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26 Sep 2023

Hundreds dead from dengue fever in Sudan

24 Sep 2023

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan resume Nile dam talks

24 Sep 2023

Egyptian FM stresses importance of ‘climate justice’ at UN General Assembly

22 Sep 2023

Sudan leader urges UN to designate RSF a ‘terrorist’ group

22 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over in region, seeks action against RSF backers

18 Sep 2023

Desperate Sudanese face endless wait for passports so they can flee

16 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict puts Darfur’s history of ethnic bloodletting on rewind

16 Sep 2023

Sudan’s Burhan heads to Uganda as battles rage in Khartoum

15 Sep 2023

Sudan’s rapid support forces will form authority in areas under its control if army chief’s actions continue

15 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict ‘could be turning into full-scale civil war’

14 Sep 2023

Credible reports of at least 13 mass graves in Sudan's Darfur and surrounding areas: UN

14 Sep 2023

UN head of mission to Sudan resigns

13 Sep 2023

US urges warring Sudan parties to start peace talks

13 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief headed to Turkiye on latest trip abroad

11 Sep 2023

Air raids kill at least 40 in Sudanese capital

08 Sep 2023

Sudan’s RSF deputy leader says US sanctions on him ‘unfair’

07 Sep 2023

Sudan army chief visits Qatar on third trip since war began

06 Sep 2023

More than 5 million people displaced by monthslong conflict in Sudan, UN agency says

04 Sep 2023

Sudan’s Burhan in neighboring South Sudan for talks with its president on the war

02 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict poses long-term societal harm as recruitment of child soldiers surges

01 Sep 2023

Sudan refugees stranded without health care in Chad

01 Sep 2023

Sudan will be fragmented if the deadly conflict is not resolved, army chief warns

29 Aug 2023

Sudan’s military leader travels to Egypt in his first trip abroad since the war

28 Aug 2023

Doctors’ strike worsens healthcare collapse in Port Sudan as army chief visits

28 Aug 2023

Sudanese paramilitary force backs cease-fire and talks on country’s future

25 Aug 2023

Sudan’s military ruler begins tour as UN warns of war spreading

23 Aug 2023

Sudan fighting has left about 500 children dead, says charity

20 Aug 2023

Demonstration held in front of the Sudan Embassy in Tokyo to condemn RSF uprising

18 Aug 2023

Fears for displaced as Sudan war spreads in Darfur

18 Aug 2023

KSrelief pursues humanitarian projects in Sudan, Lebanon and Nigeria

18 Aug 2023

UN experts sound alarm over reports of sexual violence during conflict in Sudan

15 Aug 2023

Why Sudan’s conflict defies diplomacy and de-escalation

14 Aug 2023

UAE rejects claim that it is supplying warring parties in Sudan with arms

11 Aug 2023

War shatters Sudan education sector

10 Aug 2023

UN Security Council hears of ‘unimaginable suffering’ in Sudan

09 Aug 2023

13 dead in Sudan’s heaviest fighting since start of war

08 Aug 2023

National unity and reconciliation as prerequisites for sustainable peace and development in Sudan

08 Aug 2023

Torrential rain destroys hundreds of homes in Sudan

08 Aug 2023

Residents near Sudanese capital ordered to evacuate over fighting

05 Aug 2023

Rights group urges US and UN to impose more sanctions on Sudan leaders for increasing atrocities

03 Aug 2023

Extensive war crimes in Sudan’s ‘unimaginable horror’: Amnesty

03 Aug 2023

Grave fears for missing women, girls in war-torn Sudan

03 Aug 2023

South Sudan supports Saudi Arabia’s bid to host Expo 2030 in Riyadh

02 Aug 2023

Temporary office of Japanese Embassy in Sudan moved to Cairo

31 Jul 2023

Sudan fighters evict Khartoum residents

29 Jul 2023

Sudan’s official death toll described as ‘tip of iceberg’

29 Jul 2023

US ambassador to Sudan returns to Saudi Arabia to resume dialogue efforts

29 Jul 2023

World must back Jeddah process to end Sudan conflict

28 Jul 2023

Hunger now just as deadly as bullets for Sudanese civilians trapped in conflict

26 Jul 2023

16 killed as homes hit in Sudan strikes


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