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20 Feb 2024

North Korea's Kim Jong Un receives car as gift from Putin - KCNA

17 Feb 2024

Russia invites Hamas, other Palestinian factions for talks

15 Feb 2024

Russia and China clash with US and UK at UN over attacks on Yemen rebels for strikes on Red Sea ships

09 Feb 2024

Suzuki dismisses Kishida’s pledge to solve territorial dispute with Russia

08 Feb 2024

Putin says Russia is working to free hostages in Gaza conflict

07 Feb 2024

Kishida vows to conclude peace pact with Russia

06 Feb 2024

UAE president has phone call with Vladimir Putin

04 Feb 2024

South Korea summons Russian envoy over criticism of President Yoon -ministry

30 Jan 2024

Russia's Medvedev says Moscow will deploy new weapons on Kuril Islands -TASS

22 Jan 2024

Japan, U.S. to discuss ways to utilize Russian assets

21 Jan 2024

North Korea stresses alignment with Russia against US and says Putin could visit at an 'early date'

20 Jan 2024

Russia names Diplomat Nozdrev as Ambassador to Japan

15 Jan 2024

UN appeals for $4.2 bln to support war-ravaged Ukraine, refugees

15 Jan 2024

North Korea says it tested solid-fuel missile tipped with hypersonic weapon

12 Jan 2024

One-third in Japan unaware of Russia's illegal occupation of isles

10 Jan 2024

Countries condemn Russia-North Korea Military cooperation

05 Jan 2024

N. Korea breached UN sanctions by supplying missiles to Russia for Ukraine attacks: US and UK

20 Dec 2023

North Korea and Russia clash with US, South Korea and allies over Pyongyang’s latest missile launch

15 Dec 2023

Chinese, Russian bombers jointly fly near Japan

06 Dec 2023

Putin lands in Abu Dhabi on Middle East visit: UAE state media

05 Dec 2023

Russian aircraft brings 120 Russians home from Gaza

27 Nov 2023

Russia diplomats top parking violations in Tokyo

22 Nov 2023

Ministerial committee assigned by joint Islamic-Arab summit holds meeting with Russian FM

22 Nov 2023

Russia’s Wagner preparing to provide air defense to ‘Hezbollah or Iran’: White House

15 Nov 2023

Russian resources minister visits North Korea amid new missile development

10 Nov 2023

Russia to terminate denuclearization pact with Japan

07 Nov 2023

Japan says to ensure US sanctions on Russia LNG project won't harm supplies

07 Nov 2023

G7 foreign ministers plan talks with Ukrainian counterpart this week

03 Nov 2023

Japan condemns Russia’s reversal on nuclear testing

31 Oct 2023

Saudi FM holds calls with Russian, Slovenia counterparts on Gaza crisis

30 Oct 2023

Crowd storms Russian airport to protest flight from Israel; at least 20 people injured

26 Oct 2023

S.Korea, Japan, US condemn North Korea's supply of arms to Russia

17 Oct 2023

Japan criticizes Russian ban on its seafood following the release of treated radioactive water

16 Oct 2023

Russia joins China's restrictions on fish and seafood imports from Japan

10 Oct 2023

Pro-Russia Japanese MP resigns from party over Moscow trip

06 Oct 2023

Japan vows to deal with Russia from standpoint of national interest

06 Oct 2023

Putin says Russia is open to dialogue with Japan

04 Oct 2023

Japanese parliamentarian Muneo Suzuki in hot water over trip to Russia

03 Oct 2023

Japan slams MP's surprise visit to Russia

03 Oct 2023

Japan concerned about possible Russia ban on fishery products

03 Oct 2023

Japanese lawmaker Suzuki visits Moscow

02 Oct 2023

Japan puts the brakes on lucrative used-car trade with Russia amid sanctions over Ukraine invasion

28 Sep 2023

US targets Iran drone procurement network, accuses it of aiding Russia

27 Sep 2023

Russia to discuss fishery import restrictions with Japan

25 Sep 2023

Japan to ensure stable energy supply amid US sanctions on Russia

21 Sep 2023

Kishida raps Russia over concerns of "Rule of Lawlessness"

19 Sep 2023

Japan will ensure stable energy supply even with US sanctions

19 Sep 2023

US, Japan, S.Korea concerned about Russia-N.Korea ties' impact on Indo-Pacific -Japan foreign ministry

14 Sep 2023

No sign of Kim Jong Un on his Russian travels as Seoul expresses concern over meetings with Putin

09 Sep 2023

Kishida, Erdogan discuss Ukrainian crisis

08 Sep 2023

G-7 lower house leaders discuss Ukraine situation

07 Sep 2023

Saudi crown prince, Putin agree to continue efforts to stabilize global energy markets

05 Sep 2023

Hopes rise for revival of grain deal as Putin and Erdogan meet for talks

29 Aug 2023

Arrest warrants issued in Lebanon for two Russians suspected of spying for Israel

27 Aug 2023

Russia’s military ties with Iran ‘will withstand geopolitical pressure’

23 Aug 2023

Dollar’s domination of world trade will end, Putin tells BRICS summit

22 Aug 2023

Russia’s concessions to Israel should worry Palestinians

22 Aug 2023

Russian strikes kill 13 fighters in Syria rebel area: monitor

21 Aug 2023

8 fighters killed in Russian strikes on rebel-held northwest Syria

19 Aug 2023

Seven killed, 90 wounded in Russian missile strike on Ukrainian city of Chernihiv

18 Aug 2023

Japan scrambles jets to Russian spy planes in Sea of Japan, East China Sea

18 Aug 2023

Turkiye warned Russia after cargo ship incident in Black Sea: Presidency

18 Aug 2023

Saudi, Iran officials discuss defense ties in Moscow

16 Aug 2023

US asks Iran to stop selling drones to Russia-FT

16 Aug 2023

Russia’s Lavrov accuses West of causing global crises, Shoigu says Ukraine ‘depleted’

11 Aug 2023

Russia launches first Moon mission in nearly 50 years

08 Aug 2023

Russia says coalition drones flew dangerously close to Russian warplanes over Syria

06 Aug 2023

Japan calls Russia nuclear threat 'unacceptable' on Hiroshima anniversary

06 Aug 2023

Three civilians killed in Russian strikes on Syria: monitor

03 Aug 2023

Russia must stop using food as a weapon

31 Jul 2023

Frankly Speaking: What does Russia think it takes to end the war with Ukraine?

30 Jul 2023

US calls on Russia to cease ‘irresponsible behavior’ in Syria after drone hit with flare

29 Jul 2023

10 China, Russia warships pass through Soya Strait

28 Jul 2023

Japan raises alarm over China's military, Russia ties and Taiwan tensions in new defense paper

28 Jul 2023

Japan expands sanctions on Russia over Ukraine invasion

27 Jul 2023

North Korea’s Kim gives Russia defense minister tour of arms expo

24 Jul 2023

China, Russia finish joint military drills in sea of Japan

20 Jul 2023

Japanese politician with ties to Russia blasts US cluster bomb decision

18 Jul 2023

Japan to ban used car exports to Russia

18 Jul 2023

Russian fighter jet flew dangerously close to American warplane over Syria: US officials

16 Jul 2023

G-7 officials reaffirm support for Ukraine reconstruction

15 Jul 2023

Russia-Turkiye ties to the fore as Moscow vetoes Syria aid renewal

14 Jul 2023

Japan's Isuzu motors to withdraw from Russia

11 Jul 2023

GCC countries, Russia keen to enhance cooperation

05 Jul 2023

Russian export cut voluntary, says Saudi energy minister

26 Jun 2023

Russia strike on market in rebel-held Syria kills 13

26 Jun 2023

Japan closely watching situation in Russia: Kishida

16 Jun 2023

UAE president says country is seeking to develop relations with Russia

15 Jun 2023

Saudi minister receives Russian ambassador in Riyadh

10 Jun 2023

Russia has received hundreds of Iranian drones to attack Ukraine: White House

08 Jun 2023

Saudi crown prince, Russia’s Putin discuss ties

08 Jun 2023

Chinese, Russian bombers fly near Japan for 2nd straight day

06 Jun 2023

Ukraine accuses Russia of destroying major dam near Kherson, warns of widespread flooding

01 Jun 2023

Japanese politician blames G7 for extending the war in Ukraine

26 May 2023

Russia will not achieve military victory in Ukraine: General Mark Milley

26 May 2023

Japan ramps up Russia sanctions with G7, condemns nuke deployment in Belarus

26 May 2023

Russia’s Wagner army starts handing Bakhmut over to regular troops

25 May 2023

Japan says scrambled jets after Russian planes seen off coasts

24 May 2023

Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine

24 May 2023

Russia claims it repelled one of war’s most serious cross-border attacks


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