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Japanese politician blames G7 for extending the war in Ukraine

Photo: (Muneo Suzuki homepage)
Photo: (Muneo Suzuki homepage)
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01 Jun 2023 09:06:11 GMT9
01 Jun 2023 09:06:11 GMT9
  • “Japan could learn from India's approach,” said SUZUKI Muneo

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TOKYO: The G7 leaders should have called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and a solution through negotiations rather than pledging more arms to Ukraine and extending the war, veteran Japanese politician SUZUKI Muneo says.

“While it may seem reasonable to provide Ukraine with the weapons they desire, it is important to consider that prolonging the war will result in more casualties, especially among children, women, and the elderly,” Suzuki wrote in a web post.

“I am disappointed that the G7 did not voice the importance of a ceasefire as their top priority. The era when the world revolved around the G7 is over. The G20 now represents over 80 percent of the global economy.”

India, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, holds the G20 presidency this year. Modi maintains a balanced diplomacy with both Russia and the United States, and has abstained from condemning Russia in UN resolutions.

Suzuki, who has close ties with Russia, said, “Japan could learn from India’s approach. Given Japan’s geopolitical situation and its vulnerability in terms of stable energy supply, it is not the time for Japan to be in conflict with Russia.”

Suzuki added that achieving a world without nuclear weapons – one of the themes of the recent G7 summit – cannot be accomplished by the G7 alone and without the “stability” brought by Russia.

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