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Toyota to release original anime series

The first episode of the weekly anime will be out on Feb. 26. (Toyota)
The first episode of the weekly anime will be out on Feb. 26. (Toyota)
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21 Feb 2024 07:02:01 GMT9
21 Feb 2024 07:02:01 GMT9

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The Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota is venturing into the anime world as the company prepares to release its own five-episode series titled “GRIP,” with the first episode set to be released on Feb. 26. 

The futuristic original anime series centers around Jae Kang, who is known for his incredible driving skills, as he faces obstacles from former popular driver Aron Synth, who is trying to eradicate human driving after losing a hand.  

The anime will feature some of Toyota’s GR sports cars, such as the GR Supra and the GR Corolla. Every vehicle is assigned to a certain character, with the latter being assigned to Kang. 

“GR Corolla is an extension of Kang’s personality: confident, adventurous, and cutting-edge in its driving style,” Toyota shared on their website.


Inspired by the iconic sports anime “Initial D,” the Toyota anime is produced by the marketing agency Intertrend and features Jae Woo Kim, who worked on Blood of Zeus, as the supervising director.

The anime will air weekly on Toyota’s website.

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