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14 Jun 2024

The US pier in Gaza is facing its latest challenge — whether the UN will keep delivering the aid

14 Jun 2024

Houthi missile attack severely injures sailor on cargo ship: US military

12 Jun 2024

Blinken heads to key mediator Qatar after Hamas truce deal reply

12 Jun 2024

US military says it destroyed 2 missile launchers in Houthi-held area of Yemen

10 Jun 2024

Japan’s diplomacy on Gaza accused of being 'weak and ambiguous'

07 Jun 2024

Israel’s Netanyahu to address US Congress on July 24: source

03 Jun 2024

Japan welcomes Biden's remarks on Gaza plan 

31 May 2024

US-British strikes leave 16 dead in Yemen, Houthi TV says

30 May 2024

'Star Trek' actor George Takei is determined to keep telling his Japanese American story

30 May 2024

Yemen’s Houthis say they downed US MQ-9 drone in Yemen’s Maareb

30 May 2024

US says new UN draft on Gaza war will not help anything

29 May 2024

US-built pier in Gaza will need to be removed and repaired after damage from rough seas

28 May 2024

North Korea says US, South Korea reconnaissance infringes its sovereignty  

22 May 2024

Israel has addressed many of Biden’s concerns over widescale Rafah operation, US official says

21 May 2024

Biden: What’s happening in Gaza is not genocide

12 May 2024

North Korean group predicts collapse of US, rise of new world order

11 May 2024

US report criticizes Israel but does not block arms

26 Apr 2024

US, Japan, ROK defense officials hold Defense Trilateral Talks

26 Apr 2024

Hamas official says Israel ‘will not achieve’ goals in Rafah

24 Apr 2024

Is a two-state solution feasible in wake of US veto?

24 Apr 2024

US Senate approves $95 billion aid bill to support Ukraine, Israel war effort

24 Apr 2024

Trump meets with Japan's former prime minister Aso

23 Apr 2024

N. Korea animators may be involved in Japan anime production

19 Apr 2024

Japan says US veto of Palestine's request for UN membership 'regrettable'

19 Apr 2024

US vetoes widely backed Palestinian bid for full UN membership

15 Apr 2024

Iran says it gave warning before attacking Israel. US says that’s not true

12 Apr 2024

Biden assures ‘ironclad’ US defense support for the Philippines and Japan amid growing China provocations

12 Apr 2024

Beijing slams US-Japan-Philippines summit, says S. China Sea actions 'lawful'

12 Apr 2024

US does not expect to be drawn into war but predicts attack by Iran against Israel

12 Apr 2024

Russia, Germany and UK urge restraint as Iranian threat puts Middle East on edge

11 Apr 2024

Japan SDF not to come under US command: govt spokesman

11 Apr 2024

Kishida cabinet's support hits fresh low of 16.6%: Jiji Poll

11 Apr 2024

Japanese activists denounce Israel and Kishida-Biden Summit

11 Apr 2024

Japan to donate 250 new cherry blossom trees to US

11 Apr 2024

2 Japanese astronauts to land on moon on future lunar missions

10 Apr 2024

Kishida, Biden to agree to better Japan-US alliance command, control

10 Apr 2024

Biden says Netanyahu making ‘mistake’ on Gaza

10 Apr 2024

US sends Houthi-bound Iranian arms to Ukraine

09 Apr 2024

US ambassador to UN to visit Japan, S. Korea next week

08 Apr 2024

Morale at US State Department ‘worse than during Iraq War’

08 Apr 2024

Japan, US should work with Indo-Pacific partners

05 Apr 2024

US support to Israel war depends on ‘steps to protect civilians,’ says Biden

04 Apr 2024

Kishida unlikely to express remorse over WWII at US Congress

01 Apr 2024

US congressman calls for Gaza bombing ‘like Nagasaki and Hiroshima’

29 Mar 2024

Israel has not received everything it has asked for, top US general says

27 Mar 2024

US rejects Hamas plea to halt Gaza airdrops as fighting rages on

27 Mar 2024

Attack on Rafah ‘not the way’ to defeat Hamas, US envoy tells UN Security Council

27 Mar 2024

Israel’s Gallant says he stressed in Washington visit the value of US ties to Israeli security

25 Mar 2024

Japan, US eye biggest upgrade to security ties since 1960

22 Mar 2024

Blinken arrives in Israel for talks as UN prepares to vote on a ceasefire resolution

22 Mar 2024

Blinken says Israeli assault on Gaza’s Rafah would be a ‘mistake’

21 Mar 2024

UAE foreign minister and Blinken discuss coordinating humanitarian aid to Gaza during call

21 Mar 2024

Saudi crown prince, Blinken discuss situation in Gaza

19 Mar 2024

Japan-US-Philippines summit set for April 11

19 Mar 2024

Biden tells Netanyahu Rafah operation would be ‘mistake’

14 Mar 2024

Biden to show concern over Nippon Steel's buyout of US steel

13 Mar 2024

View from a US military aid flight shows Gaza desolation

08 Mar 2024

Biden tells Israel not to use aid as ‘bargaining chip,’ pushes truce deal

05 Mar 2024

Japan PM to address US Congress on April 11

05 Mar 2024

North Korea denounces South Korea-US military drills, warns of consequences

28 Feb 2024

US calls for ‘diplomatic path’ on Lebanon after Israel warning

26 Feb 2024

US airman sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in Washington

23 Feb 2024

West must return to imposing cost on Iran’s ‘malign activity’ to restore Mideast stability: Pompeo

23 Feb 2024

How US-Iran proxy wars are keeping the Middle East on edge

22 Feb 2024

US military says it destroyed Houthi missiles in pre-emptive strikes

22 Feb 2024

US urges UN court not to order Israel out of Palestinian lands

21 Feb 2024

Japan regrets US veto of UN Gaza ceasefire plan

19 Feb 2024

Saudi delegation explores strengthening aviation ties with Singapore, China, and US

19 Feb 2024

US says will veto Algerian resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

14 Feb 2024

US, UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi-controlled Hodeidah province in Yemen

13 Feb 2024

US presenter Tucker Carlson accuses US of ‘losing moral authority’ for not calling for a Gaza ceasefire

12 Feb 2024

US foils Houthi Red Sea drone boat, missile strikes

09 Feb 2024

Anti-Arab, Islamophobic rhetoric center stage in the US

08 Feb 2024

Raisi says US presence ‘disrupts’ Middle East security

07 Feb 2024

Iraq and US need to return to dialogue over future of coalition force, says Iraq foreign minister

07 Feb 2024

UN envoy warns more attacks on Iraq threaten its hard-won stability

06 Feb 2024

Blinken heads to Egypt to seek ‘enduring end’ to Gaza war

06 Feb 2024

Security Council discusses US strikes in Syria; UN calls on all sides to step back from brink

05 Feb 2024

Houthis threaten revenge attacks on US, UK following fresh strikes

31 Jan 2024

Japan PM, 2 senior Cabinet members meet American Jewish Committee delegation

29 Jan 2024

Iran denies links to Jordan drone strike that killed 3 US troops

29 Jan 2024

Three US troops killed in Jordan, Biden vows reprisal

26 Jan 2024

Japan's Kishida to visit US on April 10: White House

23 Jan 2024

US to consult Japan before resuming Osprey operations

23 Jan 2024

US, British militaries launch new round of joint strikes against multiple Houthi sites in Yemen

19 Jan 2024

Netanyahu says he told the US that he opposes a Palestinian state in any postwar scenario

19 Jan 2024

Houthis say US ship hit in Gulf of Aden attack

18 Jan 2024

‘US no longer policeman of the world,’ says Kono

18 Jan 2024

Japan rapidly transforms into security, diplomacy power: US envoy

18 Jan 2024

US relists Houthis as terrorists in response to Red Sea attacks

18 Jan 2024

US military launches another barrage of missiles against Houthi sites in Yemen

17 Jan 2024

US attacks Houthi anti-ship missiles, vessel hit in Red Sea

16 Jan 2024

Arab Americans reflect on ‘failed’ former Chicago administration of US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel

16 Jan 2024

The Biden administration’s naive approach to the Houthis

15 Jan 2024

‘Godzilla Minus One’ officially US highest-gross Japanese film

13 Jan 2024

Radar site in Sana’a targeted in fresh US strike against Houthi militia

12 Jan 2024

Blinken says path to Palestinian state can isolate Iran, proxies

11 Jan 2024

Secret tunnel in NYC synagogue leads to brawl between police and worshippers

09 Jan 2024

Pentagon says not planning a US withdrawal from Iraq

08 Jan 2024

Japan to urge US, Europe to continue Ukraine aid


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