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26 Jan 2024

Kyodo news assistant freed in Afghanistan

22 Jan 2024

Local reporter of Kyodo News held in Afghanistan

30 Dec 2023

Japan welcomes the adoption of UNSC resolution 2721 on Afghanistan

09 Oct 2023

First batch of Saudi aid reaches earthquake-stricken Afghanistan

22 Aug 2023

Women bear the brunt of Taliban’s gender apartheid

12 Jul 2023

Japan recognizes 114 more refugees from Afghanistan

17 Jun 2023

Border tension between Iran, Afghanistan exposes risk of widening conflict

07 Jun 2023

Afghanistan hands Iran a timely reality check

30 May 2023

Afghanistan calls for ‘diplomatic’ resolution with Iran after border skirmishes

29 May 2023

Why Iran-Afghanistan tensions have suddenly reached boiling point

10 Mar 2023

Daesh claim attack on senior Taliban governor in Afghanistan

12 Jan 2023

At least 5 dead after blast hits Afghan foreign ministry

11 Jan 2023

Despite the obstacles, women are our planet’s future

10 Jan 2023

Hate preacher urges attacks on British soldiers after Prince Harry’s Taliban comments

06 Jan 2023

Afghanistan’s Taliban administration in oil extraction deal with Chinese company

06 Jan 2023

Prince Harry says he killed 25 in Afghanistan: Media

05 Jan 2023

Afghanistan raids on Daesh hideouts leave 8 dead -Taliban

29 Dec 2022

G7 tells Taliban to ‘urgently reverse’ women aid workers ban

29 Dec 2022

‘What will she grow up to be?’ Afghan backlash grows over Taliban’s ban on higher education for women

24 Dec 2022

Taliban use water cannon on women protesting university ban

18 Dec 2022

Fuel tanker tunnel blast kills at least 19 in Afghanistan

15 Oct 2022

Monument built in Afghanistan for slain doctor Nakamura

31 Aug 2022

Taliban celebrate anniversary of foreign troop withdrawal

25 Aug 2022

Japan recognizes 98 refugees from Afghanistan

15 Aug 2022

Worries persist for Afghans in Japan 1 year after Taliban takeover

15 Aug 2022

The Taliban a year on: imposing misery, exporting instability

25 Jul 2022

Japan, UNODC to cooperate against human trafficking in Ukraine, Afghanistan

24 Jun 2022

Rescuers race to help survivors after deadly Afghanistan earthquake

23 Jun 2022

Japan to provide necessary aid for Afghanistan after earthquake - govt spokesperson

23 Jun 2022

Taliban chief calls for aid as deadliest earthquake in decades jolts Afghanistan

20 May 2022

Japan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan makes unannounced visit to Kabul

28 Apr 2022

OIC has key role to play in Afghan girls’ future

28 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia continues to distribute Ramadan aid

26 Apr 2022

Tokyo strongly condemns terror attacks in Kabul

21 Apr 2022

Roadside bomb explosion in western Kabul wounds 2 children

18 Mar 2022

UN establishes formal ties with Taliban-governed Afghanistan

06 Mar 2022

US diplomat apologizes to thousands of Afghans stuck in UAE

07 Feb 2022

Saudi aid agency continues aid work in Jordan, Afghanistan

31 Jan 2022

Japanese nurse reports dire situation in Afghanistan

25 Jan 2022

Japan’s envoy in Kabul urges the Taliban to secure Japanese departure

11 Jan 2022

Saudi agency continues aid work in Jordan, Afghanistan

22 Dec 2021

Life in Turkey takes toll on female Afghan MPs who fled Taliban rule

20 Dec 2021

OIC countries pledge fund to stave off Afghanistan ‘chaos’

25 Nov 2021

Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan meets Taliban officials

20 Oct 2021

Minorities need protection from Daesh extremism

16 Oct 2021

Suicide attack on Shiite mosque in Afghanistan kills 37

09 Oct 2021

Japan denounces the terrorist attack on Afghanistan mosque

09 Oct 2021

53 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan

25 Sep 2021

Vital weeks ahead for Afghanistan

24 Sep 2021

Japan seeks Pakistan, Qatar help for evacuation from Afghanistan

21 Sep 2021

US says flight with 21 US citizens, 48 residents left Kabul

19 Sep 2021

Motegi hails UAE's role in evacuating Japanese nationals from Afghanistan

19 Sep 2021

3 Afghans killed in new Daesh bombings

18 Sep 2021

Turkey’s open door for refugees appears to be closing

12 Sep 2021

The lessons learned from 9/11 … and those that weren’t

12 Sep 2021

Iran takes a leaf from the Taliban playbook

11 Sep 2021

10 Afghan evacuees may head for Japan

11 Sep 2021

Unaccompanied Afghan evacuee children in Qatar limbo

10 Sep 2021

Taliban government makes protests illegal over ‘security’ concerns

09 Sep 2021

Saudi FM: Afghans have Kingdom’s support during this crucial stage

08 Sep 2021

Taliban name caretaker Cabinet that pays homage to old guard

08 Sep 2021

20 years after 9/11, has the Taliban severed its bonds with Al-Qaeda?

07 Sep 2021

People from Afghanistan are welcome following screening: Motegi

06 Sep 2021

Call for ceasefire as fighting intensifies in Afghanistan’s holdout Panjshir Valley

06 Sep 2021

Arab states begin sending aid flights to Afghanistan

05 Sep 2021

Japan to send official to Doha for Afghan evacuation

05 Sep 2021

Fighting continues in Afghanistan’s last holdout against Taliban rule

05 Sep 2021

Will Biden make the same mistakes in Iraq?

05 Sep 2021

Fewer than 1,400 evacuees from Afghanistan still at Qatar base, US general says

04 Sep 2021

Taliban delivers US military vehicles to Iran

03 Sep 2021

UAE airlifts urgent food and medical aid to Afghanistan

02 Sep 2021

Afghan Paralympian makes debut after top-secret evacuation

02 Sep 2021

US defense secretary to thank Gulf partners for Afghan evacuation during visit next week

02 Sep 2021

Afghans make a run for the border as Taliban promise ‘all-inclusive’ govt ‘within 2 weeks’

01 Sep 2021

Japan's Afghanistan Embassy likely to move to Qatar: Foreign Minister Motegi

01 Sep 2021

President Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal, warns Daesh: ‘We are not done with you’

01 Sep 2021

Taliban declare Afghanistan ‘free, sovereign’ nation, vow ‘good relations’ with rest of world

31 Aug 2021

Japan to relocate its Kabul embassy to Qatar

31 Aug 2021

Taliban celebrate victory as last US soldier leaves Afghanistan

31 Aug 2021

Afghan Hossain Rasouli gets his chance in the Paralympics

31 Aug 2021

New understanding of Afghanistan is a must

29 Aug 2021

G7 flexes its political muscles again

29 Aug 2021

US warns of ‘specific, credible threat’ near Kabul airport

29 Aug 2021

US in final phase of evacuations from Kabul, Taliban says ready to take over airport

29 Aug 2021

US drone strike kills 2 Daesh members in Afghanistan

28 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia, UAE can play a key role in Afghanistan: Maldives FM

28 Aug 2021

Anti-Taliban resistance building up despite chaos in Kabul

28 Aug 2021

One Japanese national evacuated from Afghanistan

28 Aug 2021

Erdogan weighing risks of Kabul airport deployment amid Turkey-Taliban talks

27 Aug 2021

Afghan fiasco will have repercussions in Iraq and beyond

27 Aug 2021

US braces for more Daesh attacks after 85 killed in Kabul airport carnage

27 Aug 2021

Biden warns Kabul airport attackers: ‘We will hunt you down’

27 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia condemns attack on Kabul airport

27 Aug 2021

We want the Japanese to stay, says Taliban spokesperson

26 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia hopes Afghanistan situation will stabilize, envoy says

26 Aug 2021

Taliban ‘face health and economic disaster’ with Afghanistan running out of cash

25 Aug 2021

World powers urge Taliban to give ‘safe passage’ to Afghans

25 Aug 2021

Egyptians return home from Afghanistan

24 Aug 2021

Ankara rejects any plans to set up offshore hubs for refugees

24 Aug 2021

Boris Johnson and Joe Biden agree on Kabul evacuation efforts


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