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16 Apr 2024

IMF keeps 2024 Japan growth forecast unchanged at 0.9%

15 Apr 2024

Saudi finance minister to lead Kingdom’s delegation at IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings

30 Mar 2024

IMF approves Egypt’s expanded, $8 billion loan program

09 Feb 2024

BOJ should gradually increase interest rates: IMF

12 Oct 2023

G7 finance chiefs may debate risks from Middle East conflict -chair Japan

12 Oct 2023

IMF chief hails Japan's contribution to poverty reduction fund

11 Oct 2023

G-7 framework launched to strengthen decarbonization supply chains

10 Oct 2023

G-7 Finance Chiefs to meet in Marrakesh Thursday

10 Oct 2023

IMF says global economy ‘limping along,’ cuts growth forecast for China, euro area

10 Oct 2023

Japan to chair G7 finance ministers meeting at IMF conference on Oct 12

19 Sep 2023

IMF, World Bank to proceed with annual meetings in Morocco in October

12 Sep 2023

Morocco wants IMF-World Bank meetings to proceed despite quake

07 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia’s economic and fiscal position strong due to Vision 2030: IMF

30 Jun 2023

Lebanon economic crisis worsened by vested interests, IMF says

19 Apr 2023

Saudi Arabia to benefit from OPEC cuts thanks to oil price boost, IMF says

16 Apr 2023

IMF official calls for BOJ policy flexibility under Ueda

13 Apr 2023

Tunisia should get some IMF funds before reforms: Italy

08 Apr 2023

IMF head shows hopes for Japan's G-7 leadership

24 Mar 2023

Situation in Lebanon is ‘very dangerous,’ International Monetary Fund warns

01 Dec 2022

Egypt’s net foreign assets continue to fall as currency devaluation hurts economy

12 Oct 2022

IMF downgrades global economy forecast amid ‘storm clouds’ warning

23 Sep 2022

IMF cites Japanese yen's volatility, says monitoring situation

27 Jul 2022

IMF raises Saudi economy growth forecast for 2023 to 3.7%

19 Jul 2022

Kishida pledges flexible economic, fiscal policy management

03 Jul 2022

Arab foreign ministers pledge support for Lebanon’s IMF negotiations and reform process

21 Apr 2022

IMF expects Saudi economy growth to more than double in 2022

21 Apr 2022

IMF says yen falls driven by fundamentals, urges BOJ to keep easy policy

20 Apr 2022

INTERVIEW: IMF economist warns weaker yen may hurt Japan's economy

19 Feb 2022

IMF lauds UAE’s COVID-19 response, benefits to economy

23 Jan 2022

Lebanon to start virtual talks with IMF next week

28 Dec 2021

Lebanon's president calls for national dialog, renews call for government to convene

11 Nov 2021

Japan's Okamura to become IMF Deputy Managing Director

01 Oct 2021

Cash-strapped Lebanon names team for IMF talks

20 Sep 2021

Abdullah bin Zaraa appointed as head of Saudi Arabia’s executive office at the IMF

16 Sep 2021

IMF sending $1bn loan to Lebanon but ‘funds might be wasted’

21 Jul 2021

Credit rating proves Saudi Arabia’s economic resilience to pandemic

09 Jul 2021

IMF sees Saudi growth at 2.4% this year with non-oil sector leading rebound

11 Jun 2021

Mideast IMF chief says Lebanon needs comprehensive reform program

10 May 2021

Positive IMF assessment seen as vote of confidence in Saudi reform strategy

04 May 2021

Vision 2030 reforms fuel Saudi recovery from coronavirus pandemic, IMF says

27 Jan 2021

Japan shares rise as IMF's outlook lifts optimism for corporate earnings

15 Jan 2021

IMF to revise Japan's 2021 Growth Rate Forecast

01 Dec 2020

Egypt finance minister says expects disbursal of $1.6bn of IMF funding by December-end

19 Oct 2020

IMF: Nearly all Mideast economies hit by pandemic recession

14 Oct 2020

Global economy recovering faster than expected, IMF says

10 Sep 2020

Saudi finance minister rejects IMF prediction of economic gloom

08 Sep 2020

Foreign aid needs a rethink as a result of COVID-19

26 Aug 2020

Riad Salameh: In Lebanon, depositors’ money is still available

09 Aug 2020

Ankara shuns IMF help even as Turkish lira crashes to record low

18 Jul 2020

Dialogue needed over issue of Lebanon’s ‘neutrality’ in region: PM Diab

18 Jul 2020

Compromise rescue plan as Lebanon faces the abyss

14 Jul 2020

IMF predicts worst Mideast downturn in half century

11 Jul 2020

Without IMF bailout, what does the future hold for Lebanon?

04 Jul 2020

The shocking and long-lasting economic legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic

28 Jun 2020

IMF chief’s fears over lack of progress in talks to solve Lebanon’s economic crisis

27 Jun 2020

IMF approves $5.2bn, one-year loan program for Egypt

12 Jun 2020

Lebanon’s ‘scandalous’ appointments spark criticism

06 Jun 2020

Egypt agrees on $5.2 bn aid package: IMF

30 May 2020

Lebanon has scant chance of getting IMF aid, Geagea says

04 May 2020

Will Lebanon’s collapse herald Hezbollah dominance or demise?

04 May 2020

Al-Jadaan reveals full extent of Saudi Arabia’s pandemic challenge

03 May 2020

Economic worries trump coronavirus pandemic fears in Lebanon

02 May 2020

Lebanon signs request for IMF aid

01 May 2020

IMF chief lauds Japan's spending to combat pandemic, urges others to step up

30 Apr 2020

Banque du Liban governor: State spenders must be held accountable

18 Apr 2020

Japan to donate 100m dollars to new World Bank fund

16 Apr 2020

IMF warns Japan against deepening negative interest rates

15 Apr 2020

World economy in intensive care

14 Apr 2020

IMF to provide debt relief to help 25 countries deal with coronavirus pandemic

11 Apr 2020

Lebanon’s creditors divided over draft financial restructuring plan

08 Apr 2020

Japan to pledge contribution to IMF trust for low-income countries hit by pandemic

03 Apr 2020

Middle East hard hit on many economic fronts from coronavirus

21 Mar 2020

IMF sees severe impact from pandemic on global economy, but crisis temporary

12 Mar 2020

Iran asks IMF for $5bn emergency funding to fight coronavirus

18 Feb 2020

Lebanon’s premier to meet IMF on possible financial lifeline for waning economy

13 Feb 2020

Lebanon formally requests IMF technical help for rescue plan

13 Feb 2020

IMF predicts GCC economic doomsday by 2034

11 Feb 2020

Lebanon needs IMF technical help, advice on Eurobond

11 Feb 2020

IMF: China Coronavirus emerging risk to Japan economy

11 Feb 2020

China coronavirus emerging risk to Japan economy: IMF

31 Jan 2020

IMF team agrees on $1.3bn, 4-year aid package for Jordan

25 Jan 2020

Lebanon’s new finance minister to meet IMF official

10 Nov 2019

Egypt’s inflation lowest in nearly a decade


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