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11 Apr 2024

Japan to donate 250 new cherry blossom trees to US

04 Apr 2024

Tokyo crowds revel as cherry blossoms reach full bloom

31 Mar 2024

Warm weather in Tokyo brings out cherry blossoms and party-goers

29 Mar 2024

Cherry blossoms start coming out in Tokyo, Kyoto, other places

23 Mar 2024

Kochi 1st in Japan to see Cherry Blossoms bloom this spring

07 Mar 2024

UAE brings Sakura season to life with Ikebana workshops

21 Feb 2024

Japan’s Cherry Blossom festival could be the next destination for UAE residents

02 Apr 2023

Cherry blossoms bring life to Tokyo and Japan

29 Mar 2023

Care, 'magic' help DC's cherry blossom trees defy age

06 Jun 2022

J-pop star miwa brings the spirit of cherry blossom to Jeddah

11 Apr 2022

Ikebana and Chado workshop held in Abu Dhabi

29 Mar 2022

Sakura season is back as Dubai’s Ikebana school hosts class full of blooming flowers

30 Mar 2021

Japan's famous cherry blossoms see early bloom amid warming

22 Mar 2021

Cherry Blossom party restrictions stay after emergency ends

21 Mar 2021

UAE Cherry Blossom Ikebana workshop makes a comeback 3 years in a row

15 Mar 2021

McDonald’s Japan rings in cherry blossom season with special menu options

14 Mar 2021

Cherry blossoms start blooming in Tokyo

23 Nov 2020

Aide to ex-PM Abe questioned over cherry blossom dinner parties

17 Sep 2020

Suga says to scrap state-funded Cherry Blossom Party

20 Apr 2020

Oreo has two new Japanese inspired flavors for Spring: Sakura Matcha and Peach Oolong

19 Mar 2020

People enjoying Cherry Blossoms indoors amid virus scare

12 Mar 2020

Scrapping Japan cherry blossom 'like taking hugs away from Italians': Tokyo gov

29 Feb 2020

Japan cherry blossom festivals cancelled as virus fears grow

29 Nov 2019

Opposition parties ending boycott of Diet over Cherry Blossom Party

29 Nov 2019

Opposition to boycott Diet talks over cherry blossom party

28 Nov 2019

Opposition parties zero in on antisocial forces’ participation at cherry blossom party

20 Nov 2019

Abe admits role in guest selection for cherry blossom parties

14 Nov 2019

Japan cancels Abe’s cherry blossom party next year


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