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Yemeni stabber at Riyadh show received orders from Al-Qaeda

Social media video grab of the moment a man stabbed performers on a Riyadh stage.
Social media video grab of the moment a man stabbed performers on a Riyadh stage.
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20 Dec 2019 04:12:57 GMT9
20 Dec 2019 04:12:57 GMT9

RIYADH: Two men arrested for their parts in a stabbing in Riyadh last month were operating under orders from Al-Qaeda in Yemen, their trial has heard.

The prosecution of the suspects began at the specialized criminal court in the Saudi capital, where the case was presented to the defendants and their legal representation assigned.

The first man, identified as a 33-year-old Yemeni resident, was charged with committing an armed terrorist attack with a sharp instrument, and the stabbing of two people — one a musician and the other a security guard at a live music show — resulting in severe injuries.

It is said the man is a member of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

He was assigned by one of the organization’s leaders to carry out the attack at the King Abdullah Park Theater, after monitoring and planning the operation. He has previously been accused of fighting with the group in Yemen.

The accused also filmed himself before the attack with his mobile phone, wearing a mask while delivering a poem containing incitement to commit violence. He later sent the video to others via WhatsApp.

The second defendant is accused of covering up for the first, as well as breaking through an ATM machine and sending money stolen from it to Yemen.

He was also accused of participating in the promotion of counterfeit paper currency inside the Kingdom, fraud, attempting to purchase a firearm using counterfeit money, covering up the process of trading arms, and entering the Kingdom illegally.


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