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17 Apr 2021

Sudan denies that delegation will visit Israel

10 Apr 2021

UN ‘appalled’ by deadly Darfur clashes

07 Apr 2021

Sudan demands expulsion of Ethiopians from Abyei UN peacekeeping forces

02 Apr 2021

Egypt, Sudan launch joint air exercise as Nile dam tensions mount

27 Mar 2021

US goes ahead with $1.15bn for Sudan reforms

18 Mar 2021

Sudan warns Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam plans threaten the lives of 20 million

07 Mar 2021

Dam discussion deadlock requires coordination, say Egyptian and Sudanese leaders

03 Mar 2021

Ten people killed in plane crash in South Sudan

02 Mar 2021

US warship arrives at Sudan port day after Russian Navy frigate docks

01 Mar 2021

Japan provides Sudan with grant aid for water purification plant

01 Mar 2021

Russian warship enters Sudan port in new military deal

26 Feb 2021

Egypt backs Sudanese proposal to mediate GERD negotiations

23 Feb 2021

Ethiopia tells Sudan to pull back from borders before talks

15 Feb 2021

Sudan warns Ethiopia against provoking a war that threatens regional stability

24 Jan 2021

Post revolution, Sudanese cinema struggles to find recognition at home

19 Jan 2021

Death toll now 130 in tribal conflict in Darfur

17 Jan 2021

Militia attack kills 48, wounds 97 in Sudan’s West Darfur

14 Jan 2021

Ethiopian envoy says Sudan border issue must be resolved ‘amicably, urgently’

07 Jan 2021

Sudan says it signed ‘Abraham Accords’ with US

01 Jan 2021

‘Our children die in our hands’: Floods ravage South Sudan

29 Dec 2020

Sudan to deploy troops in Darfur

27 Dec 2020

Sudan taking control of land on border with Ethiopia — minister

22 Dec 2020

US reinstates Sudan’s sovereign immunity, authorizes funds to help pay debt

17 Dec 2020

Japan calls on improving Sudan's international relations

14 Dec 2020

US removes Sudan from the list of states supporting terrorism

06 Dec 2020

Sudan’s FFC opposes army chief decree creating new council

01 Dec 2020

Egypt and South Sudan action group to study agricultural cooperation

30 Nov 2020

Israeli delegation visit was related to military: Sudan government

27 Nov 2020

Thousands attend funeral of Sudan’s last democratically elected PM

24 Nov 2020

Sudan govt says ‘not aware’ of Israeli delegation visit

24 Nov 2020

Israel sends first delegation to Sudan since normalization

16 Nov 2020

Sudan welcomes rebels back to Khartoum after peace deal

01 Nov 2020

Sudan, Egypt to boost military cooperation

01 Nov 2020

Sudan deal plunges migrants in Israel into new uncertainty

29 Oct 2020

Sudanese in Israel fear being returned after normalization

27 Oct 2020

Full steam ahead for Egypt-Sudan rail network

26 Oct 2020

Israel to send $5 million of wheat to Sudan

25 Oct 2020

Israeli envoys will travel to Sudan for normalization deal, Netanyahu says

24 Oct 2020

US says Sudan to normalize ties with Israel, in new breakthrough for Trump

22 Oct 2020

Protesters back on Sudan streets

21 Oct 2020

UAE, Bahrain welcome decision to remove Sudan from US terror list

20 Oct 2020

Donald Trump says Sudan will be removed from terrorism list

16 Oct 2020

Sudanese businessman organizes ‘ice-breaker’ Israel trip

15 Oct 2020

Yemen government, Houthis swap hundreds of prisoners

14 Oct 2020

Sudan’s premier sacks provincial governor after protests

14 Oct 2020

KSRelief continues helping Sudan flood victims

08 Oct 2020

After Sudan’s peace deal, the hard task begins of gathering the guns

07 Oct 2020

Japan pledges support for Sudan's peace and transition to civilian rule

05 Oct 2020

US push for Arab-Israel ties divides Sudanese leaders

27 Sep 2020

Sudan makes clear its Israel policy


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