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21 May 2022

Biden, Yoon affirm importance of trilateral cooperation with Japan

20 May 2022

Japan PM to unveil boost in defense spending at Biden summit

20 May 2022

US military review of civilian casualties in Syria flawed, claims Human Rights Watch

20 May 2022

US defense secretary says he shares Saudi concerns over Iran’s destabilizing activities in region

20 May 2022

UN envoy concludes meeting with Yemeni public figures

19 May 2022

Biden set for first Asia trip with North Korea nuclear fears looming

16 May 2022

US vice president Kamala Harris, officials heading to UAE to pay respects

14 May 2022

US says reviving Iran deal ‘far from certain’ despite EU mission

13 May 2022

Abu Dhabi crown prince receives US CENTCOM commander

12 May 2022

US Navy works with allies to expand use of unmanned vessels in Middle East

11 May 2022

Saudi Arabia, US sign collaboration deal to advance space technologies

10 May 2022

Nearly 60% Lebanese diaspora voter turnout for parliamentary elections

09 May 2022

Japanese foreign minister praises relations with American Jewish Committee

09 May 2022

Woman raped by US serviceman in Japan seeks to change US-Japan agreement

07 May 2022

US ‘strongly oppose’ expansion of Israeli settlements in West Bank

06 May 2022

Biden to discuss N. Korea with Kishida, Yoon: White House

06 May 2022

US Senate committee passes antitrust bill pressuring OPEC

05 May 2022

Japan, US affirm close cooperation over semiconductors, energy

05 May 2022

US now preparing for a world with and without Iran nuclear deal

04 May 2022

Norman Mineta, 1st Japanese-American member of US cabinet, dies

04 May 2022

The increasing complexity of maritime security in the Red Sea

04 May 2022

Washington faces a moment of reckoning as Iran nuclear talks reach an impasse

03 May 2022

US has no plans to invite S. Korea to Quad: White House

02 May 2022

US removes Saudi Arabia from intellectual property protection concern list

01 May 2022

‘Russia does not consider itself to be at war with NATO, but NATO does,’ Lavrov tells Al-Arabiya

30 Apr 2022

Father of Japanese 9/11 victim releases book on US report

29 Apr 2022

Quad leaders may discuss Taiwan: White House

28 Apr 2022

Biden to travel to Japan and South Korea in May

27 Apr 2022

White House worried Iran could develop nuclear weapon in weeks

26 Apr 2022

Russia warns Japan against expanding naval drills with US- RIA

26 Apr 2022

Japan welcomes American moratorium on Anti-Satellite Missile Testing

26 Apr 2022

Jordan’s king agreed with US Biden on need to defuse Jerusalem tension — state media

25 Apr 2022

Biden plans to visit Israel in the coming months: Israeli PM's office

23 Apr 2022

Japan's foreign minister promises a stronger military in visit to US carrier

23 Apr 2022

US official urges Iraqi parties to expedite government formation

22 Apr 2022

Blinken discusses positive momentum in Yemen with head of new leadership council

21 Apr 2022

US Ambassador to Japan meets Ukrainian evacuees in Tokyo

20 Apr 2022

INTERVIEW: IMF economist warns weaker yen may hurt Japan's economy

19 Apr 2022

How a Saudi TV sketch mocking Biden went viral on US networks

18 Apr 2022

Russian ambassador to Japan: ‘G7 misinterprets Russia’s goals’

18 Apr 2022

El-Sisi hosts US delegation over Palestine issue

17 Apr 2022

Kishida to host many foreign leaders in coming months

16 Apr 2022

Kishida, US lawmakers agree on greater cooperation

15 Apr 2022

Qatar FM meets UN, US officials to discuss Yemen humanitarian situation, Safer tanker

15 Apr 2022

Brooklyn shooting evoked painful memories for Zack Tahhan, a Syrian who helped catch suspect

14 Apr 2022

Ukraine war offers Biden the chance to boost flagging fortunes

14 Apr 2022

US Secretary of State Blinken meets Egyptian counterpart to discuss bilateral and strategic relations

13 Apr 2022

‘Sleepy Joe’: Saudi Ramadan TV comedy pokes fun at US leader

12 Apr 2022

Biden unveils plan to visit Japan around May 24

12 Apr 2022

Japan industry minister asks Arab countries to increase oil production


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