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16 Jan 2022

Turkey lifts PCR requirement for unvaccinated in some areas

15 Jan 2022

Turkey and Armenia hold talks in first steps towards normalization

31 Dec 2021

7 European countries bar Turkish passengers as omicron surges

22 Dec 2021

Turkey lobbies Taliban in bid to operate five Afghan airports

19 Dec 2021

Turks hunt for vanishing drugs in currency crisis

17 Dec 2021

Turkey to open $45m hospital for Syrian refugees with help from EU

15 Dec 2021

Armed with drones, Turkey explores African arms sales

12 Dec 2021

Illegal organ transplant network busted in Istanbul

01 Dec 2021

Erdogan: Turkey will work to enhance relations with Saudi Arabia

30 Nov 2021

Turkey’s Erdogan says he will visit UAE in February

28 Nov 2021

Turkey turns the page in its dealings with UAE

28 Nov 2021

UAE, Turkey deepen economic ties with investment deals

25 Nov 2021

UAE announces $10 billion fund for investments in Turkey

21 Nov 2021

New realities when it comes to Turkey and the Gulf

13 Nov 2021

Turkish parties ramp up efforts to win women’s votes

07 Nov 2021

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP says banning case should be thrown out

05 Nov 2021

Rumors swirl over Erdogan’s declining health after G20 hobble

02 Nov 2021

Erdogan’s COP26 retreat an environmental, democratic failure: Experts

02 Nov 2021

What to expect following Biden’s meeting with Erdogan

27 Oct 2021

Turkish motion opens door to new Syria operation

25 Oct 2021

Diplomatic row heats up in Turkey over envoys’ joint declaration

24 Oct 2021

Turkey to expel US envoy and nine others, Erdogan says

20 Oct 2021

European court raps Turkey over presidential ‘insults’ law

19 Oct 2021

Turkey shifting Syria strategy after Kurdish militia’s attacks

17 Oct 2021

Merkel vows continuity on last visit to Erdogan

16 Oct 2021

Turkey plans military action against Syrian Kurdish YPG if diplomacy fails

11 Oct 2021

Greece to boost guards on Turkey border

11 Oct 2021

Turkish fires endanger world pine honey supplies

10 Oct 2021

Ankara wants to upgrade air force with US jets

08 Oct 2021

Turkey ratifies Paris agreement ahead of key climate summit

30 Sep 2021

Putin and Erdogan focus on curbing Syria violence

24 Sep 2021

Salih calls for respect for Iraqi sovereignty

20 Sep 2021

Erdogan to meet Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis next week

18 Sep 2021

Turkey’s open door for refugees appears to be closing

18 Sep 2021

Erdogan and Putin to discuss Syria in Sochi

15 Sep 2021

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan launch ‘Three Brothers’ joint military exercises

12 Sep 2021

Two more Turkish troops killed in cross-border operations

11 Sep 2021

Iraqi Kurdistan may be new arena for Turkish-French rivalry

10 Sep 2021

Turkey, Egypt continue rapprochement talks amid loaded regional agenda

07 Sep 2021

Turkey aims to improve ties with Egypt, UAE

06 Sep 2021

Turkey says it ‘neutralized’ 18,500 militants over 6 years

04 Sep 2021

Collision between train, minibus leaves 6 dead in Turkey

28 Aug 2021

Erdogan weighing risks of Kabul airport deployment amid Turkey-Taliban talks

24 Aug 2021

Ankara rejects any plans to set up offshore hubs for refugees

20 Aug 2021

Women in Turkey stand in solidarity with their Afghan sisters

19 Aug 2021

Toll of Turkish airstrike in Iraq rises to 8

19 Aug 2021

Turkish President Erdogan holds talks with UAE officials

18 Aug 2021

Fearing Afghan refugee influx, Turkey reinforces border

18 Aug 2021

3 dead as Turkey raids north Iraq clinic: security, medics

17 Aug 2021

Turkey bracing for Afghan refugee crisis after fall of Kabul


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