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Khaled Abou Zahr

Khaled Abou Zahr

Khaled Abou Zahr is the founder of SpaceQuest Ventures, a space-focused investment platform. He is CEO of EurabiaMedia and editor of Al-Watan Al-Arabi.

14 Jun 2024

Lebanon needs an opposition that will speak up for the entire country

06 Jun 2024

Europe’s marginalization of conservatives is counterproductive

24 May 2024

Syrians’ right to return should be an international priority

12 Apr 2024

Space-based solar power close to becoming a reality

22 Mar 2024

Could a third world war really be fought virtually?

29 Feb 2024

Fierce competition to be hallmark of new space era

23 Feb 2024

Aging populations a potential catastrophe

05 Jan 2024

Change in Syria could be region’s black swan event of 2024

22 Dec 2023

Space-bound Gulf states’ launch capability quandary

08 Dec 2023

Nuclear power deserves a place in the clean energy mix

14 Oct 2023

Lebanese must reject any involvement in war with Israel

15 Sep 2023

International collaboration vital in space realm

18 Aug 2023

New era of Middle Eastern prosperity is possible

12 May 2023

Japan, South Korea could learn much from European example

07 Apr 2023

Lebanon in need of a new political system

30 Dec 2022

Why a federal state is the answer for Lebanon

21 Oct 2022

Sustainability needs sensible approach to benefit planet, not just few

22 Jul 2022

Why space is more than just a billionaires’ playground

07 Jul 2022

Lebanon must reclaim its sovereignty from Hezbollah

11 Jun 2022

Hezbollah, Iran should have no say on Lebanon’s border disputes

22 Apr 2022

Lebanon desperately needs a new political system

18 Mar 2022

New nuclear deal would reward Iran’s terrorism

08 Oct 2021

In facing Hezbollah, the Lebanese can count only on themselves

01 Oct 2021

Dubai’s Expo 2020 can launch the space revolution

27 Aug 2021

Lebanon fuel crisis turns up the heat on Hezbollah

20 Aug 2021

History offers Afghanistan a glimmer of hope

19 Mar 2021

Lebanese protesters should beware any changes to their message

15 Jan 2021

Lebanon a country of exceptions that needs a new vision

01 Jan 2021

2021 could be a decisive year for Syria but we must provide the proper building blocks

27 Nov 2020

Iran should bear responsibility for Middle East chaos

06 Nov 2020

Strong regional alliance is key to peaceful and prosperous Middle East

06 Aug 2020

Beirut blast a symptom of a dying country

13 Jun 2020

A state, no matter how unjust, is the start Palestinians need

06 Jun 2020

Lebanon will descend into chaos before Hezbollah disarms

16 May 2020

What will the post-COVID world look like?

18 Apr 2020

The truth about coronavirus conspiracies

15 Feb 2020

It’s time for the Lebanese people to seize control of their destiny


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