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01 May 2024

G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility

20 Apr 2024

G-7 ministers urge Iran, Israel to prevent further escalation

18 Apr 2024

G7 reaffirms unwavering support for Ukraine

15 Apr 2024

G7 leaders rap Iran's 'unprecedented attack' on Israel

18 Mar 2024

G7 leaders warn Iran not to supply Russia with ballistic missiles

16 Mar 2024

G-7 ministers vow to promote Hiroshima AI process

29 Feb 2024

G-7 split over seizing frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine

25 Feb 2024

G-7 leaders reaffirm unwavering support for Ukraine

21 Feb 2024

G7 ministers condemn Houthi attacks on ships in Red Sea

18 Feb 2024

G7 Foreign Ministers condemn Hamas, ignore Israel

06 Feb 2024

Japan to work with Italy for successful G-7 Summit

07 Dec 2023

G7 leaders vow to continue sanctions on Russia

06 Dec 2023

Ukraine's Zelensky to join G7 leaders video summit Wednesday: Japan

29 Nov 2023

Japan, G7 welcomes release of Israeli hostages by Hamas

15 Nov 2023

Japan, Jordan ministers stress need for 'calm' as Israel continues its bombardment on Gaza Strip

07 Nov 2023

G7 foreign ministers plan talks with Ukrainian counterpart this week

30 Oct 2023

G-7 draws up guiding principles for AI developers

29 Oct 2023

G7 calls for removal of ban on Japanese fishery products

18 Oct 2023

G-7 foreign chiefs vow cooperation over Middle East crisis

12 Oct 2023

G7 finance chiefs may debate risks from Middle East conflict -chair Japan

11 Oct 2023

G-7 framework launched to strengthen decarbonization supply chains

10 Oct 2023

G7 chair Japan opts not to sign statement by 5 leaders supporting Israel

10 Oct 2023

G-7 Finance Chiefs to meet in Marrakesh Thursday

10 Oct 2023

Japan to chair G7 finance ministers meeting at IMF conference on Oct 12

08 Sep 2023

Japan emperor meets with G-7 parliamentary leaders

08 Sep 2023

G-7 lower house leaders discuss Ukraine situation

16 Jul 2023

G-7 officials reaffirm support for Ukraine reconstruction

13 Jul 2023

NATO allies offer Ukraine security assurances as Biden hits out at ‘craven’ Putin

24 Jun 2023

G-7 gender equality ministers start 2-day talks in Japan

01 Jun 2023

Japan’s Foreign Minister says G7 Summit raised awareness of nuclear dangers

01 Jun 2023

Japanese politician blames G7 for extending the war in Ukraine

29 May 2023

China and the West: Deadly enemies or prosperous allies?

28 May 2023

Japan’s warmer relations with the West

26 May 2023

Japan ramps up Russia sanctions with G7, condemns nuke deployment in Belarus

22 May 2023

G7 pledge to "de-risk" from China reflects concerns from Europe and Japan

22 May 2023

Zelensky expresses gratitude to Japan after G7 summit

21 May 2023

South Korea's Yoon praises Japan's Kishida for his efforts to mend ties

21 May 2023

Hiroshima Mayor pleased with progress of G7 Summit

20 May 2023

Kishida affirms cooperation with global south leaders

19 May 2023

G7 agrees new sanctions to 'starve Russia's war machine'

19 May 2023

Zelensky likely to visit Japan from Sat. for G7 Summit

18 May 2023

Japan PM expects more investment from global chipmakers

17 May 2023

Biden off to Japan for Group of Seven summit, says there's 'work to do' on global stage

16 May 2023

Japan to push disarmament in Hiroshima, with modest hopes

16 May 2023

South Korea and Japan use G7 to push improvement in ties long marked by animosity

15 May 2023

G7 Hiroshima Summit historically significant: Kishida

14 May 2023

G7 summit will showcase revival of the Western alliance

26 Apr 2023

Biden to attend Hiroshima G-7 summit: white house

24 Apr 2023

Nagasaki to host G7 Health Ministers meeting

22 Apr 2023

Tokyo asks EU to lift import restrictions on Japanese food

18 Apr 2023

Culinary Delights: G7 Foreign Ministers experience Japan's rich food heritage at Nagano meeting

18 Apr 2023

China says G7 communique grossly interfered with China's affairs

17 Apr 2023

G7 foreign ministers’ meeting held “Iran and the Middle East” session

16 Apr 2023

Climate action network feels G7 climate meet produced mixed results

16 Apr 2023

G-7 stops short of welcoming Fukushima water release

16 Apr 2023

Japan's Kishida vows safety of G7 meetings after 'smoke bomb' attack

16 Apr 2023

G-7 ministers endorse 60 pct emission cut by 2023

16 Apr 2023

Diplomats gather in Japan at 'historic turning point'

15 Apr 2023

G7 ministers agree to cut gas consumption and speed-up renewable energy

14 Apr 2023

Japan Prime Minister offers COP28 support to UAE Special Envoy to Japan

08 Apr 2023

IMF head shows hopes for Japan's G-7 leadership

08 Apr 2023

G-7 likely to back nuclear power for energy security

20 Mar 2023

Kishida invites S. Korea's Yoon, other leaders to G-7 Summit

12 Mar 2023

G-7, others agree on continued energy aid to Ukraine

25 Feb 2023

Japan hosts G7 video conference; announces new sanctions on Russia

21 Feb 2023

G-7 finance ministers to meet Thursday in India over Ukraine

19 Feb 2023

Blinken urges stepped-up sanctions enforcement against North Korea over launch

29 Jan 2023

Women's economic independence to be discussed at G-7 meeting in June

19 Jan 2023

Zelensky's in-person attendance sought for G7 Summit in Hiroshima

10 Jan 2023

Kishida, Macron affirm cooperation for Hiroshima G7 Summit

06 Jan 2023

Japan PM Kishida invited to visit Ukraine, spokesperson says

04 Jan 2023

G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting to take place in Japan

03 Jan 2023

Kishida aims to hold Hiroshima G7 Summit successfully

29 Dec 2022

G7 tells Taliban to ‘urgently reverse’ women aid workers ban

29 Dec 2022

Japan to host G-7 Justice ministers' meeting in july 2023

03 Dec 2022

G7 joins EU on $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil

29 Nov 2022

G7 trade ministers to meet in Osaka next year

21 Nov 2022

G7 demands tougher sanctions on N. Korea after latest salvo

05 Nov 2022

G7 ministers condemn Iran protest crackdown

05 Nov 2022

Japan, EU foreign chiefs vow to continue Ukraine aid

19 Oct 2022

Kishida, WTO head pledge to work together in tough economic climate

22 Sep 2022

G7 countries agree on unity in Ukraine support - Japan foreign minister

10 Aug 2022

New Kishida cabinet keeps facing test over China, S. Korea

04 Aug 2022

China cancels bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 Taiwan statement

04 Aug 2022

G7 Foreign Ministers’ call on China to resolve dispute over Pelosi's visit to Taiwan peacefully

03 Aug 2022

G7 foreign ministers condemn Russia's use of energy as political tool

28 Jun 2022

Japan to host 2023 G-7 Summit in Hiroshima May 19-21

27 Jun 2022

G7 leaders likely to broadly agree on capping Russian oil prices

24 Jun 2022

G7 countries agree Russia is responsible for food crisis: Japan minister

02 Jun 2022

Japan, France reaffirm G7 sanctions against Russia

23 May 2022

Japan to host G7 summit in Hiroshima: Kishida

14 May 2022

Japan pledge $100m in aid to help Indo-Pacific nations fight COVID

12 May 2022

G7 denounces Russia's malicious activities in cyberspace

09 May 2022

G7 foreign ministers criticize appointment of new Hong Kong Chief Executive

09 May 2022

G7 leaders pledge further economic isolation of Russia

05 May 2022

G7 leaders to discuss extra Russia sanctions this week: Biden

18 Apr 2022

Russian ambassador to Japan: ‘G7 misinterprets Russia’s goals’

08 Apr 2022

G7 leaders pledge expanding anti-Russia measures

05 Apr 2022

Japan Foreign Chief to visit Belgium for G7, NATO meetings

29 Mar 2022

G-7 ministers agree to refuse ruble payment for Russian gas


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