine forces of ‘summary executions’ of prisoners

24 Mar 2023

Special report: Testimonies of freed Ukrainians reveal horrors of war and captivity

23 Mar 2023

Japan, Ukraine leaders urge Russia to withdraw immediately

22 Mar 2023

Our children want to remain Ukrainian

21 Mar 2023

In Ukraine to offer solidarity, Japan's Kishida tours Bucha massacre site

21 Mar 2023

Russia flies two strategic missile carriers over Sea of Japan

21 Mar 2023

Arab League chief, Russian deputy FM discuss regional issues, Ukraine war

17 Mar 2023

Oil rises 2% as reports of Saudi Arabia, Russia meeting calm investors

16 Mar 2023

Meeting of Turkiye, Syria, Iran, Russia, officials postponed

13 Mar 2023

Saudi Arabia, the magnet of peace

11 Mar 2023

Iran says deal reached to buy Russian fighter jets

03 Mar 2023

Japan, U.S.agree to block military aid to Russia

02 Mar 2023

Mob group of Russian anime fans on the rise

28 Feb 2023

Japan adopts fresh sanctions against Russia

25 Feb 2023

US believes Russia might provide Iran with fighter jets: White House

24 Feb 2023

Kishida vows to steadily implement sanctions against Russia

24 Feb 2023

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Europe’s leaders must stop the war out of mercy for their people

24 Feb 2023

1 year on, Japan vows to strengthen Russia sanctions

24 Feb 2023

No signs of peace on Russia-Ukraine war’s first anniversary as both sides brace for protracted conflict

24 Feb 2023

Europe will support Ukraine as long as Russian threats persist, says EU official

23 Feb 2023

China backs Putin as tension over war soars

21 Feb 2023

US President Biden pledges $500m military aid during Kyiv visit

20 Feb 2023

Japan to give Ukraine $5.5 billion, host online G-7 plus Zelenskyy

17 Feb 2023

An end to the Ukraine war remains a long way off

07 Feb 2023

Kishida vows all-out efforts over isles issue with Russia


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