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26 Apr 2022

Japan space agency heralds new dawn in interplanetary expeditions

05 Apr 2022

Record 4,127 people apply to become JAXA astronauts

11 Feb 2022

Samples collected by Hayabusa2 represent Ryugu Asteroid

18 Jan 2022

JAXA likely to put off launch of new H-3 rocket

07 Jan 2022

Japan space tourist Maezawa eyes Mariana Trench trip after ISS

07 Sep 2021

Japan space agency awaits final H3 rocket certification for first launch

19 Aug 2021

Japan aims to bring back soil samples from Mars moon by 2029

02 Jul 2021

JGC, JAXA to carry out study for extracting resources from the moon

30 Apr 2021

Japanese astronaut publishes brilliant photo of Makkah from outer space

12 Mar 2021

Hayabusa2 capsule shown to public in Japan

23 Feb 2021

Discovering our solar system with the Hayabusa2 spacecraft exhibition in Tokyo

14 Dec 2020

Japan space agency confirms asteroid soil inside capsule

08 Dec 2020

Capsule with asteroid samples arrives in Japan for research

06 Dec 2020

Hayabusa2 project chief happy with capsule's return from asteroid

06 Dec 2020

Asteroid dust collected by Japan probe arrives on Earth

29 Nov 2020

Mitsubishi Heavy's data relay satellite launched successfully

27 Nov 2020

Japan spacecraft carrying asteroid soil samples nears home

17 Nov 2020

Spacecraft carrying Japanese astronaut Noguchi docks to ISS

23 Oct 2020

Japan to solicit applications for astronauts for lunar project

28 Sep 2020

Expectations high for successful new mission of Hayabusa2

05 Aug 2020

Sony to develop satellite with University of Tokyo, JAXA

10 Jul 2020

Japan, NASA sign declaration on Lunar Probe project

03 Jul 2020

Ready for lift off: UAE Hope Probe fueled up and set to launch from Japan in less than 2 weeks

26 Jun 2020

Toyota, 3 megabanks invest 8 B. Yen to support Space industry

26 May 2020

Japan's Kounotori Cargo Spacecraft successfully docks to ISS

21 May 2020

Japan's Kounotori cargo spacecraft successfully launched

18 May 2020

Japan launches SDF Space Operations Unit

07 May 2020

Japanese team observes carbon emitting from moon

14 Jan 2020

Japanese astronaut welcomes UAE space industry growth

30 Dec 2019

Japanese Super Low Altitude Test Satellite breaks Guinness World Record

03 Dec 2019

Japan’s Hayabusa2 asteroid probe starts return voyage


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