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18 May 2024

City of Los Angeles celebrates Japanese star Shohei Ohtani

17 May 2024

Empowering non-native English-speaking academics through AI

15 May 2024

Netanyahu should accept that his Gaza war is over

14 May 2024

The toxicity of modern politics deters the young

14 May 2024

How Israel inadvertently empowered Palestinian media

13 May 2024

Green business and communities must partner to save the environment

09 May 2024

As the world burns, Europe is out to lunch

09 May 2024

Time for Israel to be held accountable for its lies and trickery

08 May 2024

New poll highlights Americans’ foreign policy priorities

08 May 2024

Palestine is a state waiting to be recognized

06 May 2024

Pro-Palestinian sentiments grow but challenges remain

02 May 2024

The Middle East’s ‘1989 moment’

27 Apr 2024

Can Asia be relied on to ensure global food security?

25 Apr 2024

Vision 2030: A much-needed pulse check

24 Apr 2024

Is a two-state solution feasible in wake of US veto?

22 Apr 2024

You think this situation is terrifying? Wait until Iran goes nuclear

22 Apr 2024

Palestinian cause must be freed from Iran-Israel trap

21 Apr 2024

Another tit-for-tat strike on the road to catastrophe

17 Apr 2024

The question of Iran for Saudi Arabia

17 Apr 2024

NATO and the Middle East: Engaging more for our shared security

16 Apr 2024

Iran and Israel ... Questions and fiery messages

15 Apr 2024

The future of work in the era of AI

12 Apr 2024

Space-based solar power close to becoming a reality

10 Apr 2024

Does Israel’s behavior make an arms ban inevitable?

03 Apr 2024

Concerns over Jordan’s stability — the view from Riyadh

31 Mar 2024

At last, a UN Security Council Resolution over Gaza, but what’s next?

30 Mar 2024

Space is the latest pillar of the emerging Saudi knowledge economy

29 Mar 2024

GCC vision for regional security unveiled for the first time

27 Mar 2024

Innovating for the forests: charting a new course against deforestation

24 Mar 2024

The only smart choice in dealing with our defunct devices is recycling

22 Mar 2024

Could a third world war really be fought virtually?

21 Mar 2024

Asia, Middle East must adapt to demographic winds of change

17 Mar 2024

US floating port in Gaza might serve important purpose

09 Mar 2024

Saudi climate action through carbon capture and storage initiatives

08 Mar 2024

Ending the war in Gaza is essential for regional security

07 Mar 2024

A new model for climate financing

07 Mar 2024

Gazans need international protection, not just a ceasefire

04 Mar 2024

We know Gaza is being ethnically cleansed, because Israel told us

03 Mar 2024

Netanyahu’s day after plan is the same as the day before, but worse

02 Mar 2024

Gaza and the shameless vacuum of Western morality

02 Mar 2024

Starvation: Israel’s criminal weapon of war

29 Feb 2024

Fierce competition to be hallmark of new space era

29 Feb 2024

Egypt’s concerns regarding the potential storming of Rafah

28 Feb 2024

Biden, Trump, and Gaza dynamic

26 Feb 2024

Israel will pay a price for sabotaging its own reputation

25 Feb 2024

Munich conference confirmed where the world stands and it was not good news

24 Feb 2024

Epic Saudi struggle for unity remembered on Founding Day

23 Feb 2024

Aging populations a potential catastrophe

23 Feb 2024

Momentum growing in Saudi Arabia-Japan relations 

22 Feb 2024

A horse, a majlis and a flag: The powerful symbolism of Saudi Founding Day

22 Feb 2024

World powers must start working together on space security

19 Feb 2024

Lebanon’s very existence imperilled by this escalating war of egos

18 Feb 2024

Western governments must not ignore unprecedented warnings from their civil servants

17 Feb 2024

Saudi Arabia is becoming a global leader in marine conservation

16 Feb 2024

Responsibility of Israel’s arms suppliers to stop war in Gaza

16 Feb 2024

GCC is a world leader in AI usage — but that comes with risks

14 Feb 2024

Rafah offensive threatens to break fragile Biden-Netanyahu ties

14 Feb 2024

Never stop imagining what peace can bring

13 Feb 2024

Ethnic cleansing now the most likely outcome in Gaza

10 Feb 2024

The inevitable war between Israel and Hezbollah

08 Feb 2024

The thorny issue of refugees’ right of return can be solved

07 Feb 2024

Cutting off UNRWA funding is immoral and damaging

07 Feb 2024

The psychology of the Israeli genocide in Gaza

05 Feb 2024

Regional war is upon us if Biden doesn’t halt the Gaza carnage

04 Feb 2024

Could the UK lead the way in breaking the peace process impasse?

03 Feb 2024

Environmental stewardship in action

03 Feb 2024

Why the world order should be fixed, not replaced

02 Feb 2024

Climate migration challenge needs to be urgently tackled

01 Feb 2024

Who is winning the Gaza war? China

31 Jan 2024

The EU and the Indo-Pacific: Partners for a more stable and prosperous world

31 Jan 2024

West should not have bought Israel’s claims against UNRWA

29 Jan 2024

Genocide ruling a vindication for international justice

28 Jan 2024

Netanyahu represents the bottleneck that is choking Israeli politics

28 Jan 2024

In this era of disorder, clinging to bipolarity helps no one

27 Jan 2024

No surprises in Saudi desire for two-state solution

25 Jan 2024

The time is right for Israel to negotiate

24 Jan 2024

Don’t sacrifice workers at the altar of AI

22 Jan 2024

Humanitarian sector must be prepared for cyberattack threat

22 Jan 2024

The Middle East is growing more and more unstable

21 Jan 2024

Israel facing the ICJ is the country’s lowest point in history

19 Jan 2024

Iran seeking to expand its influence in the fog of Gaza war

19 Jan 2024

Dangers of ocean warming should not be underestimated

17 Jan 2024

Return of piracy adds to Red Sea’s troubled waters

16 Jan 2024

The Biden administration’s naive approach to the Houthis

15 Jan 2024

Warmongering by Iran and its proxies distracts from Gaza carnage

15 Jan 2024

Israel’s genocidal intent was clearly shown at ICJ hearing

14 Jan 2024

Gaps in space law are fueling a Wild West attitude

14 Jan 2024

The many faces and deprivations of poverty

13 Jan 2024

Gaza war and the paralysis of the UN Security Council

10 Jan 2024

Gaza and us: Between words and deeds

10 Jan 2024

ICJ ruling on the Gaza war will be a game changer

09 Jan 2024

Israel in the dock as Gaza genocide case begins

09 Jan 2024

Economic, political factors driving increase in migration from Iran

08 Jan 2024

Everybody loses in an impending regional conflagration

07 Jan 2024

Consumer behavior plays a key role in preventing misuse of data

06 Jan 2024

New high-tech planes and the miracle of Haneda Airport

05 Jan 2024

Odds stacked against Israel in genocide case

05 Jan 2024

Change in Syria could be region’s black swan event of 2024

03 Jan 2024

Democracy faces multiple threats in year of elections

03 Jan 2024

America’s support of Israel will ultimately backfire


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