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05 Oct 2021

OPEC+ agrees to stick to existing oil output plan

17 Sep 2021

Saudi crude oil shipments hit highest level in six months

04 Sep 2021

Arab crude oil provided a record 98% of total Japan imports

20 Aug 2021

Saudi crude shipments rose in June hit highest in 2021 on signs of global economic recovery

04 Aug 2021

Saudi Aramco investors expect profit surge after strong first half

01 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s economy likely to grow in 2021 and 2022, says report

24 Jul 2021

OPEC should leave oil market in hands of the Saudis – Mizuho

07 Jul 2021

Japan pump prices hit highest level since Nov. 2018

03 Jul 2021

OPEC+ talks on oil-supply increase stall

01 Jun 2021

April oil imports to Japan from UAE significantly increase

01 Jun 2021

Brent hits $70 ahead of OPEC+ meet

12 May 2021

Saudi Aramco still most profitable oil firm, despite lower production

01 Apr 2021

Saudi No.1 crude oil supplier to Japan in February

03 Mar 2021

Aramco CEO sees improvement in demand for oil in 2021

02 Mar 2021

Oil markets ahead of March OPEC+ meeting: Caution may be advisable

02 Mar 2021

The Saudi dividend: Oil price up 20 percent in a month

17 Feb 2021

Why it may be too early to be hailing next commodities super cycle

16 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Russia’s Putin discuss OPEC+

09 Feb 2021

‘Saudi surprise’ output cut fuels oil price surge past $60 a barrel

14 Jan 2021

Japan, UAE strike first fuel ammonia cooperation deal

07 Jan 2021

Egypt sees 13 percent surge in oil, gas finds

01 Jan 2021

Saudi oil supplied 43.4% of Japan's oil needs in November

27 Dec 2020

Iraq aims to boost southern ports crude export capacity

30 Nov 2020

Japan imports 29.761m barrels of crude oil from Saudi Arabia in Oct.

21 Oct 2020

The evolution of oil trade between Japan and the Middle East

01 Oct 2020

Japan imported 33 million barrels of crude oil from Saudi Arabia in August

28 Sep 2020

OPEC faces a critical moment in its 60-year history

20 Aug 2020

Saudi oil minister salutes the ‘three Cs' of oil stability — cuts, compliance, compensation

17 Aug 2020

Scientists conclude oil likely exists off Ibaraki coast

10 Aug 2020

Oil giants’ production cuts come to 1m bpd as they post massive write-downs

31 Jul 2020

Iraq increases oil exports, pumps above OPEC+ target

12 Jul 2020

Oil price trends suggest OPEC+ output cuts having desired effect

19 Jun 2020

OPEC+ pushes for compliance, undecided on oil cut extension

06 Jun 2020

Crude prices surge as OPEC+ agrees to extend cuts

03 Jun 2020

Oil gains, with Brent above $40, as hopes rise for output cuts, recovery

31 May 2020

Calm after the storm

25 May 2020

A new oil price war is just a few dollars per barrel away

23 May 2020

Negative pricing seen spreading from oil to gas

17 May 2020

Demand recovers

16 May 2020

Oil prices on the rise as cuts kick in

14 May 2020

Saudi banks stable despite oil price drop, says S&P

04 May 2020

Drastic change expected in Saudi Arabia’s fiscal program due to COVID-19, oil prices

22 Apr 2020

Has coronavirus ended the era of American oil dominance?

22 Apr 2020

Trump vows to rescue US oil amid further crude market turmoil

22 Apr 2020

Saudi Arabia monitoring oil markets closely, prepared for additional measures

21 Apr 2020

Oil: It is all about storage

21 Apr 2020

Tokyo stocks open lower on oil price plunge

01 Apr 2020

UAE and Saudi Arabia account for more than 68% of Japan’s oil needs in February

17 Mar 2020

Aramco plans to speed up big crude output rise: CEO

02 Feb 2020

Japan imported 34 million barrels of crude oil from Saudi Arabia in December


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