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Monument built in Afghanistan for slain doctor Nakamura

Slain Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura.
Slain Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura.
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15 Oct 2022 02:10:46 GMT9
15 Oct 2022 02:10:46 GMT9

NEW DELHI: A monument has been erected in Afghanistan to honor slain Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura, who engaged in humanitarian aid projects in the strife-torn country for decades.

The monument stands close to the site where Nakamura, involved in medical aid and irrigation channel construction, was killed by gunmen in the outskirts of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad in 2019.

The public square where the monument is located has been named Nakamura Memorial Garden.

The monument features a photograph of Nakamura, who was the local representative of Japanese humanitarian aid group Peshawar-kai, as well as a list of his accomplishments written in Japanese.

According to local media, construction work for the memorial garden began during the administration of ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country when the Taliban took control last year.

In addition to local residents, officials from the Taliban regime were present at a ceremony held for the monument Tuesday.

“Kaka Murad (Nakamura’s nickname used by local residents) was an example of true service to the country and the people,” said Omid Lala, a 46-year-old local.

Masaru Murakami, 73, head of Peshawar-kai, said that he was surprised to see a photo of Nakamura used for the monument as Afghanistan bans personality cults.

He added that the monument will give fresh motivation to Peshawar-kai members working in Afghanistan.

Nakamura was 73 years old when he was shot dead in December 2019.

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