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Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg

Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg

Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg is the GCC Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs & Negotiation, and a columnist for Arab News. The views expressed in this piece are personal and do not necessarily represent GCC views. Twitter: @abuhamad1

03 Aug 2022

Could Al-Zawahiri’s killing end Taliban’s isolation?

09 Jun 2022

GCC meetings with Russia, Ukraine provide opening for diplomacy

11 May 2022

GCC-EU energy cooperation needed now more than ever

27 Apr 2022

Yemen’s internal security challenges and the Riyadh talks

21 Apr 2022

Ill-timed congressional letter misses the point on Saudi Arabia and Yemen

07 Apr 2022

Ukraine crisis underscores need for equitable multilateralism

31 Mar 2022

Mariupol, Aleppo and the search for consistency and dialogue

24 Mar 2022

GCC-hosted Yemeni talks could be a game changer

02 Feb 2022

Time short to save Lebanon from a self-inflicted demise

05 Jan 2022

Omicron makes the case for universal free vaccinations

15 Dec 2021

GCC summit stresses collective defense and shared prosperity

23 Nov 2021

GCC, US united against Iranian threats

20 Oct 2021

Minorities need protection from Daesh extremism

16 Sep 2021

Central Asia’s growing role in light of Afghanistan debacle

11 Jul 2021

Sultan’s visit will further align approaches to regional issues

22 Jun 2021

Lebanon must heed warnings of looming meltdown

25 May 2021

Red Sea security requires international cooperation

05 May 2021

Managing Saudi-US relations after crown prince’s interview

27 Jan 2021

Seven pillars on which to grow GCC-China partnership

19 Nov 2020

GCC-US strategic partnership to endure under Biden

08 Sep 2020

Foreign aid needs a rethink as a result of COVID-19

12 Aug 2020

Although badly broken, Lebanon can be put back together

31 Mar 2020

Swift implementation of G20 consensus can avert global meltdown

24 Mar 2020

G20 can play vital role in combating effects of coronavirus

10 Mar 2020

Nonprofits’ resurgence timely due to economic slowdown

13 Feb 2020

IMF predicts GCC economic doomsday by 2034

22 Jan 2020

US and Gulf partners must be ready for Iranian cyberattacks

07 Jan 2020

Daring US interventions increase chances of Iran talks


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