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11 Dec 2023

Attack on ICRC convoy in Sudan’s Khartoum kills two, injures seven

19 Nov 2023

Warring parties trade blame for damaged dam south of Khartoum

16 Sep 2023

Sudan’s Burhan heads to Uganda as battles rage in Khartoum

03 Sep 2023

Air strike in Khartoum kills 20 civilians: Activists

02 Sep 2023

Sudan conflict poses long-term societal harm as recruitment of child soldiers surges

14 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia to co-chair high-level ‘Donor Conference for Sudan and the Region’

14 Jun 2023

Sudan army chief won’t meet enemy general: govt official

07 Jun 2023

Khartoum islanders ‘under siege’

27 May 2023

House of Jordanian ambassador attacked in Khartoum

21 May 2023

Saudi Arabia condemns raid on Qatari embassy in Khartoum

29 Apr 2023

Now is not the time for the world to abandon Khartoum

26 Apr 2023

Sudan crisis: Stalemate in Khartoum is bad news for Al-Burhan

15 Apr 2023

Saudi national carrier says aircraft ‘had an accident’ at Khartoum airport

15 Apr 2023

Three killed amid clashes in Sudan capital as regular army battles paramilitaries

01 Apr 2023

Sudan delays signing of deal to usher in civilian government

04 Jun 2022

One shot dead as protesters mark 3 years since bloody crackdown

07 May 2022

Armored vehicle kills protester at anti-coup demo, say medics

29 Oct 2021

Sudanese coup leader says he is trying to persuade ousted premier to return

29 Apr 2021

Egypt ‘will not give up a single drop of Nile water,’ vows PM

16 Nov 2020

Sudan welcomes rebels back to Khartoum after peace deal

26 Oct 2020

Sudan says it will discuss trade, migration deals with Israel

12 Sep 2020

Sudan floods kill over 100, threaten archaeological site

10 Sep 2020

Egyptians show solidarity to Sudan after floods

09 Mar 2020

Sudan PM Abdullah Hamdok survives assassination attempt in Khartoum


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