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11 May 2024

Iranians vote in parliamentary runoff election

18 Apr 2023

Kishida attack suspect sued Japan govt over election

18 Apr 2023

Campaigning begins for town, village elections in Japan

14 Mar 2023

Turkish opposition making gains in opinion polls ahead of elections

14 Mar 2023

Lebanon to elect a president soon, officials tell US diaspora group

05 Mar 2023

Kishida gearing up for by-elections in April

02 Mar 2023

Turkiye intends to hold elections on May 14 despite quake

10 Nov 2022

Arab and Muslim Americans expand presence after Tuesday’s elections

27 Sep 2022

Lebanese lawmakers to convene to elect country’s president

25 Jul 2022

Abe faction taking lead in recruiting new LDP lawmakers

11 Jul 2022

Record 35 women win upper house seats in election

10 Jul 2022

Voting underway for Japan's upper house election

23 Jun 2022

Inflation tops the agenda in Japanese election campaign

21 May 2022

Lebanon cabinet passes financial recovery plan: Ministerial sources

14 May 2022

Lebanon holds its breath as 3 million set to vote in pivotal poll

12 May 2022

Lebanese poll hopefuls ‘buying their way to power’ with cash bribes

10 May 2022

Nearly 60% Lebanese diaspora voter turnout for parliamentary elections

06 May 2022

Mikati urges Lebanese expats to have their voices heard in elections

05 May 2022

Expats prepare to vote, marking the start of Lebanon elections

03 Apr 2022

The prospects for elections in Libya remain slim to none

16 Mar 2022

Lebanon’s last chance as Ukraine fallout looms

15 Mar 2022

Lebanon PM Mikati says he will not run in May parliamentary election

17 Dec 2021

Libyans in the dark over election with seven days to go

12 Dec 2021

Palestinians vote in local elections amid rising anger with Abbas

11 Nov 2021

Libyan elections must be held on time, says Egyptian president

11 Nov 2021

Japan PM pledges aid to struggling people

01 Nov 2021

Japan PM Kishida boosted by surprisingly comfortable election win

31 Oct 2021

Famed author and former nightclub worker keen to oust ruling party in Japan 

31 Oct 2021

Former PM candidate Sanae Takaichi talks about North Korea at rally in support of Odawara

31 Oct 2021

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan running for parliamentary elections

24 Oct 2021

Former ministers engaged in election battle for Tokyo’s 18th district

20 Oct 2021

Opposition parties’ leaders hit the streets wooing voters

19 Oct 2021

Japan Lower House election campaign kicks off

14 Oct 2021

951 people to run in Japan general election: JIJI survey

12 Oct 2021

Japan welcomes Iraqi Council of Representatives elections

02 Oct 2021

Lebanese political class trying to postpone elections: Expert

29 Sep 2021

LDP winner Kishida calls for unity among Japan

28 Sep 2021

LDP candidates turn to social media in hope of winning votes

22 Sep 2021

LDP candidates hold different views on lockdowns

18 Sep 2021

Japan PM candidates differ on same-sex, women rights issues

18 Sep 2021

Japan's Kishida: Aim distribute COVID-19 drugs by year-end if elected PM

17 Sep 2021

Japan should look at maternal-line Emperors as option: Noda

17 Sep 2021

Can maverick Kono break the mold of Japanese prime ministers?

12 Sep 2021

3 potential candidates make case ahead of LDP election

12 Sep 2021

Tokyo Governor compares Japan’s political leaders to the Taliban

12 Sep 2021

Japan's vaccines minister Kono leads opinion poll on succeeding Suga

10 Sep 2021

Japan vaccine minister informs PM Suga he intends to run in LDP leadership race -reports

08 Sep 2021

Japan eyes extraordinary diet session from Oct. 4

05 Sep 2021

Japan PM candidate Kishida wants to delay economic stimulus debate

04 Sep 2021

Kono plans to run in LDP race; Ishiba signals eagerness

03 Sep 2021

Suga surprises Japan by declaring the intention to resign

01 Sep 2021

Japan in no situation to call snap election: Suga

28 Aug 2021

Ishiba suggests possibility of running in LDP leadership race

21 Jun 2021

Japan general election likely to come after Tokyo Games: Aso

20 Jun 2021

What does Ebrahim Raisi’s election victory mean for Iran and the world?

20 Jun 2021

Israel says Iran’s Raisi extreme, committed to nuclear program

20 Jun 2021

Rights groups call for probe into Iran’s President-elect Raisi for crimes against humanity

18 Jun 2021

Japan paying attention to Iran’s election

13 Jun 2021

Election for ‘new Algeria’ gets low turnout amid opposition boycott

22 Apr 2021

Syrian President Assad to run for re-election in May — state media

14 Apr 2021

Nuclear plant water release to be key issue in Japan's general election

05 Apr 2021

Palestinians approve 36 groups to run in May vote

01 Apr 2021

Imprisoned Palestinian leader’s entry shakes up planned vote

24 Mar 2021

Uncertainty hangs over long-awaited Palestinian elections

20 Mar 2021

Palestinians take another step in preparations for first election in 15 years

16 Mar 2021

Palestinian delegations plan to meet in Cairo to discuss elections

21 Feb 2021

Abbas orders Palestinian public freedoms boosted before vote

17 Jan 2021

Abbas poll decree lifts hopes of Palestinian unity

03 Jan 2021

Palestinian election hopes rise after rivals agree on poll plan

02 Jan 2021

Coronavirus brings changes in local elections in Japan

24 Oct 2020

Egypt’s parliamentary vote likely to tighten Sisi’s grip

21 Oct 2020

Egyptian expats to start voting for country’s parliamentary elections

21 Oct 2020

Kuwait’s new emir calls for national unity ahead of elections

01 Oct 2020

A fight for the last word: Japanese interpreters caught in the middle of US presidential debate

01 Oct 2020

Outage freezes Tokyo Stock Exchange, world's 3rd largest

17 Sep 2020

Who is Japan’s new prime minister?

15 Sep 2020

Japan ruling party head Suga preparing cabinet, continuity in foreground

15 Sep 2020

Japan health minister Kato likely to replace Suga as chief cabinet secretary

14 Sep 2020

Japan ruling party picks Suga as successor to PM Abe

09 Sep 2020

Japan ruling coalition partner Komeito indicates it does not want snap election

08 Sep 2020

Japan PM candidate abandons plans to use Nintendo’s Animal Crossing in campaign

03 Sep 2020

3 candidates fully start LDP leadership election campaign

01 Sep 2020

Head of new Japan opposition party to be elected Sept. 10

24 Aug 2020

Iran sets June 18 as date for next presidential election

02 Aug 2020

Iraq to hold next parliamentary elections on June 6, 2021 — a year early

25 Jul 2020

PM Abe's fate hinges on postponed Tokyo Olympics

20 Jul 2020

Opposition chiefs blast ‘charade’ of Syrian vote

28 Jun 2020

Tokyo governor candidate stands against 5G technology

02 Jun 2020

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike to seek reelection

12 Mar 2020

Arabs can dream of one day forming Israel’s government

01 Jan 2020

Possible snap election top political issue in 2020

29 Dec 2019

656 candidates preparing to run in next general election in Japan

06 Dec 2019

Lebanese protesters vow to step up demonstrations as decision on new prime minister looms

29 Nov 2019

Algerian protesters scuffle with police as election nears


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