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03 Apr 2024

Japan lifts tsunami advisory, Okinawa flights resume

11 Mar 2024

13 years on: project underway to develop GPS life vest in tsunami-hit town

17 Jan 2024

Noto Peninsula at risk of tsunami if new quake hits, expert warns

03 Aug 2023

3 bodies identified 12 years after March 11 disaster

15 Mar 2023

Japan repeats thanks to Kuwait for aid package following 2011 quake, tsunami

11 Mar 2023

Japan marks 12 years from tsunami and nuclear disaster

25 Feb 2023

Magnitude 6.1 quake shakes Japan's Hokkaido, no tsunami warning

04 Dec 2022

Japan monitoring possible tsunami risk from Indonesia volcano - NHK

04 Nov 2022

Activists fight to save beach on UNESCO World Heritage site island

08 Aug 2022

Nuclear power is not the answer to global warming: Lawyers

20 Jan 2022

Japan pledges quick tsunami warnings after undersea eruption

18 Jan 2022

Sound wave from Tonga volcano eruption goes around Earth: Japanese Researcher

16 Jan 2022

Tsunami warning for Japan’s pacific coast and remote islands

20 Mar 2021

Strong earthquake struck Miyagi, tsunami expected

17 Mar 2021

Another earthquake hits off Fukushima, no danger of tsunami

10 Mar 2021

Effect of cesium in Fukushima waning faster than in Chernobyl

09 Mar 2021

Earthquake hits Miyagi prefecture; no tsunami warning

05 Mar 2021

‘No tsunami impact on Japan’ by New Zealand earthquake: JMA

27 Sep 2020

PM Suga makes 1st Fukushima visit since taking office

04 Sep 2020

Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 strikes Fukui in central Japan

21 Jul 2020

Japan govt to help to demolish homes damaged in disasters

12 Mar 2020

Abe warns Justice Minister over remarks about prosecutors

11 Mar 2020

Japan marks tsunami anniversary, no government memorial amid virus

06 Mar 2020

Japan cancels 2011 disaster memorial ceremony over virus

06 Mar 2020

2,529 still missing 9 years after tsunami disaster in Japan

13 Feb 2020

Powerful quake hits off northern Japan; no tsunami danger

27 Nov 2019

Japan clears restart at nuclear reactor closest to epicenter of 2011 quake

27 Oct 2019

Pan-Arab poll finds a curious fear of natural disasters in Japan


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