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05 May 2024

Saudi foreign minister reaffirms support for Palestine at OIC forum in Gambia

10 Oct 2023

Saudi Arabia calls for an urgent ministerial meeting of OIC regarding escalation in Gaza

09 Oct 2023

Iran calls for emergency OIC meeting over regional developments

08 Aug 2023

OIC condemns Israeli forces for killing 3 Palestinians in the West Bank

01 Aug 2023

Saudi FM calls on OIC states to take practical steps to confront Qur’an desecration incidents

23 Jul 2023

OIC strongly condemns burning copy of Holy Quran in Danish capital

04 Jul 2023

Arab nations, OIC lead condemnation of West Bank violence

09 Jun 2023

OIC praises Saudi Arabia’s continuous support to empowering women

09 Apr 2023

OIC denounces Israeli incursions at Al-Aqsa Mosque

12 Oct 2022

OIC calls for global action to ensure access to education for refugees

04 Jun 2022

OIC chief calls to ensure economic recovery in member states

18 May 2022

Japan appoints diplomat as representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

16 May 2022

OIC calls to protect displaced, refugee families

06 May 2022

OIC calls on UN to stop Israeli settlers’ attacks

28 Apr 2022

OIC has key role to play in Afghan girls’ future

09 Feb 2022

OIC condemns Israel’s killing of 3 Palestinians in Nablus

20 Dec 2021

OIC countries pledge fund to stave off Afghanistan ‘chaos’

12 Sep 2021

Rights group condemns repressive Israeli against Palestinian prisoners

23 Aug 2021

OIC offers to help Afghanistan peace, facilitate evacuations

22 Aug 2021

OIC to hold emergency Afghanistan meeting on Sunday at Saudi invitation

06 Aug 2021

OIC slams attempted Houthi attack on southern Saudi city

09 Jul 2021

OIC chief stresses women’s role in economic, social, cultural fields

28 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia welcomes appointment of Hissein Brahim Taha as Secretary-General of OIC

28 Nov 2020

Hissein Brahim Taha elected secretary general of OIC

22 Aug 2020

OIC condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

11 Aug 2020

OIC rejects Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian lands

17 May 2020

Saudi minister chairs virtual news agency forum

11 Mar 2020

Saudi UN envoy calls for wider terror sanctions

02 Dec 2019

OIC counter-extremist center reaches 54m people on social media


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