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17 May 2024

Japan says use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine must align with law

11 May 2024

Russia claims more advances after Ukraine ground offensive

24 Apr 2024

US Senate approves $95 billion aid bill to support Ukraine, Israel war effort

18 Apr 2024

G7 reaffirms unwavering support for Ukraine

13 Apr 2024

Japan sends 100 SDF vehicles to Ukraine

10 Apr 2024

US sends Houthi-bound Iranian arms to Ukraine

08 Apr 2024

Japan, Ukraine Foreign Chiefs reaffirm cooperation

05 Apr 2024

Japan to ban exports of 164 goods to Russia

04 Apr 2024

Japan committed to long-term public-private aid to Ukraine

03 Apr 2024

Japan's support for Ukraine is unwavering, PM Kishida tells Zelenskyy

24 Mar 2024

Putin vows retribution for deadly Moscow concert hall attack

23 Mar 2024

Russia warns Japan of 'serious consequences' if Patriot missiles made there end up in Ukraine

19 Mar 2024

Japan censures Russian presidential election in occupied Ukraine

12 Mar 2024

World crises not unrelated to Japan: Govt White Paper

03 Mar 2024

What contrasting Western responses to Ukraine and Gaza crises mean for future conflicts

29 Feb 2024

Veteran Japanese politician calls Zelensky a 'comedian'

29 Feb 2024

G-7 split over seizing frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine

28 Feb 2024

Saudi crown prince meets with Ukraine president in Riyadh

27 Feb 2024

Ukraine expects air defense equipment from Japan: Ambassador

26 Feb 2024

Ukrainian envoy praises Saudi Arabia’s ongoing aid efforts

25 Feb 2024

G-7 leaders reaffirm unwavering support for Ukraine

25 Feb 2024

Japan to proceed with "indirect military aid" to Ukraine

24 Feb 2024

Japan, others slam Russia as Ukraine war Reaches 2nd anniversary

23 Feb 2024

90 percent of Ukrainian evacuees in Japan unwilling to return home

23 Feb 2024

Japan, US, S. Korea reaffirm close cooperation over N. Korea at G20

23 Feb 2024

Debris from North Korean missile in Ukraine could expose procurement networks

22 Feb 2024

Ukraine Ambassador to Japan calls Putin ‘delusional’

21 Feb 2024

Ukraine premier in Tokyo says his country needs missiles, but expects new US aid to come through

19 Feb 2024

Japan hosts Ukraine reconstruction conference to showcase its support for the war-torn country

18 Feb 2024

Japan, Ukraine to agree on cooperation in 7 fields

12 Feb 2024

Japan may ease Ukraine travel restrictions

11 Feb 2024

Japan may ease Ukraine travel restrictions

07 Feb 2024

Kishida vows to conclude peace pact with Russia

06 Feb 2024

Ukrainian Railways to buy rails from Nippon Steel

24 Jan 2024

Meet Miss Japan 2024 – from Ukraine

15 Jan 2024

UN appeals for $4.2 bln to support war-ravaged Ukraine, refugees

08 Jan 2024

Ukraine shows solidarity with Japan over Jan. 1 quake

08 Jan 2024

Japan to urge US, Europe to continue Ukraine aid

07 Jan 2024

Japanese Foreign Minister visits Ukraine

14 Dec 2023

Japan sharing reconstruction lessons with Ukraine

07 Nov 2023

Japan says to ensure US sanctions on Russia LNG project won't harm supplies

07 Nov 2023

G7 foreign ministers plan talks with Ukrainian counterpart this week

10 Oct 2023

Pro-Russia Japanese MP resigns from party over Moscow trip

08 Oct 2023

Japan, Ukraine hold 1st talks on proposed security pact

03 Oct 2023

Japan slams MP's surprise visit to Russia

02 Oct 2023

Japan puts the brakes on lucrative used-car trade with Russia amid sanctions over Ukraine invasion

21 Sep 2023

Japan FM meets Ukrainian counterpart

21 Sep 2023

Kishida raps Russia over concerns of "Rule of Lawlessness"

10 Sep 2023

Ukraine says 'will never forget' Japan's humanitarian aid

09 Sep 2023

Saudi crown prince gets phone call from Ukraine president

08 Sep 2023

G-7 lower house leaders discuss Ukraine situation

25 Aug 2023

Ukraine asks Lebanon to bar Syrian ship carrying ‘stolen’ corn from docking

21 Aug 2023

Denmark and Netherlands pledge to give F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as Zelensky visits

19 Aug 2023

Seven killed, 90 wounded in Russian missile strike on Ukrainian city of Chernihiv

16 Aug 2023

Russia’s Lavrov accuses West of causing global crises, Shoigu says Ukraine ‘depleted’

09 Aug 2023

West must keep ‘promises’ on Ukraine grain deal: Erdogan

07 Aug 2023

Ukrainian ambassador, US official thank Kingdom for hosting peace talks

07 Aug 2023

In Jeddah, Saudis’ pragmatism proves vital for Ukraine

06 Aug 2023

10-point peace formula presented at Ukraine crisis talks in Jeddah

05 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia to host Ukrainian crisis summit on Saturday in Jeddah

05 Aug 2023

China joins Ukraine talks in Jeddah

04 Aug 2023

Kyiv and allies rally support for blueprint to end Russia’s war in Ukraine

03 Aug 2023

Russia must stop using food as a weapon

03 Aug 2023

Japan, Ukraine hold their 1st financial meeting in Kyiv

31 Jul 2023

Frankly Speaking: What does Russia think it takes to end the war with Ukraine?

28 Jul 2023

Qatari prime minister visits Ukraine

28 Jul 2023

Japan expands sanctions on Russia over Ukraine invasion

16 Jul 2023

G-7 officials reaffirm support for Ukraine reconstruction

12 Jul 2023

Japan to provide Ukraine with drone detection system

12 Jul 2023

NATO chief says no timetable for Ukraine’s membership; Zelensky calls that ‘absurd’

10 Jul 2023

Japan providing mine detectors for Ukraine's reconstruction

26 Jun 2023

'More than words': the Japanese men joining Ukraine's fight

23 Jun 2023

Japan to provide additional assistance to flood-affected region in Ukraine

21 Jun 2023

Japan to hold own Ukraine reconstruction promotion conference

19 Jun 2023

Japan agrees to promote Ukraine reconstruction

10 Jun 2023

Russia has received hundreds of Iranian drones to attack Ukraine: White House

09 Jun 2023

GCC, US ministerial meeting issues joint statement on Ukraine, Syria and more

06 Jun 2023

Ukraine accuses Russia of destroying major dam near Kherson, warns of widespread flooding

04 Jun 2023

Japan's Hamada vows continued support for Ukraine

01 Jun 2023

Japanese politician blames G7 for extending the war in Ukraine

27 May 2023

Iran says Ukraine president drone criticism a bid to secure more Western arms

26 May 2023

Russia will not achieve military victory in Ukraine: General Mark Milley

26 May 2023

Japan ramps up Russia sanctions with G7, condemns nuke deployment in Belarus

24 May 2023

Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine

24 May 2023

Russia claims it repelled one of war’s most serious cross-border attacks

22 May 2023

Ukraine says troops still engaging Russian forces in Bakhmut after Moscow announces victory in city

22 May 2023

Zelensky expresses gratitude to Japan after G7 summit

19 May 2023

Japan participates in Register of Damage Caused by Russia in Ukraine

19 May 2023

Ukraine’s Zelensky arrives in Saudi Arabia for Arab League summit

18 May 2023

China says Ukraine envoy met with Zelensky during talks in Kyiv

18 May 2023

A deal with Russia on Syria could shorten the war in Ukraine

12 May 2023

China special envoy to visit Ukraine, Russia

08 May 2023

Russia launches mass strikes on Ukraine ahead of May 9 Victory Day holiday

05 May 2023

Russia’s Lavrov says Kremlin drone incident was ‘hostile act’

05 May 2023

Zelensky wants Putin trial, Russia accuses US on drones

04 May 2023

Russia’s ex-leader Medvedev calls for ‘elimination’ of Zelensky

27 Apr 2023

Elderly Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv

21 Apr 2023

NATO chief: Ukraine’s ‘rightful place’ is in the alliance

17 Apr 2023

Ukraine rejects Iraqi offer to mediate talks with Russia

14 Apr 2023

Ukraine, Saudi Arabia closer than ever after 30 years of ties


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