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28 Sep 2023

Israel could make or break America’s trade plans to rival China

28 Sep 2023

US targets Iran drone procurement network, accuses it of aiding Russia

28 Sep 2023

North Korean leader urges greater nuclear weapons production in response to a 'new Cold War'

27 Sep 2023

US to admit Israel into visa waiver program

26 Sep 2023

Ties unchanged despite Japan cabinet reshuffle: White House

26 Sep 2023

Israel says US to announce it has joined Visa Waiver Program

25 Sep 2023

Japan to ensure stable energy supply amid US sanctions on Russia

25 Sep 2023

US allocates $73m to UNRWA amid funding crisis

23 Sep 2023

US, South Korea, Japan raise concerns over Russia-North Korea military cooperation

20 Sep 2023

GCC states, US welcome diplomatic engagement with Iran, seek regional de-escalation

20 Sep 2023

US ‘goodwill’ needed to revive 2015 nuclear deal: Iranian president

19 Sep 2023

Five American citizens depart Qatar for US as part of Iran prisoner swap

19 Sep 2023

US, Japan, S.Korea concerned about Russia-N.Korea ties' impact on Indo-Pacific -Japan foreign ministry

17 Sep 2023

Japan, U.S. boosting joint drills with eye on "actual combat"

14 Sep 2023

US, Europeans again threaten Iran with IAEA resolution but leave timing open

13 Sep 2023

US urges warring Sudan parties to start peace talks

12 Sep 2023

US allows $6 billion transfer as part of Iran prisoner swap

10 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia and US sign deal to set up intercontinental green transit corridors

09 Sep 2023

US says it disrupts illicit oil shipment by Iran’s IRGC, seizes contraband crude

06 Sep 2023

US allocates $20.5m to help Jordan’s water infrastructure

02 Sep 2023

US and Yemen sign cultural property agreement

27 Aug 2023

Iran court orders US to pay $330 mn for ‘planning coup’

26 Aug 2023

US slams Israeli minister’s ‘inflammatory comments’ about Palestinians, condemns ‘all racist rhetoric’

21 Aug 2023

Historic alliance brings US, Japan and Korea together

20 Aug 2023

Japan tortured me and America did nothing, says Carlos Ghosn accomplice Michael Taylor

20 Aug 2023

North Korean hackers target US-South Korea military drills, police say

18 Aug 2023

Saudi foreign minister receives phone call from US Secretary of State

17 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea to announce new hotline: US official

16 Aug 2023

US asks Iran to stop selling drones to Russia-FT

14 Aug 2023

Japan, US to develop hypersonic missile interceptor

14 Aug 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea foreign chiefs to meet virtually Monday

13 Aug 2023

Shippers warned to stay away from Iranian waters over seizure threat as US-Iran tensions high

13 Aug 2023

U.S., Japan to develop hypersonic missile interceptor - Yomiuri

12 Aug 2023

Announcement ignites fresh discussions surrounding potential impact of deal on Ankara’s humanitarian responsibilities

08 Aug 2023

US deploys new forces and warships to Red Sea

08 Aug 2023

US senator tells Biden to do more against ‘racist’ Israeli ‘land grab’ in West Bank

04 Aug 2023

US military may put armed troops on commercial ships in Strait of Hormuz to stop Iran seizures

04 Aug 2023

Trump pleads not guilty to charges he tried to overturn election loss

02 Aug 2023

Iraq says in touch with US over paying for Iranian gas

02 Aug 2023

US quietly inspects Israeli crossings for its Palestinian dual-nationals

31 Jul 2023

Kishida to visit US from Aug. 17

21 Jul 2023

China to brief Japan, US, S. Korea on spy law

21 Jul 2023

US sending more warships, marines to Gulf to counter Iran’s efforts to seize commercial ships

20 Jul 2023

Japan, US, South Korea vow enhanced cooperation on North Korea

18 Jul 2023

Russian fighter jet flew dangerously close to American warplane over Syria: US officials

10 Jul 2023

In call with Turkiye’s Erdogan, Biden expresses support for Sweden’s NATO bid

08 Jun 2023

US ‘committed to partners in Gulf,’ secretary of state tells Arab ministers

07 Jun 2023

US vice president Kamala Harris: Israel needs ‘independent judiciary’

05 Jun 2023

US, UK navies say they responded to distress call as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard ‘harassed’ ship

03 Jun 2023

Blinken to visit Saudi Arabia: State Department


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