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01 Oct 2022

Japan's crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia increased in August

20 Sep 2022

Saudi crude oil exports hit 7.38 million bpd in July: JODI

20 Sep 2022

Russia’s surging oil exports to China in Aug fail to keep Saudis down: data

06 Sep 2022

Arab oil provides nearly 98 percent of Japan’s July crude imports

31 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia and UAE supplied 80% of Japan’s crude oil needs in June

14 Jul 2022

ADNOC displays photo of slain former PM Abe on its HQ building

13 Jul 2022

Brent oil closes under $100/barrel for first time since April

12 Jul 2022

North Asian refiners to receive full Saudi crude allocation in August

01 Jul 2022

OPEC+ sticks to policy, avoids September oil output debate

01 Jul 2022

Saudi crude supplied a third of Japan's oil needs in May

21 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports hit 25-month high in April: JODI

07 Jun 2022

Japan govt paper stresses importance of Sakhalin Projects

06 Jun 2022

Japan, UAE agree to stabilize global oil market

02 Jun 2022

Russia, Saudi foreign ministers praise cooperation within OPEC+, says Moscow

17 May 2022

Saudi crude oil exports in March see biggest monthly decline in a year

06 May 2022

US Senate committee passes antitrust bill pressuring OPEC

03 May 2022

Japan's oil imports, including Russia crude, increased in March

20 Apr 2022

Japan refiner Eneos to buy alternative to Russian crude from Middle East

01 Apr 2022

Putin accused of blackmailing Europe by demanding Russian gas be paid for in rubles

31 Mar 2022

OPEC+ likely to stick to existing oil output deal as Barkindo calls members to be vigilant

24 Mar 2022

Japan unsure how Russia will execute rouble payments for energy sold to 'unfriendly' nations

17 Mar 2022

Ukraine crisis could be a boon for GCC countries and oil companies alike

11 Mar 2022

G7 ministers urge oil-producing countries to expand supplies

25 Feb 2022

Ukraine Conflict: Gold Up; Oil breaches $100; Cryptos sinking; Rouble suspended

21 Feb 2022

Saudi crude oil exports fell in 2021 even as OPEC+ ease output caps

18 Feb 2022

Japan government should expand oil subsidy program: LDP

01 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia and UAE provided three-quarters of Japan’s oil imports in 2021

07 Jan 2022

Saudi, UAE supplied three-quarters of Japan's November crude oil needs

30 Dec 2021

King Salman calls for continued commitment to the OPEC+ agreement

02 Dec 2021

Japan's imports of Saudi crude oil rise in October

12 Nov 2021

OPEC says high energy prices to dampen Q4 demand

12 Nov 2021

Japan to devise steps to cushion impact of crude oil spike

11 Nov 2021

New Japan foreign minister stresses importance of relations with Middle East countries

31 Oct 2021

Japan's imports of Saudi oil decreased in September

26 Oct 2021

Japan requests boosting of UAE crude oil output: Minister

05 Oct 2021

OPEC+ agrees to stick to existing oil output plan

17 Sep 2021

Saudi crude oil shipments hit highest level in six months

04 Sep 2021

Arab crude oil provided a record 98% of total Japan imports

20 Aug 2021

Saudi crude shipments rose in June hit highest in 2021 on signs of global economic recovery

04 Aug 2021

Saudi Aramco investors expect profit surge after strong first half

01 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s economy likely to grow in 2021 and 2022, says report

24 Jul 2021

OPEC should leave oil market in hands of the Saudis – Mizuho

07 Jul 2021

Japan pump prices hit highest level since Nov. 2018

03 Jul 2021

OPEC+ talks on oil-supply increase stall

01 Jun 2021

April oil imports to Japan from UAE significantly increase

01 Jun 2021

Brent hits $70 ahead of OPEC+ meet

12 May 2021

Saudi Aramco still most profitable oil firm, despite lower production

01 Apr 2021

Saudi No.1 crude oil supplier to Japan in February

03 Mar 2021

Aramco CEO sees improvement in demand for oil in 2021

02 Mar 2021

Oil markets ahead of March OPEC+ meeting: Caution may be advisable


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