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27 Jan 2023

Japan bans tear gas exports to Russia

26 Jan 2023

Russia launches wave of missiles at Ukraine after Kyiv secures tanks

22 Jan 2023

Drone havoc in Ukraine puts Iran’s asymmetric warfare advantage into sharp relief

19 Jan 2023

Ukraine Interior minister, deputy among 18 killed in helicopter crash in Kyiv

19 Jan 2023

Zelensky's in-person attendance sought for G7 Summit in Hiroshima

17 Jan 2023

Over 9,000 civilians killed in Ukraine since Russia invaded — WEF 2023 told

15 Jan 2023

Japan embassy in Ukraine condemns latest attacks by Russia

14 Jan 2023

Ukrainian officials report Russian missile attack on Kyiv

13 Jan 2023

Japan to provide 95 m. dlrs to help rebuild Ukraine

11 Jan 2023

‘What madness looks like’: Russia intensifies Bakhmut attack

09 Jan 2023

No sign of casualties at site of strikes Russia said killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers

08 Jan 2023

Zelensky voices hope for security cooperation with Japan

08 Jan 2023

Japanese parliamentarian advises Kishida not to visit Ukraine

07 Jan 2023

Japan's Kishida to consider visit to Kyiv

07 Jan 2023

UAE delivers second batch of household generators to winter-battered Ukraine

06 Jan 2023

Japan PM Kishida invited to visit Ukraine, spokesperson says

04 Jan 2023

Saudi Cabinet reaffirms support for international efforts to resolve Ukraine crisis

03 Jan 2023

Moscow says Ukrainian rocket strike kills 63 Russian troops

02 Jan 2023

Ukraine faces grim start to 2023 after fresh Russian attacks

29 Dec 2022

Ukraine reports ‘massive’ Russian missile strike

29 Dec 2022

Saudi FM: we support international efforts to resolve Ukraine crisis politically

22 Dec 2022

Solidarity key to Asian security

20 Dec 2022

UN chief strongly hopes war in Ukraine will end in 2023

20 Dec 2022

Over 60% of Ukrainian evacuees want to stay in Japan: Survey

16 Dec 2022

Russia rains missiles on Ukraine, causes new power outages

14 Dec 2022

Ukraine battles Russian push in east as Kyiv allies pledge $1 billion in aid

26 Nov 2022

NATO vows to aid Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’

22 Nov 2022

Japan to extend Emergency Grant Aid to Ukraine to help cope with winter

18 Nov 2022

Ukraine committed to global grain supply initiative, ambassador to Saudi Arabia says

16 Nov 2022

Ukraine backers get behind probe of missile blast in Poland

16 Nov 2022

Global leaders hold ‘emergency’ meeting after missile hits Poland

11 Nov 2022

Ambassadors to Japan call in Russian counterpart to explain actions in Ukraine

11 Nov 2022

Japanese man dies fighting in Ukraine war

10 Nov 2022

Ukraine says it has retaken 12 villages in Kherson since Wednesday

06 Nov 2022

Attackers injure pro-Russia judge who sentenced foreigners to death in Ukraine

01 Nov 2022

Grain ships sail from Ukraine ports as Russian missiles knock out power across country

31 Oct 2022

Explosions rock Kyiv days after Russia blames Ukraine for Black Sea attack

31 Oct 2022

Russian withdrawal from grain deal will hurt MENA: Ukraine envoy

29 Oct 2022

Russian forces repelled drone attack on Crimea, Russian-installed official says

29 Oct 2022

Russian ambassador to Japan will leave his post in late November

26 Oct 2022

Saudi aid center chief receives Ukraine envoy to Riyadh

23 Oct 2022

G7 condemns Russia’s kidnapping of Ukraine nuclear plant leadership

21 Oct 2022

Iran advises citizens to refrain from Ukraine travel

20 Oct 2022

EU slaps drone sanctions on Iran

20 Oct 2022

Saudi ambassador to US reiterates Kingdom’s position on Russia-Ukraine war

19 Oct 2022

UAE to provide $100m additional aid to Ukraine as top envoy pushes for de-escalation of conflict

19 Oct 2022

How West’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear deal resulted in spread of Iranian terror drones to Ukraine

19 Oct 2022

Ukraine moves to cut diplomatic ties with Iran after drone attacks

18 Oct 2022

Japan denounces Russian suicide drone attacks on Ukraine

18 Oct 2022

Ukraine’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia thanks Kingdom for $400m aid package


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