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04 Oct 2021

Algeria escalates France dispute with flight ban

25 Sep 2021

Macron urges new Lebanese PM to undertake ‘urgent’ reforms

21 Sep 2021

French FM applauds Middle East diplomacy, warns of Iranian transgressions

16 Sep 2021

Grendizer exhibition in Paris gives fans an immersive look into the legendary robot’s universe

16 Sep 2021

French forces kill Daesh Sahel militant leader wanted by US

16 Sep 2021

Abu Dhabi crown prince and France’s Macron meet in Paris

11 Sep 2021

Iraqi Kurdistan may be new arena for Turkish-French rivalry

08 Sep 2021

Seventh nuclear shipment to leave France for Japan: Greenpeace

09 Aug 2021

France’s Macron calls on Iran to return to nuclear talks

08 Aug 2021

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda Draws original illustration for French President

04 Aug 2021

Macron seeks $350 million in donor aid for blast-scarred Lebanon

03 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia and France discuss digital transformation, space cooperation

31 Jul 2021

Desperate French father forced to end 21-day hunger strike in Tokyo after injury

25 Jul 2021

Suga, Macron tout Tokyo Games as 'symbol of global unity'

19 Jul 2021

Frankly Speaking: Fugitive motor mogul Carlos Ghosn ready to stand trial in ‘a fair and neutral jurisdiction’

16 Jul 2021

Macron to host new international conference on Lebanon Aug 4

14 Jul 2021

Frenchman stages hunger strike at Olympic stadium to reclaim children

18 Jun 2021

Interview: Carlos Ghosn on the dark side of Japan, life in Lebanon and his upcoming documentary

12 Jun 2021

Lebanese military forces prepare for possible chaos

10 Jun 2021

Macron: France can help bring lasting peace between Israel and Palestinians

09 Jun 2021

France to host mid-June meeting to gather support for Lebanese army

26 May 2021

Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name

19 May 2021

France files Israel-Gaza cease-fire resolution at UN: presidency

18 May 2021

France to cancel $5 billion Sudan debt: Macron

18 May 2021

Macron, El-Sisi agree ‘absolutely necessary’ to end Israel-Gaza hostilities: Elysee

16 May 2021

Japan, US and France hold military drill

16 May 2021

From France to Japan: How a Samurai woman took over French tea house Janat Paris

13 May 2021

Kenzo Takada's fashion, interior pieces sell for 2.5m euros

12 May 2021

Japan, France, US begin joint drill in Kyushu

09 May 2021

Algeria remembers victims of French rule

07 May 2021

French foreign minister delivers warning to Lebanese MPs in Beirut

05 May 2021

Japan MSDF ship, French frigate conduct drill off Okinawa

04 May 2021

France to sell Egypt 30 fighter jets

25 Apr 2021

French judicial delegation postpones visit to Beirut to hear Carlos Ghosn

07 Apr 2021

French companies committed to increasing and diversifying investment in Saudi Arabia, says France’s trade minister

20 Mar 2021

Dubai awards multimillion-dollar rail contract to French-Japanese group

12 Mar 2021

Lebanon’s politicians show no sign of saving their country, France says

24 Feb 2021

Iran must cooperate with IAEA, reverse steps that reduce transparency- UK, France, Germany

22 Jan 2021

French foreign minister calls for Iran to return to nuclear deal

20 Jan 2021

Macron rules out official apology for colonial abuses in Algeria

16 Jan 2021

European powers warn Iran over uranium metal plans

27 Dec 2020

French investigators to question Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon

08 Dec 2020

Macron: France will sell arms to Egypt to help counter terrorism in Middle East

06 Dec 2020

Japan, France, US plan their first joint military drills in May -media

03 Dec 2020

Japan mourns death of ex-French president Giscard d'Estaing

02 Dec 2020

With no Lebanese political progress, France pushes aid meeting

30 Nov 2020

Marginalization blights lives of French people of Arab origin: Survey

29 Nov 2020

Arab News en Francais to host debate on French citizens of Arab origin

27 Nov 2020

France to arrange aid conference for Lebanon by video on Dec. 2

14 Nov 2020

France urges speedy government formation in Lebanon


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