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19 May 2024

Joint statement planned at Japan-China-S. Korea summit

17 May 2024

North Korea fires ballistic missile, South Korea’s military says

13 May 2024

S. Korean opposition leader lands on Japan-claimed isles

09 May 2024

S. Korea's Yoon says eager to cooperate with Japan for future

05 May 2024

Japan, China, South Korea arranging summit for May 26-27

03 May 2024

South Korea's Naver says undecided about future of Japanese LY Corp stake

29 Apr 2024

Seoul urges 'no discrimination' by Japan over Naver's Line app

20 Apr 2024

North Korea says it tested 'super-large' cruise missile warhead and new anti-aircraft missile

17 Apr 2024

Japan PM Kishida says he agreed with S.Korea's President Yoon to deepen ties

15 Apr 2024

Japan, U.S., S. Korea Finance Chiefs eye 1st trilateral meeting

06 Apr 2024

IKEA stores owner Ingka seeks green energy expansion in S.Korea, Japan

05 Apr 2024

Japan-China-S. Korea summit being planned for May

21 Mar 2024

Aide to S. Korea's Yoon calls for new declaration with Japan

20 Mar 2024

Eight dead after South Korean tanker capsizes off Japan

20 Mar 2024

Dodgers' Yamamoto admits to nerves ahead of MLB debut

20 Mar 2024

No explosives found at Seoul stadium after bomb threat against Ohtani

05 Mar 2024

Saudi Interior Minister meets with Korean Minister of Interior and Safety

05 Mar 2024

North Korea denounces South Korea-US military drills, warns of consequences

01 Mar 2024

South Korea's Yoon says better Japan ties helping deter North Korea threat

29 Feb 2024

Japanese protest joint military exercises aimed at North Korea

22 Feb 2024

Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers meet to discuss cooperation and contentious issues

18 Feb 2024

Record 44% of S. Koreans have good impression of Japan

14 Feb 2024

Kishida eyeing visit to S. Korea in March

14 Feb 2024

North Korea fires several cruise missiles off east coast

10 Feb 2024

UN experts investigating 58 suspected North Korean cyberattacks valued at about $3 billion

10 Feb 2024

U.S. envoy on N. Korea human rights to visit Japan, S. Korea

08 Feb 2024

North Korea abolishes economic cooperation with South

08 Feb 2024

S. Korea's Yoon praises Kishida as honest leader

06 Feb 2024

South Korea seeks to deepen defense ties with Saudi Arabia

06 Feb 2024

South Koreans stay calm as they see showmanship in the North’s escalating threats

04 Feb 2024

South Korea summons Russian envoy over criticism of President Yoon -ministry

03 Feb 2024

North Korea says it tested cruise missiles with ‘super-large’ warheads in its latest weapons display

02 Feb 2024

North Korean leader Kim calls for war readiness while inspecting construction of warships

31 Jan 2024

North Korea says it tested long-range cruise missiles to sharpen attack capabilities

28 Jan 2024

North Korea fires several cruise missiles from sea

24 Jan 2024

South Korea says North Korea has fired several cruise missiles into the sea

21 Jan 2024

North Korea stresses alignment with Russia against US and says Putin could visit at an 'early date'

19 Jan 2024

South Korea calls on divided UN council ‘to break the silence’ on North Korea’s tests and threats

17 Jan 2024

US, South Korea and Japan conduct naval drills as tensions deepen with North Korea

16 Jan 2024

Japan, S. Korea, U.S. to discuss N. Korea Thurs.

16 Jan 2024

North Korea will no longer pursue reconciliation with South because of hostility, Kim Jong Un says

14 Jan 2024

N. Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

09 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia promotes its product safety standards in China, Japan, and S. Korea

09 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia must overcome Japan and South Korea to claim AFC Asian Cup glory

09 Jan 2024

South Korea passes bill to eliminate dog meat trading

06 Jan 2024

North Korea dismisses South Korea's claims of military provocation

02 Jan 2024

South Korea opposition chief stabbed in neck — media

31 Dec 2023

North Korea to launch new satellites, build drones as it warns war inevitable

30 Dec 2023

S. Korea conducts drills for isles disputed with Japan

21 Dec 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea condemn N. Korean provocations

20 Dec 2023

North Korea and Russia clash with US, South Korea and allies over Pyongyang’s latest missile launch

18 Dec 2023

Saudi, Korean industry ministers sign MoU to expand industrial cooperation

09 Dec 2023

Japan lets latest S. Korean comfort women ruling become final

09 Dec 2023

US, South Korea and Japan urge stronger international push to curb North Korean nuclear program

08 Dec 2023

Seoul, Tokyo, US security advisors to meet to discuss Pyongyang

07 Dec 2023

S. Korea seeks to host summit with Japan, US next year

26 Nov 2023

Japan, S. Korea condemn N. Korea's satellite launch

25 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow cooperation over N. Korea

24 Nov 2023

Top Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing envoys to meet for first time since 2019

23 Nov 2023

Japan blasts South Korea after court rules in favor of ‘comfort women’

23 Nov 2023

North Korea scraps military deal with South, vows to deploy new weapons at border

21 Nov 2023

North Korea condemns U.S. sale of high-tech weapons to Japan, South Korea

15 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow cooperation over N. Korea

10 Nov 2023

South Korea's Yoon, Japan's Kishida to attend technology roundtable on Nov. 17

06 Nov 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea to launch cyber consultations

03 Nov 2023

North Korea media urges stronger nuclear force after US missile test

26 Oct 2023

S.Korea, Japan, US condemn North Korea's supply of arms to Russia

24 Oct 2023

Saudi Arabia, South Korea issue joint statement at end of president’s visit to Riyadh

23 Oct 2023

Japan, US, South Korea conduct 1st joint air drill

18 Oct 2023

South Korea, US, Japan to hold joint air drills: reports

17 Oct 2023

South Korea, Japan, US set up three-way security hotline -Yonhap

11 Oct 2023

Japan to accept China, S. Korea experts for Fukushima water tests

10 Oct 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea hold joint naval drill

10 Oct 2023

US carrier Ronald Reagan to visit South Korea in show of force

08 Oct 2023

S. Korean Airlines boosting flights to many cities in Japan

03 Oct 2023

Schumer confirms U.S. Senate trip to China, Japan, South Korea

27 Sep 2023

S. Korea eyes new joint declaration with Japan: Ambassador

26 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea hold talks to realize 3-way summit

24 Sep 2023

China willing to work with South Korea ahead of summit with Japan

23 Sep 2023

US, South Korea, Japan raise concerns over Russia-North Korea military cooperation

15 Sep 2023

Japan, S. Korean lawmakers to promote security dialogue

14 Sep 2023

No sign of Kim Jong Un on his Russian travels as Seoul expresses concern over meetings with Putin

14 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea to hold high-level talks this month

10 Sep 2023

South Korea's Yoon, Japan's Kishida to work on resuming 3-way summit with China-Yonhap

08 Sep 2023

Japan, China, S. Korea agree to promote cultural exchanges

30 Aug 2023

US deploys B-1B bombers for separate drills with South Korea, Japan

24 Aug 2023

South Korea police arrest 14 Fukushima protesters seeking to enter Japan embassy

23 Aug 2023

US provoking ‘thermonuclear war’ on Korean Peninsula, North Korea says

20 Aug 2023

North Korean hackers target US-South Korea military drills, police say

19 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea leaders vow to enhance security cooperation

18 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea to adopt new document at summit Friday

17 Aug 2023

Kishida leaves for summit with Biden, Yoon in U.S.

17 Aug 2023

North Korea prepares for military actions in protest of US, South Korea, Japan summit - South Korea

17 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea to announce new hotline: US official

16 Aug 2023

South Korea to issue samurai bonds for the first time

14 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea foreign chiefs to meet virtually Monday

08 Aug 2023

Riyadh, Seoul forge new partnership in human capital development

05 Aug 2023

Memorial for South Korean atomic bomb victims held in Hiroshima

04 Aug 2023

PM Kishida hopes to further strengthen strategic cooperation with US and South Korea at summit

03 Aug 2023

Kishida to bring up water release misinformation at 3-way summit


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