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03 Jul 2022

Turkey shelves Syrian offensive after Russian objection

02 Jul 2022

Erdogan warns Turkey may still block Nordic NATO drive

30 Jun 2022

Turkey records first case of monkeypox — health minister

26 Jun 2022

Erdogan signals no progress on Sweden’s NATO bid

24 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s road map to deeper relations

24 Jun 2022

Turkey battles wind-driven wildfire near resort for 3rd day

23 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia and Turkey ‘turn new page’ as crown prince visits Ankara

23 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia and Turkey must maintain strategic partnership

22 Jun 2022

Saudi crown prince leaves Turkey, bringing regional tour to a close

22 Jun 2022

Saudi crown prince leaves Jordan for Turkey

22 Jun 2022

Wildfire in southwest Turkey evokes memories of last year’s blazes

21 Jun 2022

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives in Egypt on official visit

15 Jun 2022

Russia considers Turkey’s possible military operation in Syria unwise

13 Jun 2022

Israel urges nationals to leave Turkey over Iran attack threat

13 Jun 2022

Turkey introduces new restrictions on refugees

12 Jun 2022

Long-running tensions between Turkey and Greece flare up

08 Jun 2022

PM says Greece has experienced unprecedented barrage of Turkish violations of airspace

07 Jun 2022

Turkey’s aid lifeline to war-torn Syria hangs by a thread

06 Jun 2022

Iranian dissident journalist Moradi ‘abducted’ in Turkey

04 Jun 2022

Turkish inflation hits highest rate since 1998 at 73.5 percent

02 Jun 2022

US-backed SDF warn against new Turkish offensive in Syria

29 May 2022

Turkey shows off drones at Azerbaijan air show

29 May 2022

Turkey’s Erdogan discusses advancing cooperation with UAE’s Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed

28 May 2022

Turkey captures the new leader of Daesh in Istanbul raid

25 May 2022

Turkish minister aims to boost Palestinian economy in rare West Bank trip

22 May 2022

Turkey tightens foreign citizenship investment from June

20 May 2022

Turkey’s opposition to NATO’s Nordic enlargement fuels row ahead of June summit

17 May 2022

Turkey foils Daesh suicide bomber in province bordering Syria

15 May 2022

Turkey has offered sea evacuation for wounded Ukrainian fighters — Erdogan adviser

14 May 2022

Biden signals stronger Ankara ties with push to ‘green light’ missile sales

06 May 2022

Turkey loses westward outreach after philanthropist Kavala’s jailing

01 May 2022

Erdogan's visit to the Kingdom is expected to usher in a new era of cooperation

29 Apr 2022

Saudi king, crown prince receive Turkish president in Jeddah

24 Apr 2022

Turkey closes airspace to Russian planes carrying troops to Syria

19 Apr 2022

Turkey says Erdogan, Israel’s Herzog to speak after Jerusalem clashes

19 Apr 2022

Turkey begins large-scale operation in northern Iraq against Kurdish militants

18 Apr 2022

Turkey launches new ground, air offensive in northern Iraq

17 Apr 2022

Hundreds rally against threat to close Turkish women’s rights group

17 Apr 2022

Turkish envoy attracts attention with veiled criticism of Iran in article for Israeli think tank

15 Apr 2022

Turkish citizens warming to NATO and EU as new cold war bites

09 Apr 2022

Turkish women fight in court for free HPV vaccine against cancer

06 Apr 2022

Tunisia calls Erdogan comments on president’s decree unacceptable interference

30 Mar 2022

Russia promises to scale down operations near Kyiv and north Ukraine

27 Mar 2022

Turkey says world cannot ‘burn bridges’ with Moscow

24 Mar 2022

Turkey urges Libya to avoid steps that could renew clashes

20 Mar 2022

INTERVIEW: Japanese FM leaves Tokyo for the UAE and Turkey

19 Mar 2022

Japan, Turkey FMs coordinate Middle East and Ukraine policies

11 Mar 2022

Turkey, Israel see benefits of Ukraine mediation

11 Mar 2022

Israeli president ends Turkey trip with synagogue visit

10 Mar 2022

Israel’s president arrives in Turkey as countries heal rift


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