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14 Nov 2023

Saudi authorities seize drugs in Baha, Jazan

08 Oct 2023

Saudi authorities crack down on drug offenders

20 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia’s FM cautions against ‘explosive growth’ of synthetic drugs in the Arab world

14 Aug 2023

Saudi authorities thwart attempt to smuggle 44 kilograms of khat

14 Aug 2023

Crystal meth-laden drone from Syria shot down by Jordanian forces

24 Jul 2023

New forum aims to tackle Syria-Jordan drug smuggling

04 Jul 2023

Saudi authorities arrest drug offenders in multiple raids

14 Feb 2023

Cairo airport customs foil narcotics, firearms smuggling

07 Feb 2023

Saudi authorities arrest four found in possession of more than 63,000 amphetamine tablets

26 Jan 2023

Saudi and Qatari authorities foil attempt to smuggle 4m amphetamine pills into Kingdom

03 Nov 2022

Saudi authorities foil massive drug smuggling bid

08 Oct 2022

Drug smugglers thwarted at Saudi border

16 Aug 2022

Jordan police bust crystal meth lab in Amman, arrest three

11 Aug 2022

Dubai customs officials uncover 3.7kg drug haul hidden in car parts

08 Jan 2022

Saudi war on drugs net over 37 tons of narcotics in 2021

05 Jan 2022

Saudi authorities foil drug-smuggling bids

13 Nov 2021

Authorities foil giant drug smuggling attempt at Saudi port

01 Nov 2021

Two people arrested for receiving thousands of amphetamine pills by post

20 Oct 2021

Saudi border patrols arrest 150 suspected drug smugglers along Yemen border

24 Jul 2021

Saudi authorities foil massive drug smuggling attempt

27 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia foils drug smuggling attempt from Lebanon

27 May 2021

Saudi customs officials find 1.6kg of cocaine in smugglers’ stomachs

25 Apr 2021

Lebanon vows to punish drug smugglers as Saudi import ban bites

06 Feb 2021

Saudi authorities seize drug haul in Jeddah

23 Jan 2021

Saudi authorities foil massive drug smuggling attempt

09 Dec 2020

Japan's Takeda says drug pipeline to lift sales to $48bln in next decade

28 Nov 2020

Smugglers killed in Jordan-Syria border drugs bust

15 Nov 2020

Boat carrying 1,000 kg of drugs seized by Yemeni Coast Guard

22 Oct 2020

UK warship seizes 450 kilograms of meth in Arabian Sea

12 Oct 2020

Saudi Arabia thwarts several bids to smuggle tons of drugs in 2020

12 Feb 2020

Seized illegal drugs in Japan hit record high in 2019

18 Dec 2019

Suspected drug lord, ‘Angels of Death’ cartel leader Ridouan Taghi arrested in Dubai

06 Dec 2019

Japan actress Sawajiri indicted for drug possession

27 Nov 2019

Japan clears bill to impose levies on falsified drug ads


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