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07 Dec 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan pledges ‘new era’ in relations with Greece

15 Nov 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan calls Israel ‘terror state’

18 Jul 2023

Erdogan aims to deepen economic ties with Gulf nations

11 Jul 2023

Stoltenberg says Turkiye agrees to move ahead with Sweden’s NATO bid

07 Jul 2023

Erdogan does not rule out backing Sweden’s NATO bid

05 Jun 2023

Yamada attends inauguration of President Erdogan

29 May 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan wins another term as president

27 Apr 2023

Turkiye’s president Erdogan cancels appearances after developing stomach bug

30 Jan 2023

Turkiye’s opposition pledges to strip president of powers

11 Oct 2022

Erdogan to meet Putin on Wednesday in Astana: Turkish official

21 Sep 2022

Israeli PM meets Turkish president, first time in 14 years

06 Mar 2022

Foreign policy challenges for Turkey’s opposition

30 Jan 2022

Erdogan threatens media with reprisals over ‘harmful’ content

05 Nov 2021

Rumors swirl over Erdogan’s declining health after G20 hobble

30 Sep 2021

Putin and Erdogan focus on curbing Syria violence

15 Jun 2021

Biden, Erdogan upbeat about ties but disclose no breakthrough

18 May 2021

Erdogan rivals surge in polls ahead of 2023 Turkey election

11 Apr 2021

Erdogan insulted the EU long before “SofaGate”

11 Mar 2021

Erdogan, Putin remotely start nuclear reactor construction

28 Feb 2021

Celebrated Turkish actor risks jail for Erdogan ‘insult’

25 Feb 2021

Turkish lawyer held for ‘insulting the president’ with tweet

13 Feb 2021

Biden starts off tough on Turkey, with rocky path ahead

31 Jan 2021

Alarm bells in Ankara over tough new US line against Erdogan

17 Jan 2021

Facing Biden, Erdogan extends olive branch to EU

13 Jan 2021

Erdogan-Hariri surprise meeting angers Turkish opposition

09 Jan 2021

Lebanon’s Hariri pays unannounced visit to Erdogan

19 Dec 2020

903 minors among thousands tried or jailed for insulting Turkey’s ruler Erdogan

17 Dec 2020

Erdogan’s balancing act faces new challenges in Biden era

13 Dec 2020

Erdogan’s recitation of ‘sensitive poem’ angers Tehran

13 Dec 2020

Turkey rebukes Iran’s ‘offensive language’ against Erdogan

02 Dec 2020

Wary Turks aren’t buying Erdogan’s economic promise yet

30 Nov 2020

Alarm bells sounding louder over outbreak in Turkey

16 Nov 2020

Erdogan slammed after visiting N.Cyprus and calling for ‘two-state solution’

09 Nov 2020

Erdogan’s son-in-law resigns as finance minister

02 Nov 2020

Erdogan ‘trying to start a war in the Med’

28 Oct 2020

Syria strike shows Russia not seeking ‘lasting peace’: Erdogan

26 Oct 2020

EU condemns Erdogan’s Macron comments as ‘unacceptable’

17 Oct 2020

Erdogan tells Trudeau Canada’s suspension of drone exports is against alliance spirit

17 Oct 2020

Erdogan’s Turkey in danger of imperial overstretch

13 Oct 2020

‘Disruptor’ Erdogan faces sanctions over new oil mission in eastern Med

06 Oct 2020

Erdogan on collision course with NATO over Nagorno-Karabakh war

24 Sep 2020

How Erodgan-led Turkey went from NATO ally to liability

20 Sep 2020

Turkey condemns Greek newspaper headline abusing Erdogan

17 Sep 2020

Erdogan ordered to back down in eastern Med

14 Sep 2020

Turkish President Erdogan blinks first in eastern Mediterranean standoff

13 Sep 2020

Turkey’s Erdogan slams Macron amid Mediterranean tensions

06 Sep 2020

Erdogan in new threat to Greece in Eastern Mediterranean

04 Sep 2020

Turkey’s power projection risks military clash in Mediterranean, former PM says

21 Aug 2020

Erdogan converts another former Istanbul church into mosque

03 Aug 2020

Haftar warns Erdogan: Stay out of Libya or you face our bullets

26 Jun 2020

Turkey court sentences 121 to life in coup trial

21 Jun 2020

Arab anger grows at Erdogan’s ‘military adventurism’ in Iraq

11 Jun 2020

Erdogan accused of wanting to build a loyal ‘militia’

31 May 2020

‘Provocative’ Erdogan to drill for oil off Libya

28 May 2020

Turkey’s rulers plot law changes to block breakaway parties’ power grab

21 May 2020

The rise of Turkey’s AKP

12 Mar 2020

Turkey largely agreed with Russia on details of Idlib cease-fire: state media

28 Feb 2020

Turkish-Russian tensions over Syria about to come to a head

15 Feb 2020

Erdogan adviser in Iranian drug lord investigation

13 Feb 2020

Russia accuses Turkey of aggravating situation in Syria's Idlib

05 Feb 2020

Erdogan urges Syria to back off Turkish observation posts

03 Feb 2020

Six Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish counterattack: monitor

31 Jan 2020

France-Turkey dispute escalates over Libya and Mediterranean

08 Jan 2020

TurkStream gas pipeline launched as Putin visits Turkey to talk Libya and Syria

06 Jan 2020

Turkey’s political isolation continues to grow

02 Jan 2020

Turkey’s pro-government papers closing down

28 Dec 2019

Turkey moves to 2020 with a heavy agenda

28 Dec 2019

Turkey unveils $3.7-billion domestic electric car project

27 Dec 2019

Erdogan pushes ‘crazy’ Istanbul canal dream despite opposition

25 Dec 2019

Erdogan and the regional leadership ambitions

07 Dec 2019

What does the NATO squabbling mean for Turkey’s future in the alliance?

05 Dec 2019

Erdogan in NATO climbdown over Kurds

04 Dec 2019

Turkey’s NATO membership ‘unraveling’ as leader meet in London

03 Dec 2019

Turkey to oppose NATO plan if it fails to recognize terrorism threats: Erdogan

21 Nov 2019

Syrian outlook uncertain despite Erdogan’s US triumph

14 Nov 2019

Erdogan should think twice before ditching US

05 Nov 2019

Erdogan: Kurdish fighters have not left Syria ‘safe zone’ despite US, Russia deals


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