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31 Jan 2024

Israel: Won’t withdraw from Gaza, free thousands of security prisoners

30 Jan 2024

Former Israeli soldier teaches Japanese the reality of the conflict in Gaza

05 Nov 2023

Lebanon is revisiting the ghost of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war

02 Nov 2023

Will Hezbollah drag Lebanon into war?

23 Oct 2023

Demonizing and dehumanizing in war legitimizes atrocities

12 Oct 2023

How prepared is the Middle East if Israel-Hamas war escalates into a regional conflict?

07 Oct 2023

Japan urges Israelis and Palestinians to exercise maximum restraint

07 Sep 2023

UN’s envoy remains confident of peaceful solution to civil war in Yemen

07 Jun 2023

Author Haruki Murakami says pandemic, war in Ukraine create walls that divide people

01 Jun 2023

Japanese politician blames G7 for extending the war in Ukraine

26 May 2023

Japan ramps up Russia sanctions with G7, condemns nuke deployment in Belarus

26 Feb 2023

Refugee-adverse Japan welcomes Ukrainians after Russia war

21 Feb 2023

Between pessimism and optimism, readiness is the best weapon

22 Dec 2022

Solidarity key to Asian security

26 Nov 2022

NATO vows to aid Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’

10 Nov 2022

Ukraine says it has retaken 12 villages in Kherson since Wednesday

27 Sep 2022

War in Ukraine drags on global economy into 2023, OECD says

22 Mar 2022

‘This war is unwinnable:’ UN chief renews plea for Ukraine peace talks

20 Mar 2022

Israel and Iran enter a phase of ‘implausible deniability’ in their clandestine war

11 Mar 2022

Japan declines Ukraine request for anti-tank guns

03 Mar 2022

Japan's atomic bomb victims warn against global nuclear war

19 Dec 2021

Pentagon documents reveal ‘deeply flawed’ US air war: report

01 Sep 2021

Postwar closure eased up on Gazans as Israel allows building goods in

07 Aug 2021

Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel brings Lebanon to the brink of war

17 May 2021

Why Iran absorbs Israeli-inflicted blows on its militant proxies in Syria

15 Mar 2021

A decade of war in Syria killed over 388,000: Monitor

03 Jan 2021

Israel dismisses ‘nonsense’ Iran charge it seeks to trick US into war

05 Aug 2020

Atomic bomb survivor to keep writing kids' books on horrors of war

25 Jul 2020

Six years after Gaza war, Palestinian victims lament housing crisis

24 Jul 2020

How Lebanon saw the 1984 killing of Middle East scholar and AUB President Malcolm Kerr

19 Jul 2020

Syrians vote for new parliament amid war, economic turmoil

27 Apr 2020

Syria: Israeli warplanes attack area near Damascus

18 Dec 2019

Wartime labor settlement bill submitted to S. Korean parliament


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