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05 Feb 2023

Pope Francis wraps up South Sudan trip, urges end to ‘blind fury’ of violence

03 Feb 2023

Israel FM: fully normalized ties with Sudan later this year

03 Feb 2023

Israeli foreign minister heads delegation to discuss Sudan normalization

27 Jan 2023

S. Sudan’s displaced hope pope’s visit will bring peace

06 Jan 2023

KSrelief continues aid work in Sudan

24 Dec 2022

Clashes in Sudan’s Darfur kill seven: state media

05 Dec 2022

Sudan military, civilians sign framework agreement to resolve political deadlock

25 Nov 2022

One killed in Sudan anti-coup protests: medics

17 Nov 2022

Sudan’s pro-democracy coalition seeks ‘framework agreement’ with the military

09 Nov 2022

Sudan forces fire tear gas at protesters

18 Sep 2022

UAE food aid delivered to families across flood-hit Sudan

11 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia to provide aid to Sudanese flood victims

11 Sep 2022

UAE distributes more aid in flood-hit Sudan

02 Sep 2022

7 killed as violence flares again in Sudan’s Blue Nile

31 Aug 2022

South Sudan’s ex-rebels set to join unified army

27 Aug 2022

UAE operates air bridge to ship aid to Sudan’s flood victims

21 Aug 2022

UAE president orders $6.8 million worth of aid for Sudan’s flood victims

14 Aug 2022

15 migrants found dead on border with Sudan, say Libya officials

06 Aug 2022

Five security forces killed in attack in Sudan’s Darfur: police

22 Jul 2022

World Bank gives $100 million to combat Sudan hunger

20 Jul 2022

Death toll from Sudan ethnic clashes rises to 105: official

17 Jul 2022

Sudan troops deploy ahead of pro-democracy protests

05 Jul 2022

Top general says military to leave Sudan political talks

01 Jul 2022

Six killed during protests in Sudan on anniversary of uprising

11 Jun 2022

Anti-coup group in Sudan talks with army generals

09 Jun 2022

Opposition boycotts talks to end Sudan crisis

04 Jun 2022

One shot dead as protesters mark 3 years since bloody crackdown

30 May 2022

Trial opens of 4 accused of killing Sudan policeman

30 May 2022

Sudan’s military leader lifts state of emergency

29 May 2022

One killed in Sudan anti-coup protests: medics

28 May 2022

Sudan women’s activist wins human rights prize

25 May 2022

UN warns Sudan’s future hangs in balance as political stalemate persists

22 May 2022

One killed in renewed anti-coup protests in Sudan

07 May 2022

Armored vehicle kills protester at anti-coup demo, say medics

05 May 2022

Sudan’s electric rickshaws cut costs, help environment

21 Apr 2022

Images of Sudan’s former strongman Omar Bashir in hospital draw anger

16 Apr 2022

Sudan’s Burhan gestures toward steps to ease tensions

07 Apr 2022

Sudanese take to the streets in new anti-coup protests

02 Apr 2022

Sudan’s Burhan threatens to expel UN mission head

22 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, crown prince receive Sudan’s sovereign council chief

21 Mar 2022

Sudanese seek relief from declining living conditions

25 Feb 2022

UN expert urges Sudan forces to stop shooting anti-coup protesters

22 Feb 2022

UN expert in Sudan to verify rights violations after coup

20 Feb 2022

Violence in Darfur lays bare deepening crisis

16 Feb 2022

Over 100 Sudanese detainees, including high-profile politicians, start hunger strike

13 Feb 2022

Sudan’s Burhan dismisses sanctions threats, says Israel visits not political

11 Feb 2022

Protesters take to Sudan’s streets again, decrying coup and arrests

10 Feb 2022

Sudan arrests leading anti-coup bloc figures

27 Jan 2022

Sudanese rally against UN bid to resolve crisis

22 Jan 2022

Sudanese judges, US denounce deadly crackdowns on protests


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