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  • Black Lives Matter leader to take Houthi violence against Ethiopians to UN

Black Lives Matter leader to take Houthi violence against Ethiopians to UN

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22 Apr 2021 05:04:28 GMT9
22 Apr 2021 05:04:28 GMT9
  • Hawk Newsome wants Americans to focus on the killings of Blacks inside and outside of the US
  • Arab News reporter Rua’a Al-Ameri details Houthi kidnapping of Yemeni-Ethiopian model

Hawk Newsome, the leader of the Black Lives Movement of Greater New York City, said Wednesday he might take the plight of Africans and especially Ethiopians in Yemen to the United Nations.

Newsome, whose organization confronts racism and racist actions against African Americans, said he was shocked at how little attention the mainstream American news media has placed on Blacks and Ethiopian migrants in places like Yemen.

During an interview on “The Ray Hanania Radio Show,” the BLM leader said people must “rise above” and not just focus on the politics of the conflicts. He wants people to focus on the killing of Blacks inside and outside of the US. A good example was when 44 Ethiopian migrants were massacred in a Houthi-controlled detention center in Sana’a last month.

“In terms of the Houthis targeting ethnic minority groups, that has been evident in the past,” Al-Ameri said.

“Of course there was the fire in the migrant detention center. The Houthis also have a history of targeting the Jewish community and the Baha’i community in Yemen. So, there has been a lot of issues involving the Houthis and their approach towards minorities.”

Newsome said he was learning more and more about the Ethiopians massacre from last March and is in contact with the Yemeni community in New York City. But he said he was unaware of the kidnapping of Al-Hammadi by the Houthis.

“There is a huge problem in America and in the rest of the world and that problem is called white supremacy,” Newsome said.

“A lot of people will say ‘Oh, you are just calling out racism’ but no the fact is when things happen to Black people they do not matter as much as when they happen to white people. When there is mass murder and genocide happening to Black people across the world, no one cares. But if the same thing were to happen to little blond-haired, blue-eyed white children, then everybody would care.

“So, when you start talking about my Ethiopian brothers and sisters and them being murdered, people barely lift a brow. And that is Black people, that is white people and that is everyone in between because that has been indoctrinated into them. You are taught through the media, you are taught through television, you are taught in so many different ways that our Black lives truly do not matter and that is on a global scale.”

* “The Ray Hanania Show” is broadcast on the US Arab Radio Network on WNZK AM 690 in Detroit and WDMV AM 700 in Washington DC, and live streamed on where you can see the entire interview.

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