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25 Mar 2024

Is Al-Qaeda now in Moscow?

11 Mar 2024

Al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch says leader Khalid Al-Batarfi dead in unclear circumstances

27 Aug 2023

An attack by Al-Qaeda-allied group in northwest Syria kills, wounds dozens of troops, activists say

11 Aug 2023

Yemeni military leader dies in Al-Qaeda roadside blast

07 Mar 2023

New US drone strike kills top Al-Qaeda commander in Yemen

25 Feb 2023

Al-Qaeda-Iran tactical alliance laid bare by UN report on terror group’s ‘de-facto leader’ Saif Al-Adel

21 Feb 2023

In rare admission, Yemen’s Houthis confirm they released Al-Qaeda terrorists

16 Feb 2023

Al-Qaeda’s new leader Adel has $10 million bounty on his head

28 Sep 2022

Yemeni forces drive Al-Qaeda from stronghold after bitter fighting

02 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia welcomes Biden’s announcement on killing of Al-Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri

02 Aug 2022

Japan supports US killing of Al-Qaeda leader

02 Aug 2022

Al-Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri killed in US drone strike in Kabul, Biden says

28 Jun 2022

US strike targets leader of Al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria: Centcom

12 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia announces executions of Daesh, Al-Qaeda members

17 Sep 2021

US imposes sanctions on five Al-Qaeda operatives

10 Sep 2021

Twenty years on from 9/11, a grim new era of terror approaches

05 Feb 2021

Al-Qaeda’s leader in Yemen under arrest: UN report

17 Jan 2021

How Iran serves as ‘a key geographic hub for Al-Qaeda’

13 Jan 2021

Pompeo accuses Iran of providing Al-Qaeda safe haven

09 Jan 2021

Tunisia arrests Al-Qaeda branch leader

15 Nov 2020

Al-Qaeda ‘in crisis’ after No. 2 killed in Tehran

15 Nov 2020

US, Israel worked together to track and kill Al-Qaeda operative Al-Masri

03 Oct 2020

Yemen kills three Al-Qaeda militants, captures two in raid in Mahra

23 May 2020

The 9/11 attacks by Al-Qaeda

20 May 2020

The US war on Iraq

11 May 2020

The death of Osama bin Laden

20 Dec 2019

Yemeni stabber at Riyadh show received orders from Al-Qaeda


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