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15 Sep 2023

Japan, S. Korean lawmakers to promote security dialogue

14 Sep 2023

No sign of Kim Jong Un on his Russian travels as Seoul expresses concern over meetings with Putin

14 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea to hold high-level talks this month

10 Sep 2023

South Korea's Yoon, Japan's Kishida to work on resuming 3-way summit with China-Yonhap

08 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea agree to promote cultural exchanges

30 Aug 2023

US deploys B-1B bombers for separate drills with South Korea, Japan

24 Aug 2023

South Korea police arrest 14 Fukushima protesters seeking to enter Japan embassy

23 Aug 2023

US provoking ‘thermonuclear war’ on Korean Peninsula, North Korea says

20 Aug 2023

North Korean hackers target US-South Korea military drills, police say

19 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea leaders vow to enhance security cooperation

18 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea to adopt new document at summit Friday

17 Aug 2023

Kishida leaves for summit with Biden, Yoon in U.S.

17 Aug 2023

North Korea prepares for military actions in protest of US, South Korea, Japan summit - South Korea

17 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea to announce new hotline: US official

16 Aug 2023

South Korea to issue samurai bonds for the first time

14 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea foreign chiefs to meet virtually Monday

08 Aug 2023

Riyadh, Seoul forge new partnership in human capital development

05 Aug 2023

Memorial for South Korean atomic bomb victims held in Hiroshima

04 Aug 2023

PM Kishida hopes to further strengthen strategic cooperation with US and South Korea at summit

03 Aug 2023

Kishida to bring up water release misinformation at 3-way summit

02 Aug 2023

U.S., Japan, South Korea summit to mark strategic shift

25 Jul 2023

Japan, China, and South Korea are coordinating to hold a 3-way summit

24 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow to cooperate over N. Korean missiles

23 Jul 2023

Top Chinese diplomat proposes talks with Japan, South Korea

22 Jul 2023

Kishida stresses global solidarity at Reiwa Rincho meeting

19 Jul 2023

North Korea fires 2 short-range missiles into Sea of Japan

18 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea officials to meet Thursday on N. Korea

15 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea discuss disinformation over Fukushima water

12 Jul 2023

N. Korea fires ballistic missile

10 Jul 2023

North Korea denounces US move to bring ballistic missile submarine to peninsula

06 Jul 2023

Japan, S. Korea leaders may discuss Fukushima water release

04 Jul 2023

North Koreans face death penalty for using South Korean language

04 Jul 2023

China’s top diplomat urges greater cooperation with Japan, South Korea

29 Jun 2023

Japan, S. Korea agree to revive currency swap arrangement

05 Jun 2023

Japan, S. Korea agree to speed up talks after radar incident

02 Jun 2023

Japan, S. Korea to resume financial dialogue after 7 years

24 May 2023

South Korea to conduct satellite launch as North Korea pushes to fire its first military spy satellite

23 May 2023

South Korea praises Canadian PM’s ‘manner legs’

21 May 2023

South Korea's Yoon praises Japan's Kishida for his efforts to mend ties

20 May 2023

North Korea says joint US-ROK military exercises threaten the Korean Peninsula

17 May 2023

Japan, S. Korean business leaders vow to cooperate in new areas

16 May 2023

South Korea and Japan use G7 to push improvement in ties long marked by animosity

12 May 2023

Japan, South Korea could learn much from European example

11 May 2023

Saudi Arabia, South Korea sign 2 MoU for future mobility and logistics

11 May 2023

North Korea slams Japan, South Korea meeting

09 May 2023

Japan, South Korea to link radar systems to track N.Korea missiles -source

08 May 2023

Kishida vows to work with Yoon to open new era for Japan, S. Korea

04 May 2023

Japan hails ADB's new facility to combat climate change

03 May 2023

Japan protests S. Korean lawmaker's landing on Takeshima

01 May 2023

Kishida to visit S. Korea from Sun.


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