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03 Jul 2023

Pope Francis slams decision to allow burning of Qur’an - newspaper

10 Jan 2023

Pope Francis defends preservation of historical status quo in Jerusalem

10 May 2022

Pope postpones trip to Lebanon for health reasons: Minister

04 May 2022

Kishida, Pope Francis affirm cooperation for nuke-free world

06 Apr 2022

Pope Francis to visit crisis-hit Lebanon in June

02 Jul 2021

Pope Francis urges Lebanese leaders to shun partisanship

22 Apr 2021

Pope Francis confirms intention to visit Lebanon

31 Mar 2021

The Pope and the Grand Imam: The friendship our world needs right now

13 Mar 2021

Iraqi woman who met the pope sees little chance for change

08 Mar 2021

Chaldean leader: Pope’s Iraq visit ‘will leave great impact’

08 Mar 2021

After whirlwind historic visit, Pope leaving Iraq for Rome

07 Mar 2021

Pope Francis visits Iraqi Christians who suffered under Daesh

07 Mar 2021

Pope Francis’ visit provides moral support to Christians of Iraq’s Qaraqosh

07 Mar 2021

Pope Francis’ visit brings Iraqi Kurdistan’s safe-haven status into sharp focus

06 Mar 2021

Top Shiite cleric tells pope Iraq Christians should live in peace

06 Mar 2021

Pope Francis meets Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani on day two of Iraq visit

06 Mar 2021

Lebanese president welcomes Pope Francis' Iraq arrival

05 Mar 2021

‘Pilgrim of peace’ Pope Francis heads to war-scarred Iraq

05 Mar 2021

Papal visit brings joy and sadness for Iraq’s dwindling Christian community

05 Mar 2021

Pope Francis’ visit to give hope and comfort to Iraqis of all faiths

05 Mar 2021

Pope in video message to Iraqis on eve of visit

04 Mar 2021

Preparations in full swing for pope’s meeting with Ali Al-Sistani

04 Mar 2021

Let us hope region heeds Pope Francis’ message of peace

04 Mar 2021

Pope sends defiant message of peace, hope and prayer to Iraq

08 Jul 2020

Libyan migrant centers are like concentration camps, Pope says

23 Feb 2020

Pope appears to give thumbs down to Trump’s Middle East peace plan

26 Nov 2019

Pope visits Jesuit Japan community that could have been his

25 Nov 2019

Japan, Vatican Agree to boost cooperation for peace

25 Nov 2019

Keeping US nuclear deterrence pragmatic for Japan: Suga

25 Nov 2019

Pope urges fresh help for Fukushima victims on Japan trip

25 Nov 2019

Japan Emperor Naruhito meets Pope Francis

24 Nov 2019

Pope Francis calls for nuclear arms elimination in Nagasaki

23 Nov 2019

Pope Francis arrives in Japan

19 Nov 2019

Pope calls for bomb abolition before Japan visit

17 Nov 2019

Pope Francis to take anti-nuclear mission to Japan’s ground zeros


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