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18 May 2024

UN has got only 12% of funds sought for war-wracked Sudan

07 May 2024

Charity bazaar in Tokyo held to support war victims in Sudan

04 May 2024

UN warns Sudan’s warring parties that Darfur risks starvation and death if aid is not allowed in

28 Apr 2024

Sudan demands emergency UN meeting on UAE ‘aggression’

25 Apr 2024

Wars in Gaza and Sudan ‘drive hunger crisis affecting 280 million worldwide’

20 Apr 2024

UN warns of new flashpoint in Sudan’s Darfur region

19 Apr 2024

Japan sends two Self-Defense personnel to South Sudan Peace Operations

18 Apr 2024

Saudi, UN officials discuss aid efforts in Sudan

16 Apr 2024

No end to death and suffering as Sudan conflict enters its second year

04 Apr 2024

Sudan prosecutors accuse ex-PM Hamdok of ‘inciting war’: state TV

21 Mar 2024

Sudan heading toward world’s worst hunger crisis, UN Security Council warned

19 Mar 2024

UN reports a 35 percent increase in people affected by violence in South Sudan

12 Mar 2024

Food aid for Sudanese refugees in Chad could end next month, WFP says

12 Mar 2024

Silent suffering unveiled: Shedding light on the forgotten humanitarian crisis in Sudan

11 Mar 2024

Sudan’s RSF paramilitaries welcome UN call for cessation of hostilities in Ramadan

10 Mar 2024

Will Sudan’s feuding generals heed Ramadan ceasefire pleas as mass starvation looms?

10 Mar 2024

KSrelief food aid projects continue in Yemen, Lebanon and Sudan ahead of Ramadan

06 Mar 2024

Sudan soon to be ‘world’s largest hunger crisis’: WFP

29 Feb 2024

Will refugee wave from Sudan be a wake-up call for ‘fortress Europe’?

26 Feb 2024

Sudan authorities block cross-border aid to stricken Darfur

25 Feb 2024

Economy another victim of war in impoverished Sudan

23 Feb 2024

Sudan’s warring sides commit abuses, including strikes on fleeing civilians, UN report says

20 Feb 2024

Sudanese refugees face gruelling wait in overcrowded South Sudan camps

17 Feb 2024

’Starving’: Sudan aid workers sound the alarm over spiralling crisis

09 Feb 2024

UNICEF says 700,000 children in Sudan at risk of worst form of malnutrition

06 Feb 2024

About 13 children die each day at a camp in Sudan for displaced people, medical charity MSF says

06 Feb 2024

Grand imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif calls for end to wars in Gaza and Sudan

05 Feb 2024

About 40 killed in violence near disputed Sudan-South Sudan border

03 Feb 2024

UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan

20 Jan 2024

Ethnic killings in one Sudan’s Darfur city left up to 15,000 dead — UN report

14 Jan 2024

Sudan government rejects East African bloc’s mediation move

12 Jan 2024

More than 30 killed in strikes on Sudan capital: NGO

02 Jan 2024

Six killed in disputed region bordering Sudan, South Sudan

30 Dec 2023

How feud between two Sudanese factions became 2023’s ‘forgotten other war’

29 Dec 2023

Cairo evacuates eighteen Egyptian students from Sudan

28 Dec 2023

Sudan RSF leader visits Uganda in first known wartime foreign trip

25 Dec 2023

Sudanese in ‘total panic’ as paramilitaries move south

23 Dec 2023

UN Security Council voices ‘alarm’ at spreading violence in Sudan

21 Dec 2023

UN says up to 300,000 Sudanese fled their homes after a notorious group seized their safe haven

17 Dec 2023

Thousands flee as battle for Sudan’s Wad Madani opens up new front

11 Dec 2023

Attack on ICRC convoy in Sudan’s Khartoum kills two, injures seven

02 Dec 2023

Security Council votes to shut down UN’s mission in Sudan

01 Dec 2023

UN Security Council due to vote to close Sudan political mission

20 Nov 2023

32 killed in an attack in disputed Abyei region in Sudan

19 Nov 2023

Warring parties trade blame for damaged dam south of Khartoum

18 Nov 2023

MSF concern over malnourished Sudanese child refugees

17 Nov 2023

Sudan armed conflict expanding to other regions, warns UN

12 Nov 2023

Sudan fighting destroys strategic Khartoum bridge

10 Nov 2023

Bodies litter streets as fighting intensifies in Sudan

08 Nov 2023

Sudan army, RSF commit to facilitating humanitarian aid in Jeddah talks

07 Nov 2023

Sudan’s military conflict is getting closer to South Sudan and Abyei, UN envoy warns

05 Nov 2023

Women abducted as situation in Darfur worsens: UN

05 Nov 2023

Sudan shelling kills 15, paramilitary RSF claims gains in Darfur

05 Nov 2023

How conflict-torn Sudan has become a magnet for fighters from the troubled Sahel

03 Nov 2023

‘Horrible suffering’ in Sudan only growing as more displaced: UN official

03 Nov 2023

US warns Sudan unit against ‘imminent large-scale attack’ in Darfur

18 Oct 2023

Allegations of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Darfur

16 Oct 2023

Horrific reports of rape, sexual violence persist as Sudan war goes on: UN humanitarian chief

08 Oct 2023

Sudan war spreading as death toll tops 9,000

06 Oct 2023

An aid group says artillery fire killed 11 and injured 90 in a Sudanese city

06 Oct 2023

Insecurity, lack of funds slowing Sudan aid: UN

05 Oct 2023

Western countries want a UN team created to monitor rights violations and abuses in Sudan

04 Oct 2023

Paramilitary shells kill 10 civilians in Khartoum: activists

04 Oct 2023

EU agrees sanctions framework for key actors in Sudan war — sources

01 Oct 2023

No reprieve from hardship in South Sudan for people fleeing Sudan conflict

29 Sep 2023

US imposes fresh round of sanctions over instability in Sudan

27 Sep 2023

Sudan’s displaced millions struggle to survive as economy seizes up

26 Sep 2023

Hundreds dead from dengue fever in Sudan

24 Sep 2023

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan resume Nile dam talks

24 Sep 2023

Egyptian FM stresses importance of ‘climate justice’ at UN General Assembly

22 Sep 2023

Sudan leader urges UN to designate RSF a ‘terrorist’ group

22 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over in region, seeks action against RSF backers

18 Sep 2023

Desperate Sudanese face endless wait for passports so they can flee

16 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict puts Darfur’s history of ethnic bloodletting on rewind

16 Sep 2023

Sudan’s Burhan heads to Uganda as battles rage in Khartoum

15 Sep 2023

Sudan’s rapid support forces will form authority in areas under its control if army chief’s actions continue

15 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict ‘could be turning into full-scale civil war’

14 Sep 2023

Credible reports of at least 13 mass graves in Sudan's Darfur and surrounding areas: UN

14 Sep 2023

UN head of mission to Sudan resigns

13 Sep 2023

US urges warring Sudan parties to start peace talks

13 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief headed to Turkiye on latest trip abroad

11 Sep 2023

Air raids kill at least 40 in Sudanese capital

08 Sep 2023

Sudan’s RSF deputy leader says US sanctions on him ‘unfair’

07 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief visits Qatar on third trip since war began

06 Sep 2023

More than 5 million people displaced by monthslong conflict in Sudan, UN agency says

04 Sep 2023

Sudan’s Burhan in neighboring South Sudan for talks with its president on the war

02 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict poses long-term societal harm as recruitment of child soldiers surges

01 Sep 2023

Sudan refugees stranded without health care in Chad

01 Sep 2023

Sudan will be fragmented if the deadly conflict is not resolved, army chief warns

29 Aug 2023

Sudan’s military leader travels to Egypt in his first trip abroad since the war

28 Aug 2023

Doctors’ strike worsens healthcare collapse in Port Sudan as army chief visits

28 Aug 2023

Sudanese paramilitary force backs ceasefire and talks on country’s future

25 Aug 2023

Sudan’s military ruler begins tour as UN warns of war spreading

23 Aug 2023

Sudan fighting has left about 500 children dead, says charity

20 Aug 2023

Demonstration held in front of the Sudan Embassy in Tokyo to condemn RSF uprising

18 Aug 2023

Fears for displaced as Sudan war spreads in Darfur

18 Aug 2023

KSrelief pursues humanitarian projects in Sudan, Lebanon and Nigeria

18 Aug 2023

UN experts sound alarm over reports of sexual violence during conflict in Sudan

15 Aug 2023

Why Sudan’s conflict defies diplomacy and de-escalation

14 Aug 2023

UAE rejects claim that it is supplying warring parties in Sudan with arms


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