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Japan’s Saudi crude oil imports increased in October

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01 Dec 2022 04:12:16 GMT9
01 Dec 2022 04:12:16 GMT9

Khaldon Azhari

TOKYO: Japan’s crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia amounted to 31.60 million barrels, or 37.4% of the total imports, in October 2022, up from 27.67 million barrels, or 33.4% of total imports, in the previous month, September, ranking second after the UAE, according to data from the Natural Resources and Energy Agency of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Japan imported 84.58 million barrels in October, compared to 82.83 million barrels in September. The Arab oil share in October remained crucial to Japan’s energy security at 94.7% of the total imports, or 80.10 million barrels provided by six Arab countries, including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, according to the data.

Imports from the UAE crude were 33.93 million barrels, or 40.1% of the total, down from 37.25 million barrels, or 45%, in the previous month,

Kuwait supplied Japan with 7.80 million barrels (9.2%), followed by Qatar with 4.42 million barrels (5.2%) and Bahrain with about 970 thousand barrels (1.1%). Oman supplied about 923 thousand barrels (1.1%).

Al Khafji oil field in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia supplied 0.5% of Japan’s total needs in October.

October oil imports from other parts of the world included Central and South America crude (0.8%), Southeast Asia (0.8%), Africa (0.6%), and Oceania (0.3%),

The figures cited represent the quantities of oil that arrived at refineries, tanks and warehouses in ports in Japan during the month of October 2022. Oil generates about one third of its energy needs.

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