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04 Oct 2022

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

03 Oct 2022

East Asia’s murky future due to North Korea’s escalatory behavior

27 Jun 2022

North Korea says US is setting up Asian NATO; vows stronger defence

14 Jun 2022

South Korea says North completed prep for new nuclear test

03 Jun 2022

US, South Korea, Japan envoys meet on North Korea nuclear tension

06 May 2022

Biden to discuss N. Korea with Kishida, Yoon: White House

14 Apr 2022

Kim Jong Un gives North Korea’s most famous newscaster a luxury home

26 Mar 2022

N.Korea says new ICBM will curb 'dangerous' US; Washington seeks new sanctions

14 Mar 2022

Abductee families urge US to keep sanctions on North Korea

08 Mar 2022

Construction spotted at North Korea nuclear test site for first time since 2018 -report

28 Feb 2022

North Korea claims to have conducted spy satellite camera test

09 Jan 2022

Kim’s missile tests matter for the Arab world

14 Oct 2021

Former North Korea residents demand 500m yen from Kim Jong Un for forced repatriation

23 Oct 2020

Biden slams Trump friendship with ‘thug’ Kim

29 Sep 2020

South Korea, North Korea may seize diplomatic opportunity after Kim Jong Un apology

03 Sep 2020

Suga eager to meet Kim Jong Un

18 May 2020

Coronavirus crisis heightens political risks for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

27 Apr 2020

US and China confirm that Kim Jong-un is brain dead: Japanese political and military YouTube critic     

26 Apr 2020

Kim, dead or alive? Why that’s the wrong question

21 Mar 2020

N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles towards Sea of Japan

31 Oct 2019

North Korea fires two missiles into Sea of Japan


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